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Readers Choice | Top 10 New Products of 2017

Coated films that can replace foil as a barrier layer caught the attention of converters in our annual roundup of new products.

Barrier films, coatings, core chucks, and roll lifters — these are just a few of the tools in a converter’s toolbox. To help them find what they need to run their businesses, PFFC features a variety of newly launched products in our weekly E-Clips newsletter.

As our readers click on links to find more information on items of interest, we count their clicks and tally up the votes. This year, due to a tie, we actually have 11 top vote-getters for you.

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Toray Lumirror High-Barrier PET Films

Lumirror MK61HB and PA1HB barrier-coated polyester films are called robust alternatives to foil, PVdC-coated PET and OPP, and AlOx-coated PET. MK61HB metallized-barrier PET is said to offer outstanding oxygen and moisture barrier protection; PA1HB clear-barrier PET is said to deliver outstanding oxygen barrier.

Toray Lumirror barrier-coated PET films reportedly offer superior aroma protection.

The foundation of these films is company’s proprietary PET, reportedly known for its excellent thermal stability and modified print surface. The biaxial orientation and barrier coating of the new films are conducted in-line in one, streamlined production step. No chlorine is used in the proprietary coating formula. The metallizing of MK61HB is also done in-house. If hermetic seals are required, company can integrate a sealant layer through extrusion coating. The barrier coating may be metallized and extrusion coated.

The films are designed for use as an outer layer in a two-ply lamination or as the middle layer in a three-ply lamination. Their adhesion layer is suitable for laminating, adhesive coating, or printing and they are reportedly ideal for regular and stand-up pouches, as well as lidding.

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Sun Chemical SunBar Oxygen Barrier Coatings

SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings are said to offer converters cost-effective, durable, and sustainable films that support lighter weight packaging trends by creating a homogenous, pinhole-free, and flexible gas barrier layer that can be easily overprinted with inks and laminated to a variety of secondary films. Also said to offer easy application with few changes to current equipment.

SunBar (Aerobloc) compostable, chlorine- and metal-free coatings are said to offer a reduced carbon footprint.

Through a partnership with acpo, Sun also can deliver SunBar (Aerobloc) pre-coated films to converters, reportedly allowing customers to have alternative barrier films at an economical price with improved barrier protection without needing to make capital investments in a coating unit. Coated films from acpo are said to be an excellent choice for clear, high-barrier flexible packaging structures and also for ultra-high-barrier metallized film structures.

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Mondi Industrial High Barrier Films

Mondi latest barrier films are said to provide greater product protection and improved material stability.

Mondi Consumer Packaging offers industrial barrier film solutions that strive to protect product aroma and scent against external contamination.

Comprising multilayer films, including a nylon (PA) or EVOH layer in the center, the product creates what company says is an almost impenetrable barrier for moisture, scent, or gas. Additionally, this stronger structure reportedly makes the material far more durable and tighter than conventional sealed films. As a result, food, cosmetic, agricultural, and chemistry products can enjoy a higher level of product protection than previously possible thanks to an extended shelf life.

The films are available in two different versions. The first one is a pre-formed tube with side gussets, which is suited for automated form/fill/seal production in a wide variety of formats from 1–50 lbs. The film tubes can be printed in as many as six colors. The solution also provides added value: a special anti-slip embossing simplifies palletization of the product.

The second version of the films can be used for pre-formed bags that require manual filling. Being resistant to flex-cracks, the integrity of these bags is said to be comparable to aluminum. Consequently, the increased product protection and high material quality makes these films appealing for the American pet food and pharmaceutical markets.

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Foster Lifter for Heavy Rolls

On-a-Roll Lifter Grande is available from Foster’s dealers around the world.

The On-a-Roll Lifter Grande is capable of handling extremely heavy rolls of media. Company reports that with the device, printer operators and shop floor personnel can quickly and safely maneuver rolls as heavy as 1,540 lb (700 kg) and with roll diameters as great as 31.5 in. (800 mm).

The Grande lifter has a roll tray that facilitates loading and unloading rolls, as well as transporting them.

Permits operators to easily load and unload printers, as well as maneuver heavy rolls in the warehouse and on the shop floor.

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Celplast DURAMET Topcoated Metallized Film

DURAMET topcoated metallized PET film is said to bring a lower cost, lower carbon footprint alternative to foil in the high-barrier flexible packaging market. Company reports in head-to-head tests with 4-ply PET/foil/nylon/CPP adhesive laminates, 3-ply PET/DURAMET/CPP adhesive laminates have achieved similar barrier and bond results to the 4-ply foil structure. This is also the case when comparing 4-ply PET/foil/PET/LDPE to 3-ply PET/DURAMET/LDPE adhesive laminates. These results reportedly have been proven on different laminators with several commercially available adhesive systems.

Celplast recently launched a large-scale metallizer topcoater that uses the patented Metacoat technology to make next-generation laminates with DURAMET.

DURAMET meets FDA food contact requirements for use with all food types under Condition of Use E. It also complies with relevant requirements of the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance SR 813.11 (ChemO) and European Regulation No. 10/2011 for food contact.

With the recent commissioning of the 2.45-m-wide Metacoat topcoating and metallizing process, company says it is ready to partner with converters to make their next-generation laminates with DURAMET a commercial success.

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Vetaphone iCorona Treatment Tester

Vetaphone’s iCorona film tester helps determine the correct corona dosage to create the right adhesion level.

The iCorona Film Tester 1000/600, for which a patent application has been made, is designed to analyze the amount of surface treatment required for any given substrate before the job is started, reportedly ensuring perfect print quality.

Test 1 is a simple RED 38 dyne pen, but there are two more advanced tests that produce data for every substrate and ink to ensure top performance. Test 2 creates exact material curves for polymer-based films to ensure the correct treatment level is applied, and Test 3 creates wetting characteristics for a specific film surface to verify that the chosen ink will match the job, film type, and desired quality. There is also an optional surface analysis tool that can create reports based on the wetting angle.

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Ampacet SynTear Synthetic Tissue Additive

Ampacet’s SynTear replaces coated and wax paper for food and other packaging applications.

SynTear, a new Paper 2.0 additive technology, is said to produce synthetic tissue that looks, feels, and tears like paper with the added benefits of moisture resistance, excellent barrier properties, and processing ease.

Reportedly enables extrusion of single-layer synthetic paper that can be as thin as 0.5 mils and can be produced with blown or cast film extrusion processes. Besides eliminating the need for secondary lamination, it is said to offer excellent deadfold properties and good moisture barrier properties compared to wax paper. Can be torn in either direction, and the level of tear strength can be adjusted via the let-down ratio to suit specific applications.

When compared with conventional coated paper food wraps, SynTear reportedly eliminates greasy, oily stains and there is no migration of chemicals and waxes into foods. SynTear is FDA compliant.

SynTear also can be extruded with any color, effect, or texture to create a unique package design or it can be produced in white or kraft paper colors for a simple food or floral wrap. The company also can build a moisture-absorbing desiccant into the product to absorb excess humidity or the desiccant can be provided separately (Ampacet product code 1000072-N).

This product is recommended for use in conjunction with HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE films with Paper 2.0 additive but can also be used to increase tear properties in LLDPE and LDPE virgin films, in addition to creating a dramatically quieter-sounding tear in LLDPE and LDPE films.

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Cosmos Films BOPP-Based Synthetic Paper

Cosmos Films’ BOPP-based synthetic paper can be used for chemical drum labels, POP graphics, I.D. cards, and more.

BOPP-based synthetic paper is printable with all printing technologies, including wet and UV offset, wet and UV flexo, letterpress, screen, thermal transfer, and most of the digital toner technologies. Applications includes tags and labels, retail and packaging, identification and credentials, and outdoor uses.

Synthetic paper is said to be suitable as a replacement for paper in applications where durability and longevity is desired. It reportedly has a matte paper-like finish, is non-tearable, has moisture and chemical resistance, and excellent lay flatness. The product is available in 75, 95, 120, 150, 175, 195, 215, 275, 330, 375, and 430 microns.

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Mechanical Specialties Self-Locking Core Chuck

Self-locking core chucks are available in both steel and aluminum.

Self-locking core chucks have either one or three locking rollers and are divided into two classifications: shoulder and shoulderless.

The shoulder type has a 1/8-in. shoulder raised from the chuck body that acts as a core stop and reportedly assures positive core alignment. The shoulderless chuck permits the core to slide completely over it. When combined with the shoulder type, it allows sliding of the core on and off without having to remove either chuck from the machine shaft.

Chucks are said to offer reduced set-up time. They self-lock in either direction of rotation without the necessity for mechanical change. They are straight faced to assure concentricity and self-adjust to the web tension pull. All chucks are furnished with round bore sizes with +0.010 tolerance unless specified.

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Flex Films F-PDP Polyester Film

F-PDP polyester film has a modified surface on one side while the other side remains untreated. Certified by Rochester Institute of Technology for use on HP Indigo presses, film is suitable for short runs and can be digitally printable without any need for priming/coating.

F-PDP film is offered in various thicknesses ranging from 10 to 50 microns.

Company says it demonstrates good transparency, optical clarity, excellent machinability, and dimensional stability besides offering excellent flatness and agile handling properties. Reportedly gives excellent print results with high quality resolution.

Film is tear-proof and crack resistant. Additionally, polyester is able to withstand high temperatures and remains stable and inert to many chemicals, further enhancing its suitability for converters.

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Fresnels Peacock OVF Nanotechnology

Optically variable foil (OVF) nanotechnology has been developed to improve the visual appeal of branded packaging concepts and produce eye-catching carton designs. Said to be easy-to-use, robust, and secure, Peacock stamping foil is inspired by the iridescence found in nature to deliver an arresting palette of colors and contemporary effects, which can be applied by brand owners, printers, and converters using standard foil application techniques.

Company says the technology provides a striking visual effect similar to optically variable inks (OVI), and the foils can be applied quickly and easily without the requirement for registration equipment, saving time and costs in the process.

Fresnels’ Peacock stamping foil nanotechnology is easier to see and apply than traditional security inks.

A choice of metallized or transparent foils, available to suit a wide range of commercial packaging applications, is supplied in different orientations to ensure that an array of colors can be combined and applied for additional visual impact.

The nanotechnology, which reportedly is easier to see and apply than traditional security inks, reflects the naturally occurring color variations seen in a peacock’s tail feathers—a dramatic spectrum of color changes running from iridescent greens to bright gold.

The advanced color change features captured in the designs are said to be difficult to replicate and can therefore be adopted for use as an added-value, cost-effective foil-based anti-counterfeiting device for ID documents.

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