AWA Offers PABS Wine & Spirits 2012

 AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. will present PABS Wine & Spirits 2012—A Product Authentication & Brand Security Seminar on January 23, at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, CA, preceding the 2012 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium scheduled for January 24–26 in Sacramento. Among the highlights of the Wine & Spirits event:

• A Global Wine & Wine Label Market & Technology Review: AWA’s Corey Reardon will identify trends, developments, challenges, and opportunities in the wine label market.

Brand Protection Strategies for Wine Producers: Franck Bourrieres, Prooftag, will discuss the importance of the origin of wine bottles for consumers and wine merchants in a globalized market where Asian demand is booming.

• Securing Wine & Spirits in a Global Economy: Jack Baker, SICPA Product and Brand Protection Div., will review trends in the wine and spirits industry, the scope of counterfeiting, and options for authentication and track and trace security solutions.

• Achieving Supply Chain Security with Logistics Planning for the Product Lifecycle: Kenneth Branch, Stealth Resources Group.

• Protect the Wine. Protect the Consumer. Build the Image. Michael O’Neil, NASPO, will discuss the complex decision to use authentication technologies to curtail counterfeiting. He will address why to authenticate, what authentication solutions are available, what is the best solution, and how to implement.

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