MACtac Expands Line of Sustainable Products


STOW, OH | MACtac has expanded its Bloom Enviropath products line with a new recyclable PET liner. Now available on six different facestocks with a hot melt adhesive, the PET liner is thin and strong, reportedly allowing for more labels per roll and less waste than paper alternatives.

The new sustainable offerings are produced on MACtac's 100% solids pressure-sensitive coater, which company says does not emit VOCs. Available with a quick-tack permanent adhesive, converters have a variety of environmentally conscious label solutions with the option of a 1- or 1.2-mil PET liner on six facestocks including:

• TT9091-2: A premium thermal transfer paper

• CHG9091-2: A 57# cast-coated high-gloss

• SGL9091-2: A 55# brilliant white semi-gloss coated litho

• DLA7191-2: A 50# brilliant white semi-gloss dairy label

• MSP9091-0: A mirror-finish, bright silver metalized paper

• BCC9091-0: A classic crest, solar white wet strength paper

Company says new Bloom label options are optimized for high-speed auto application where a risk of liner tears or breaks exist with products such as wine, spirits, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and food packaging. The PET liner's strength allows for wide web converting and high-speed dispensing onto containers without worry of liner break-related downtime. Combined with a hot melt adhesive for high initial quick tack and outstanding ultimate adhesion, these products are said to be ideal for use with low-energy surfaces.

“Recyclable PET liners can be produced at a thinner caliper than paper liners to allow for more labels per roll, which translates to less changeovers on the dispensing line and, ultimately, less waste,” said Kathy Magyar, marketing manager, MACtac Roll Label.

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