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Cosmo Films Announces Overwrap Films

NEW DELHI, INDIA | Cosmo Films, a global supplier of films for packaging, labeling, and lamination applications, now offers a comprehensive range of overwrap films which include high shrink tight wrap, medium shrink, general overwrap, and cable overwrap films.

The overwrap films are untreated, both side heat-sealable, BOPP-based films said to offer protection for products packed inside due to their moisture barrier property and to enhance the pack optics because of their transparency, clarity, and wrinkle-free appearance.

The high shrink tight wrap films offer shrinkage values in range of 9%–11% and are meant for individual cigarette packs. Medium shrink films offer shrinkage in range of 4%–6% and are suitable for bundling individual cartons. General overwrap films are used for general-purpose printing, pouching, and packaging of snacks and bakery products, IV fluids overwraps, textile and hosiery, etc. Cable insulation overwrap films are said to offer excellent moisture barrier and protection from grease, oil, and dust.

The films are capable of running on high-speed wrapping machines. E.g., tight wrap films enable seamless application at 350 to 380 packets/min. They also offer excellent hot slip properties, high stiffness, and good machinability, adds company.

Kapil Anand, head of Label Films Exports, Cosmo Films, says, “Though we mostly cater to the food and beverage industry through our range of products, we are now glad to be offering products for the tobacco industry as well. Apart from the primary benefit of moisture barrier, high shrink film’s shrink ability enables tight wrapping of the cigarette packs that comes in handy for easy dispensing from the vending machines.”

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