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Agfa to Show High-Security Products

LIER, BELGIUM | Agfa Graphics reports the development of high-end security and authenticity verification software solutions which can be seen at the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations 2017, March 28–31 in Antwerp, Belgium. Agfa Graphics will join close to 40 other industry suppliers to show solutions of digital applications in labels and packaging.

Company will present its Arziro Design security design tool and Arziro Authenticate software-as-a-service solution said to generate secure, copy-proof QR+ codes. Company says the products are designed for the general security printing market.

“Agfa Graphics welcomed the opportunity to be a part of the Xeikon Café to connect with an audience that is highly interested in both innovative digital printing technology and unique security systems for label and packaging applications,” says Luc Bruyneel, Agfa Graphics Business Manager Security Software. “Agfa Graphics has developed a prominent position in new segments of industrial inkjet printing with our integrated prepress solutions, which we look forward to sharing with visitors to the Café. We anticipate that the combination of innovations from Xeikon and other participating suppliers with Agfa security and anti-counterfeiting solutions will inspire visitors to consider increasing protection from the growing threat of forgery.”

Arziro Design offers a multitude of security design tools to safeguard documents and products from the growing threat of forgery and enables in-house protection and full creative freedom in a known software environment. Reportedly, the resulting creations are extremely difficult and expensive to reverse engineer.

Arziro Authenticate software generates secure, copy-proof QR+ codes that can be printed directly on a counterfeit-sensitive product, which enables consumers to verify whether the item is authentic with a simple scan using their smartphones.

The tool, shipped with Arziro Design (Plus), also connects products to the internet, driving customer engagement and enabling track-and-trace functionalities. Also, it gives brand owners access to vital market information for future business strategies.

Applications for Arziro Design and Ariziro Authenticate in combination with digital printing equipment such as Xeikon include labels, packaging, tax stamps, and security documents. At the Xeikon Café, visitors will see these solutions integrated in live pharmaceutical label and packaging applications.

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