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Belona Invests in Maan Inlinerless Module

RAALTE, NETHERLANDS | Netherlands-based label printer Belona B.V. is the first to invest in the Inlinerless Module developed by Maan Engineering to efficiently produce high quality linerless labels—labels without siliconized backing. The basic idea of the Inlinerless Module is that it can be used to expand the existing printing process. The label printer prints basic facestock, often paper, on existing equipment and immediately feeds this material in the Inlinerless Module. In the module, the substrate is given a release coating on the top and a hot melt coating on the back.


Belona B.V, one of the larger label printers in the Netherlands, introduced the new label at the Macropack in Utrecht, and the reactions to the labels are very positive. The market is ready for linerless labels. Belona will start its linerless production early 2015. In addition to Belona, Maan is in contact with several (international) parties about the possibilities of the Inlinerless Module.

For the Inlinerless Module to be effective, it is vital that the release and hot melt coatings are applied accurately and with continuous high quality. Maan Engineering has more than 15 years of experience with the roll-to-roll application of coatings. By working together with prominent suppliers of release coatings and hot melt adhesives, it was possible to realize the Inlinerless Module, applying the best expertise and technologies to essential aspects.

Processing linerless labels

Maan Engineering reports that one of the reasons why the linerless label was not very successful until 2014 is that the market thought there were no proven technologies for applying a linerless label. Other than traditional labels, linerless labels have to be cut before they can be applied. Nothing is further from the truth.

Contact Prijs-codeerapparatuur B.V. from Leusden has been supplying linerless dispensers of the Danish brand HM Systems on the Dutch market for 10 years now. These dispensers, which are mainly used for logistical processes, are now also available for labelling (consumer) packaging. In addition, companies such as DIGI and Ishida have recently introduced linerless dispensers for pricing applications.


Linerless labels can be used for skinpack, C-labelling and as scale labels, but thanks to the wide range of linerless dispensers, other labels are also among the possibilities. The big advantages of linerless labels are: no liner material waste, considerably more labels on a roll, considerably fewer roll replacement during the labeling process and transport benefits. In addition, the dispenser can cut linerless labels to any size, giving each label a unique length, depending on the amount of information on the label. As such, linerless labels are the perfect solution for companies that attach great value to aspects such as sustainability and Zero Waste.

Business Partners

To further extend the international awareness of the innovative Inlinerless Module and Maan Engineering’s capabilities, Maan is looking for business partners in Europe. Maan invites companies that are interested in representing Maan and that have a relevant network to contact the company for a further introduction.


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