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Flexible Packaging | Bemis Earns Highest Achievement in FPA's 2017 Competition

Flexible Packaging Assn. recognizes Hunt's tomato paste pouch for convenience and vibrant graphics.

The Flexible Packaging Assn. (FPA) has announced the winners of its 61st Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition. The winning entries were recognized at the FPA Welcome Dinner & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Ceremony held Wednesday, March 1, in conjunction with the 2017 FPA Annual Meeting at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, Boca Raton, FL.

This year, 75 packages were submitted in the competition, for a total of 152 entries (some packages were entered into multiple categories). Nineteen packages were honored with 30 Achievement Awards in various categories.


The judges for this year’s competition included Eric Fish, editor in chief, Flexible Packaging Magazine; Dr. Robert Kimmel, Sc. D., associate professor, director, Center for Flexible Packaging (CEFPACK), Clemson University; and Dr. Michael Richmond, VP, Consulting Solutions, Packaging, HAVI.

“This is a year of more,” according to Richmond, “there's more innovation, there's more sustainability, there's more non-food, there are more holistic solutions.”

Sustainability continues to be a focus, with a number of entries reducing layers and downgrading thickness to reduce overall material volume. Several entries addressed how flexible packaging can help reduce food waste.

There was an increase in the number of entries relating to the healthcare industry that showcased innovation, both for reducing materials and using materials more efficiently. The entries recognized the need for sterility and customer convenience.

Several of the entries also highlighted the transition of products previously packaged in rigid containers to flexible packaging.

Here is a look at some of the top winners:


Highest Achievement Award

The Highest Achievement Award is evaluated by the judges as possessing overall packaging excellence, significant attributes in all award categories, and contributing most to the advancement of the industry.

  • Hunt’s Recipe Ready Tomato Paste Pouch
  • Manufacturer: Bemis Co. Inc.

Hunt’s Recipe Ready pouches create a fresh take on the ubiquitous 6 oz. tomato paste can. The new tomato paste in a pouch delivers unprecedented convenience with mess-free, pre-measured 2 tbsp. portions. Consumers simply tear, dispense, and toss, with no excess waste. Advanced BPA-free barrier films withstand the acidic paste and hot-fill process, deliver a one-year shelf life and offer significant sustainability gains over cans. Vibrant graphics communicate benefits and quality to brand-loyal Hunt’s consumers.

In addition to the Highest Achievement Award, this pouch also earned Bemis Gold Awards for Extending the Use of Flexible Packaging, Packaging Excellence, and Sustainability, as well as a Silver Award for Printing and Shelf Impact. 


Gold Achievement Awards

The following six packages received Gold Awards, among others.

Amcor Flexibles earned a Gold Award for Technical Innovation for Amcor’s Fortis, a patent pending Medical Breather bag used for items sterilized prior to use in operating rooms and other medical settings. Both the material and the bag design of Fortis result in a stronger, more abuse resistant, cleaner package. Fortis also provides an improved user experience and a reduced impact on the environment. Fortis is strong, swift, secure—the next generation Medical Breather Bag.



  • Cape Cod Bags of Cash Promo Package
  • Manufacturer: Printpack

Printpack earns a Gold Award for Printing and Shelf Impact for its Cape Cod chips bag. Cape Cod rolled out a recent Bags of Cash sweepstakes with a change in bag graphics.

The typical Cape Cod bag features its kettle cooked chips front and center, but for this promotion, the company filled the bottom half of the bag with a gold, metallic money pouch and US dollars.

The package creates interest, curiosity, and shelf appeal by combining matte film with metallic elements.



  • Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health Shampoo
  • Manufacturer: Paharpur 3P

Paharpur 3P earns a Gold Award for Sustainability and a Silver Award for Extending the Use of Flexible Packaging for this shaped standup spout pouch, which is one of a kind in the personal care segment. The package gives the user the feel of using a bottle because of its shape and similarity to the existing bottle. As a cost effective option, this pack helps the brand/product reach to the rural areas of India.

This standup pouch also helps in better utilization of space during transportation and in market shelf display. The special spout dispenses required quantity for the end-user, avoiding product waste.



American Packaging Corp. takes a Gold Award for Printing and Shelf Impact for this dog treat pouch. The Nudges standup pouch features high definition flexographic printing to enhance its realistic graphics. The high-end printing captures the finest detail and a clear product window is used to showcase the product inside.

Soothing outdoor colors and a well-groomed dog easily stir up an emotional connection with pet owners and encourage the purchase of these wholesome dog treats.



Precision Color Graphics and its subs., Specialty Packaging Technologies Inc., earned a Gold Award for Extending the Use of Flexible Packaging and one for Packaging Excellence for converting a bag that holds granular material. The Shaker Bag is an advanced distribution tool for the precise application of granular products. It features an internal metering gusset, re-closeable zipper and heavy duty handle. It also has excellent stand properties for maximum retail exposure.



Flex Films (USA) wins two gold and two silver awards for its Flexfresh packaging for flowers. They include Gold Awards for Extending the Use of Flexible Packaging and Technical Innovation and Silver Awards for Packaging Excellence and Sustainability. Flexfresh is the first biodegradable (by composting) film that maintains the hydration of flowers using a closed loop system. Flowers are put to slow respiration mode for preventing excess oxidation and spoilage.

Flexfresh keeps the flowers breathing in hydrated oxygen and releases excess humidity keeping them touch dry. The flowers thus can go without water for five days as the humidity is fed back into the flower when it continues to breathe. Once the package is received by the customer and opened, the bouquet remains fresh in a vase for at least a guaranteed seven days. This development is a major shot in the arm of e-commerce companies and retailers, bringing enormous savings. We are visualizing an in store display without water and web shops can send flowers by mail without having to worry about poor quality upon arrival. This packaging solution completely alleviates the use of millions of gallons of water from the flower supply chain currently used, thereby making it one of the most sustainable packaging solutions.

For more information, visit www.flexpack.org.

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