2-Way Envelopes Introduced by ecoEnvelopes

MINNEAPOLIS, MN | A new product line of reusable two-way envelopes, RECOCHET, has been introduced by ecoEnvelopes. RECOCHET is a single two-way envelope that is sent and returned, eliminating the need for a second reply envelope.

RECOCHET two-way envelope by ecoEnvelope

The RECOCHET envelope was developed as a highly identifiable brand of reusable two-way ecoEnvelopes. The RECOCHET name and logo were chosen as they clearly connote an object that rebounds, an envelope that has an initial direction and then a second one. The product improves upon earlier generations incorporating minor dimensional changes to reduce paper consumption and facilitate functionality.

According to Gale Ward, president and general manager, “Developing the RECOCHET line was important as ecoEnvelopes continues to introduce new products and offer solutions that save money for statement mailers, direct mail marketers, nonprofits, companies that send surveys or product samples in the mail, among others.”

Mailers save 5%–35% on envelope and related mailing costs and benefit from operating savings and quantifiable reductions in carbon emissions, energy, and raw materials, including trees and water. RECOCHET envelopes also offer an opportunity to generate incremental revenue by including additional marketing material, taking advantage of an available insert station with the elimination of the second envelopes.

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