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MPI Release Launches Silicone Release Liners

WINCHESTER, MA | MPI Release has launched a new line of silicone release liners, marketed under the trademark Ultra•Slick. These liners can be engineered to be multi-purpose, thereby serving a large cross section of pressure-sensitive adhesive applications, including general industrial usage, medical and healthcare applications, graphic arts (e.g., signage and labels), and single-sided, double-sided, and transfer tapes.

Ultra•Slick offers a range of release values said to peak at the easiest levels available. The liner features what is said to be a smooth, uniform, and easy releasing surface, and it offer general compatibility and functionality with a wide variety of adhesive types.

"The versatility of Ultra•Slick will allow customers to simplify and ultimately decrease their inventory requirements for liner," says Martin J. Wilhelm, CEO and chairman of MPI. He adds that the new silicone chemistry performs well with most acrylics, gels, sealants, and mastics. Moreover, the liners can be engineered to provide equal or differential release properties on one or two sides of any film.

Wilhelm explains that this new development was made possible by the recent commissioning of a thermal oxidizer at MPI's Greenfield, IN, facility. "With this development we have met a corporate goal of engineering silicone release offerings for a large cross-section of pressure-sensitive adhesive markets.

Liners are available in widths to 86 in.

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