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Karlville Enters Agreement with ePac

MIAMI, FL | Karlville Founders reports it has entered into an agreement with ePac Holdings to establish a digital flexible packaging facility at its Miami headquarters. Karlville is a manufacturer of flexible packaging equipment focusing on pouch, shrink sleeves, and end-of-line tape multipacks. ePac is focused on the quick turnaround, short-to-medium-run flexible packaging market. ePac offers pre-media, digital printing, laminating, and pouchmaking services based on wide-web digital printing technology.

Karlville will add ePac commercial operations to its incubation lab and showroom facilities in Miami. The joint initiative is the first step in a longer term strategic collaborative relationship designed to speed research and development of manufacturing solutions for flexible packaging. This arrangement will enable ePac Miami to serve its local market, while at the same time work with Karlville on innovation projects and create a working showroom for Karlville customers.

As a working showroom, the initiative will reinforce Karlville’s core machine competencies in lamination, coating, slitting, inspection, and pouchmaking. ePac Miami will be equipped with Karlville Solventless and HP Indigo Pack Ready laminators, slitters, and stand-up pouch makers. As an incubation strategy, the arrangement reportedly will enable new technologies in lamination, coating, and curing to lower cost, increase performance, create a testing ground for new materials, and broaden diversity in pouch formats.

Karlville VP Raul Matos says, “We’re excited about our partnership with ePac and the ability it will provide Karlville to focus on innovation and extending our Research and Development with the HP Indigo 20000, all in a live, working environment. This is a win-win relationship for both companies: Karlville gains a global showcase and working incubator environment, while ePac continues its expansion throughout the United States with leading edge technologies.”

Adds John Price, Karlville president, “This new cooperation with ePac gives us the opportunity to refine our machinery solutions and build a stronger technical support team for digitally printed flexible packaging. We are happy to be working closely with both HP and ePac to help push digital business to the next level.”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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