Independent Release Liner Mfr. ITASA Invests in Future

ANDOAIN, SPAIN | ITASA (Industrias de Transformación de Andoain), an independent producer of siliconized paper release liner in Spain’s Basque country, reports it is investing strongly in more capacity, optimal manufacturing and finishing quality, and better logistics.

A new BMB 1.65 m-width coater, capable of running at 800 mpm, is beginning production trials as a “twin” complement to a custom-built, high-speed 2.3 m-wide BMB coater that had been installed in 2008. With this new capacity, ITASA will have four machines supported by advanced automatic silicone mixing.

Presently ITASA’s high-speed coating capabilities are said to be suited for all types of paper release base, from 30 gm2 up to 200 gm2, including kraft, PE coated, clay coated, C1S and C2S, with equal or differential release characteristics for applications such as tape, label stock, industrial, and composite as well as self-adhesive graphic arts and envelopes and hygiene. Current production capacity is 450 million m2 a year, which, with the commissioning of the new coater, will be closer to 600 million m2.

Finishing capabilities include slitters for 2.3 m and 165 mm widths as well as a new slitter for accommodating narrow-width rolls slit down to as small as 20 mm with in-line and off-line customer logo printing.

Last of all, an expansion of the Andoain warehouse will bring storage capacity to 6,500 m2, representing a 50% increase in space.

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