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Presto Products Launches Closures

Reduced Scale Slider Comparison

APPLETON, WI | Presto Products Company recently unveiled new closures, including Reduced Scale Slider (RS Slider) technology. This premium closure, produced for lighter-weight products and smaller packages, reportedly will be less costly than traditional sliding closures while still offering Slide-Rite technology. The new RS Slider, is said to be well-suited for stand-up pouch applications. Company says it is creating cost-effective equipment for customers that is designed for the RS Slider. The new equipment will integrate with current pouchmaking systems.

Company also reports the Slide-Rite Child-Guard for flexible packaging that meets Title 16 CRF 1700 of the Point Prevention Packaging Act with ASTM D3475 listing from ASTM Intl.

The Slide-Rite Ergonomic Slider is designed for hooded flexible packages requiring a low-profile slider. The design is said to reduce drag force and to make sliding easy. Possible Applications include frozen foods, cheese and dairy, dried fruits and snacks, consumer household products, and deli meats.

The Fresh-Lock Click ‘N Lock Sensory Zipper ensures a secure closure and product freshness with an audible noise that lets consumers know when the package is opened and securely closed. Company says the noticeable texture between the double zippers an be felt as the bag closes, providing sensory feedback and reassuring customer that the bag is closed. Applications may include cheese, pet food and treats, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and lawn and garden.

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