Graphtec Offers Label Printer/Finishing System


YOKOHAMA, JAPAN | Graphtec Corporation announces the LABELROBO LCX1000 Digital Label Creation system, an upper model of the LABELROBO LCX603 which is already on the market and offers color printing, laminating, free size cutting, and waste matrix removal.

Company says the new high-speed, high-durability electrophotography digital label printer was developed with the concept of high-productivity, low cost, free design, full color, and easy creation of labels on demand. Printer satisfies the requirements for GHS labels, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals that will oblige labels to comply by 2015 in US and Europe.

The LABELROBO DLC1000 digital label finisher features laminating, free size and shape cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting, and rewinding. Reportedly, this system configuration allows users to create a variety of labels for necessary quantity on demand, resolves the problem of label inventory and higher costs and delivery issues associated with outsourcing labels, and makes labels ready for automatic labelers, as the final process of label creation.

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