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Lion Portfolio Introduces Package Label Relaunch

CINCINNATI, OHIO | Lion Brewery Ceylon PLC is Sri Lanka’s oldest and largest brewery. Over 100 years on since inception, the brewery produces Sri Lanka’s most loved and popular brews Lion lager, Lion Strong and Lion Stout. Lion brewery currently enjoys a market share of 85% in Sri Lanka with a strong portfolio of local and international brands and a distribution network that extends across the entire country.

The Lion portfolio had strong equity and a dominant presence in the market. However, as the alcoholic beverage industry has been a dark market since 2007, the Lion brands had no ATL presence in the recent past. As a result, brand equity parameters were beginning to be affected negatively, when the decision to revamp packaging was taken in 2015. As packaging is the only medium that reaches every touch point, it becomes the best communication channel in a dark market.

Therefore it was vital that the packaging connoted the values of the Lion brand – Leader, Adventurous, Contemporary, Responsible and Sociable and appealed to consumers. Additionally, the key task for the design team was to bring a unique and common design architecture to the three sub brands within the Lion portfolio. Within the final design each brand needed to have its own identity whist the whole portfolio shared a common design tonality.

In the final design, the Lion was used in a contemporary illustration form to unify the range together with each variant having its own unique lion in keeping with each sub brand’s values. Colors and fonts were modernized in keeping with the overall objective of the packaging revamp but each variant retained its core identity. The result of all this was a label design that was both modern and contemporary to appeal to today’s consumers and vibrant enough stand out on shelf and beat the clutter.

Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) is proud of having been selected as the preferred partner for this packaging revolution. A combination of paper labels printed on a Hybrid Offset Lithographic press by MCC – Rawang and foil labels made in Germany by MCC – Hann Münden, have delivered a truly outstanding result which underlines our companies’ slogan “Global Label Solutions” clearly.


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