Now Plastics to Offer Foil from Non-China Sources

EAST LONGMEADOW, MA | Now Plastics, an importer of plastic films and aluminum foil, reports it is now positioned to supply US converters with major quantities of light gauge aluminum foil from non-China sources. The company will make available some 20 million lbs of light-gauge, converter lamination-grade aluminum foil in the first year, which reportedly will come from a global network of high quality rolling mills located around the world. 

Says Now Plastics CEO Larry Silverstein, the company has been actively seeking and vetting new supply channels to the US for some time. “Over the past year we have invested great efforts around the world in locating high quality rolling mills from places other than China. We recognized that converters would have an acute need for alternative sources of high quality light-gauge foils even before the antidumping regulations came into effect. Now it is clear that the need will be even greater than we originally anticipated.”

Silverstein adds that the company partners around the world all use state-of-the-art gauge control technologies, enabling them to offer the flattest roll profiles, with gauge variation of below 2%.

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