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Palletizing System Features Six-Axis Robots
Motoman, West Carrolton, OH; 937/847-6200; motoman.com
Pallet Worldlite® is said to be an affordable solution ideal for small- to medium-volume palletizing operations. Features fast, reliable six-axis robots that can handle multiple product configurations easily, co. reports. Features include productivity-enhancing Visual Pallet software and PC-based simulation packages.

Spreader Roll System Is Improved
Converter Accessory Corp., Wind Gap, PA; 610/863-6008; converteraccessory.com
WrinkleStop and Multi-Adjust WrinkleStop no-bow, expanding, smooth-surface spreader roll systems have undergone improvements including a contoured disk design that aids in surface expansion and reduces unsupported space between disks, mfr. reports. Said to hold better O.D. tolerance, to offer a smoother surface than earlier models, and to include a clamping mechanism that improves roll life and contributes to improved O.D. Multi-Adjust units offer all the benefits of standard spreader rolls but also feature a field serviceable design that allows backup sleeves to be stocked and changed on-site.

Press Reduces Changeover Times
Fischer & Krecke GmbH & Co., Bielefeld, Germany; +49 (0) 521 3048 0; fischer-krecke.com
Flexpress 16S-10 ten-color press is designed to reduce changeover times. Compared with robotic hoist solutions, the semi-automatic logistic system is faster and more flexible, according to the mfr. Concept includes all procedures from the transportation and storage of cylinders in a special storage system to the cylinder changes in the machine. System is said to be extremely convenient for handling cylinders and sleeves. Offers same features as the eight-color version with the flexibility of two additional print stations. A pivoting operating platform allows access to the upper print decks of the ten-color press with a 2.9-m CI drum. Sleeve system allows for tool-less sleeve changes within the machine.

Slitter/Rewinder Cuts Set-Up Times
Goebel Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany; +49 (0) 6151-888-1; goebel-darmstadt.de
Monoslit slitter/rewinder reportedly combines well-proven technology with innovations designed to facilitate the use of the machine and to reduce set-up times. State-of-the-art technique reportedly minimizes maintenance work, while user-friendly safety devices guarantee protection of operating personnel. Features include loading and splicing device for unwind unit; ultra-lightweight dancer roller; individual drives for all web guiding rollers; video camera system for monitoring the slitting section; rewind core pre-positioning; digital, three-phase, AC drive technology; and ergonomic PC operator surface.

Platform Concept Designed For Thermoformed Films
Battenfeld Gloucester, Gloucester, MA; 978/281-1800; bge.battenfeld.com
Battenfeld TSL (ThermoSheetLine) is a universal, standardized line platform said to offer cost-efficient, complete lines for the production of thermoformable films. Polishing stack technology allows the most narrow film tolerance levels, and control systems ensure a monitored and reliable production process, co. reports. Extruder technology is specially adapted to meet film production requirements. The extrusion screws can be pulled out at the back, which is said to ensure easy handling and accommodate reduced space requirements.

Testing System Is Accurate, Modular, Easy to Use
Lloyd Instruments, Fareham, U.K.; +44 (0) 1489 574221; lloyd-instruments.co.uk
LF Plus 1kN (255lbf) low-force, universal testing system is a cost-effective, easy-to-use system ideal for many applications, particularly plastics testing, co. reports. Modular design allows customers to build a system to match their needs. Accommodates co.'s XLC Series load cells or Chatillon force gauges, and test speeds range from 0.05-1,270 mm/min (0.02-50 in./min), with accuracy better than 0.1% at full load, according to the mfr. Said to provide generous working space to test large samples. Other features include a rapid sampling rate of 8 kHz/sec; ability to store to 600 individual test results; configurable work surfaces to mount different grips; and a computer interface for co.'s Nexygen FM software control.

Cast Film Line Features Chill Roll System
Windmöller & Hölscher, Lengerich, Germany; +49 (0) 5481 14-0; wuh-lengerich.de
Filmex cast film line offers output rates in excess of 600 kg/hr. Said to cover a range of applications from simple laminating film to seven-layer barrier film. Chill roll unit, consisting of the primary casting roll and the secondary chill roll, is said to be one of line's outstanding features. Due to modular design, casting rolls with different surface structures and diameters to 1,000 mm can be used to give the required cooling effect. Rolls are said to be exchanged easily to meet varying production and output requirements.

Lightweight Gripper Is Versatile
Nim-Cor, Nashua, NH; 888/4-NIM-COR; nimcor.com
Miniature gripper is said to handle weights to 10 lb and can actuate every 4 sec. Initially designed for placing sterile plastic cups in an FDA clean room environment, the gripper has found application in small rolled materials and other lightweight components. Unit is air actuated and can be made of different materials to suit the work environment. Reported to be lightweight and adaptable to fit existing mounting conditions. Replaces external bladder grippers that wear out prematurely and must be replaced or repaired.

Groove Feeder Extruder Offers Versatility
Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
Groove feed Thermatic extruder features DSB-VI barrier screw engineered to accommodate the large output rates of groove feed extruders. Said to permit processing of a variety of thermoplastic materials while maintaining lower melt temperatures, improved mixing and homogenization, and linear output independent of extruder die pressures. According to mfr., extruder features a rugged, unitized groove feed housing with a removable groove feed bushing, available in multiple groove designs.

Unwind Stand Offers Good Value
Elite Cameron, Somerset, U.K.; +44 (0) 1823 251095; elitecameron.com
Weston Reelstand shaftless unwind stand is suitable for converter-style machines to 1,600-mm web widths and roll weights of 1,500 kg. Add-ons are available to customize the unwind to particular requirements. Shafted machines are available with options for edge guiding, tension control, brakes, and chucks according to individual preference. Also can retrofit existing equipment to the rollstand, providing large cost savings, mfr. reports.

Scanner Offers High Performance
Eurotherm Gauging Systems, Billerica, MA; 978/663-2300; eurothermgauging.com
Mark III industrial scanner is engineered to provide cross-machine scanning measurements for mfr.'s CIMLine and System 21 on-line sensors. Designed for demanding applications where maximum durability, cleanliness, and performance are required. Unibody design incorporates a ⅜-in.-thick, heavy tubular steel structure said to provide high stability while isolating internal scanner components from the environment. Eliminates the potential for contaminants to drop from the scanner onto the web, co. reports.

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