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Proximo Spirits Reignites Brands with Spear

MASON, OH | Founded in 2007, Proximo Spirits has quickly gained industry recognition and continues to experience rapid success. Spanish for “Next,” Proximo has taken its name to heart with forward thinking to reignite spirit brands in the seemingly never-ending expansion of the store shelf.

Two of Proximo’s latest ventures come from the purchase of Boodles Gin (2012) and Hangar 1 Vodka (2010). Both brands had rich histories, so it was important for Proximo to modernize the brands’ look and feel without compromising fantastic heritages.

To aid in the redesign, Spear was asked to help create labels that would reach out to consumers not only through visual appeal but also through feel, a sense that is often neglected in beverage packaging.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Boodles and Hangar 1 are special. Spear utilized a combination of printing process such as foil, embossing, and matte and gloss effects to create these new labels.

A Proximo spokesperson commented on the partnership. “Spear has been a valuable partner in the development process of our brands. They have a unique insight into how to use innovative technologies to tell our story to our consumers. This gives us confidence that the vision we have for our brands will be faithfully translated by Spear into exciting, innovative packaging.”

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