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Dion Labels Offers Show Through Labels

WESTFIELD, MA | Dion Labels reports show through bottle graphics have been trending as an alternative to a traditional front printed label. To create labels that can be seen through the container, the label is printed on the reverse side and adhered to the back of the container.

The consumer has several options for a front label including a clear front label that will allow the graphics to show through, a unique die-cut label for a “keyhole” effect, or omitting a front label altogether. Show through bottle graphics are an innovative way to create depth and interest in your packaging.

The Nautical Nature wine bottles, created by Dion Label Printing, are a great example of how the “keyhole” effect can be used for show through bottle graphics. Each front label is finished with a die-cut center in the shape of a lighthouse. A matching label with reverse printing is fixed to the back of the bottle with a background of fish swimming in the ocean. The lighthouse die-cut shape allows the consumer to peak through the label and view the ocean graphic.

Softsoap’s pump hand soap also uses show through bottle graphics. For each bottle, a back label is included that has the ocean background reverse-printed. A clear front label with the fish, logo, and text is included to make it look like the fish is swimming in the water to the customer.

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