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Wasberger Announces Fan Folding Machine

LANDSKRONA, SWEDEN | Grafotronic announces the Wasberger Label Equipment fan folding machine, the Easy Fold, created for folding labels and tickets without sprocket holes.

Company reports the following features:

  • Compact design
  • Innovative control via tablet for length size and settings input
  • Side guides to adjust the pin-less web feeding
  • Electronic change size system with fold length in Z or mm
  • Easy and fast setup (programmable counter stops when reaching the set number of folders–the operator pulls out the pack, raises the collecting table, and can start the next operating process)
  • Automatic descending table
  • Fold phase setting adjustable during production
  • Gap reader sensor suitable for die-cut labels
  • 2-pc wheel holder unit with traction rubber wheel
  • Folder with extraction rollers, beaters, and brushes
  • CE standards

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