Amcor Packaging Wins 3 Alufoil Trophies

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND | The European Aluminium Foil Assn. (EAFA) has selected three Amcor packaging solutions as winners of an Alufoil Trophy 2016 in the categories of Consumer Convenience, Technical Innovation, and Resource Efficiency.

Consumer Convenience

Winning an award for Consumer Convenience, Emmi's "All In One Fondü" is a ready-to-eat cheese fondue contained in a microwaveable metal bowl with an easy-peel aluminium foil lid. To prepare the All In One Fondü, the bowl is heated in a microwave or oven and then kept at the right temperature over a small candle in a specially designed can holder. The fondue can be eaten directly from the bowl. This novel packaging won a joint award for Ardagh Group and Amcor.

"This concept is a clever combination of a number of packaging elements to create a highly original product," explained head judge, Louis Lindenberg, global packaging sustainability director for Unilever. "Fondues can be time consuming and messy due to the complexity of setting them up. But here we have a product where all the packaging works together to make the concept work. The alufoil lid is a core element. And even the tea light holder is alufoil!" he added.

The alufoil lid uses Amcor's AluFix Retort Pro membrane, which is part of Ardagh's convenient lid system Easy Peel. The AluFix membrane is sealed onto a metal ring, guaranteeing secure closure of the bowl for a long self-life and high product protection until the consumer is ready to prepare the fondue. Key to improving consumer convenience is its easy, safe, and quick opening.

"The All in One Fondü concept is a great example of packaging improving consumer convenience," said Bruno Mucciolo, marketing manager for Amcor's high performance foil business. "Amcor is pleased to be able to contribute an alufoil lid robust enough to stand up to retort processing, yet easy to open for consumers."

Technical Innovation

Winning in the category of Technical Innovation, Amcor's LuxPrem+ is an innovative overcap solution for premium spirits made from a special aluminium-based material. Developed by Amcor's R&D team, the overcap's intricate design features rival tin overcaps traditionally used for premium spirits. LuxPrem+ perfectly reflects the sophistication of premium brands with high visual appeal and on-shelf impact, smooth opening, and a reassuringly substantial feel once the bottle has been opened.

When designing the LuxPrem+ overcap, Amcor's R&D team chose aluminium for a variety of reasons. Its thickness offers the same easy opening as tin overcaps, and its excellent online crimping performance ensures a superior quality finish on the bottle. Plus, the aluminium allows for the printing of intricate designs, giving brand owners new options to create a strong brand identity and visual impact. Using aluminium also offers economic advantages over tin.

Louis Lindenberg, commented, "To take on the traditional tin overcap is a big challenge. The company has achieved a high quality alternative, which stands out as a 'better package' and is finished to a high standard." Nicolas Freynet, general manager for Amcor capsules business, stated, "The development of LuxPrem+ was challenging, and we are honored that it has been recognized by the jury to win this prestigious award for technical innovation. Our customers are delighted with the result. LuxPrem+ demonstrates our ability to meet their needs with breakthrough innovations."

Resource Efficiency

Winning in the category of Resource Efficiency is Amcor's Formpack Ultra, a new cold form blister for pharmaceutical products. The material can be elongated more than standard cold form solutions, resulting in cavities that can be drawn deeper and with sharper wall angles than ever before. This gives pharmaceutical companies two options:

1) Design a smaller blister card, or

2) Add more cavities without increasing the blister card size.

Formpack Ultra's superior elongation is possible thanks to 'best in class' selection of raw materials, advanced manufacturing processes and extensive quality control. Louis Lindenberg explained, "Not only is there a significant saving in material usage, but the additional benefits in terms of production, logistics, and storage make it a truly world class example of resource efficiency."

Commenting on the award, Andrea Della Torre, R&D director at Amcor Flexibles said, "Formpack Ultra supports a more responsible packaging use across the value chain and lowers the total cost of goods for pharmaceutical companies. Its reduced size also meets patients' needs for smaller, more discreet and convenient blister packs."


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