Ashland and Ravenwood Announce Supplier Agreement

DUBLIN, OH | Ashland and Ravenwood Packaging Ltd. have reached an agreement naming Ashland the exclusive supplier of UV-curable coatings for Ravenwood linerless label applications in the Americas. The announcement was made during Labelexpo Americas 2016.

Initially, Ashland will provide three products in the line: RW 01710 gloss coating, RW 01720 satin coating, and RW 01750 water-resistant coating. Ashland's specialized coatings were developed for use on Ravenwood's coaters and applicators, and were qualified by the equipment producer at its testing facility in the UK.

“We are excited to be working alongside a quality organization like Ravenwood,” says David Hatgas, global business director, adhesives and coatings, Ashland. “Both companies are innovating in the label space and together this arrangement will help deliver consistently high quality linerless labels to packaging customers.”

Ravenwood Packaging produces the Comac 500 coating machine, reportedly designed to efficiently manufacture linerless labels to the correct specification required for Ravenwood’s Nobac applicators. The coater is a modular construction allowing the application of multiple release and adhesive lines. This also allows additional features to be added at a later date.

“The Ravenwood philosophy has always been to produce the most consistent linerless labels that we can,” says Jez Woodcock, technical consultant working with Ravenwood Packaging. “We have always believed that in order to do this, you need the best raw materials from a strong supplier base, which is why we spend so much time and effort in development work with our global supply partners. We at Ravenwood are delighted to be able to welcome Ashland onto our list of Approved Suppliers.”

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