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Acucote Adds Clean-Release Coupon Product


GRAHAM, NC | Acucote offers LiftCote Plus 1, the newest addition to its line of clean-release coupon products. This construction is said to provide a thicker gauge and more durability than standard LiftCote offerings.

Product is designed for high-end, affixed card production where longevity is essential. For affixed cards that typically require a 7.5-mil white laser PET combination, customers can now purchase LiftCote Plus 1 with a 5-mil white laser PET, company reports, saying this combination provides a significantly lower cost per msi without sacrificing durability or product stiffness.

Constructions are available with all standard LiftCote patterns and Diamond-Cote Tight products. This clean-release, laser-printable product is recommended for direct mail; healthcare, frequent buyer, temporary identification, and membership cards; coupons; integrated cards; and punch cards. All LiftCote and Diamond-Cote Tight coupon products are ballpoint pen writable.

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