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Cosmo Films Upgrades Anti-Fog Film

MUMBAI, INDIA | Cosmo Films, a manufacturer of specialty BOPP films, reports an improved anti-fog film with excellent cold and hot anti-fog properties and high hot tack and low coefficient of friction that can deliver high-speed overwrapping performance. This means that the film would now be suitable for packaging of even unpolished fruits in trays on high-speed horizontal f/f/s machines. 

Anti-fog films are generally transparent films that are used for fresh fruits/vegetables, salad packaging, and meat packaging applications, company explains. The high moisture content in these food items lead to mist formation on the film surface, affecting the visibility and therefore perceived freshness of the food packed inside. An anti-fogging film not only prevents this phenomenon, leading to a better visibility of the contents inside, but also renders the package a better shelf appeal owing to its enhanced gloss/optics. The film also complies with the EC and FDA food contact regulations.

The coextruded film is heat sealable on both sides, and both sides are treated, as printing is done generally on the top side and inner side aids in the anti-fogging characteristics. The film works well in a single layer as well as BOPP/AF BOPP laminate structure.

Shailesh Verma, head—Packaging Films Exports, Cosmo Films, says, “The film has excellent machinability, high heat seal, high hot tack strength, and low seal initiation temperature and therefore works very well on high-speed packing machines. The film is available in 15 to 40 microns thickness. The company also makes film compatible for sealing on PE trays. A Keep Fresh grade providing longer shelf life because of anti-bacterial properties is also available.”

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