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BW Papersystems Launches RFID Tag Unit

STUTTGART, GERMANY | BW Papersystems announces the TagLiner, a solution to produce RFID inlay. By providing what is said to be unrivaled production speed, high output, and a so-far-unreached bonding strength, the TagLiner gives manufacturers a reduction in cost and an increase in efficiency in the production process of RFID tags. 

Jürgen Rexer, global technical sales manager RFID at BW Papersystems’ Stuttgart, Germany, location, says, “The irresistible value proposition of the TagLiner is its combination of exceptional bonding strength of the RFID chip and its…output, even at longer product pitches. This means, our customers can set new product standards—all while cutting their costs by shortening production times tremendously.”

Additional features include a single-track design for easy operation, short set-up times, as well as a servo-controlled curing device that avoids heat-up changes. Company says the variety of end products includes RFID inlays made of simpler and lower cost materials, such as non-transparent substrates like paper, helping to further reduce cost.

Unit is said to produce a yield of more than 99%, greatly increasing production efficiency. When designing the TagLiner, another major focus of the company was reducing set-up times and ensuring greater user-friendliness. For example, with only two curing units installed in the whole machine, the switch of antenna materials and related setup reportedly becomes easy and fast. And with the collection of process data during the whole production, an easy analysis and evaluation is always at hand.

BW Papersystems says modularity allows for easy and simple upgrading and capacity expansion when needed, and many add-ons planned for the future.

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