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TLMI Paper Covers PET Thermoform Recycling


GLOUCESTER, MA | The Tag & Label Mfrs. Institute (TLMI) announces a recently published White Paper for members on PET Thermoform Recycling. To address the issues surrounding the recycling protocols of PET thermoformed containers, the association’s Environmental Committee, Recycle Compatible Adhesives Subcommittee, and Recycle Friendly Adhesive Formulations and Compounds Task Force have compiled a technical White Paper to inform TLMI members of developments in this area.

TLMI president Frank Sablone, says, “Retailers and grocers are in the process of setting up systems and protocols that address the recyclability of these containers. One of the current barriers to the thermoform recycling process is that small amounts of label and adhesive components are unable to be removed, thereby contaminating the waste stream. This issue is currently being addressed in the Canadian marketplace, and we are seeing retailers and grocers starting to prioritize it in the United States. As a member-driven association, it’s imperative that we inform our membership of issues as they arise and the Recycle Friendly Adhesive Formulations and Compounds Task Force has been diligent in keeping the association informed of new developments in this area.…”

Use the contact information below for information on joining TLMI, where you would have access to this White Paper and other information.

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