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New Product Digest, Part 1, PFFC, April 2003

Machinery, Accessories, Services, Materials

Magnetic Hot Stamping Cylinders Suited for High Temps
Bunting Magnetics Co.
, Newton, KS; 316/284-2020; 800/835-2526; buntingmagnetics.com
Cerface magnetic hot stamping cylinders use permanent magnets embedded in a new high-temperature epoxy and mounted level with the surface so they are in direct contact with the plate to hold them securely in place. The epoxy is formulated to handle temperatures as high as 400 deg F. Cylinders are designed to be heated with conventional calrod elements or by hot oil.

Flexo Press Offers Automatic Preregister
Nordmeccanica SpA
, Piacenza, Italy; + 39 (0) 523 596411; nordmeccanica.com
The Sprintflex CI flexo press features a sleeve system on cantilever mandrels for both plate and anilox rollers; automatic preregister; remote fine adjustment of printing pressure; four stepping motor color stations; and computer controls with powerful supervisor software.

Rotary Die-Cut Many Materials
Sohn Manufacturing Co.
, Elkhart Lake, WI; 920/876-3361; sohnmanufacturing.com
Die stations for rotary die-cutting have interchangeable anvil shafts that allow for different gearing. In-line packaging of products can be achieved after they are die-cut, says mfr., and stations can handle a wide range of materials. Stations also have the ability for automatic registration to preprinted materials.

Software Expands Capabilities of Vision System
Cognex Corp.
, Natick, MA; 508/650-3000; cognex.com
Co. has expanded the functionality of its VisionPro PC-based machine vision systems with the addition of high-performance vision software tools. Geometric measurement tools are said to make it easy to gauge parts, including measuring the distance between circles, points, and lines. Data analysis tool enables users to perform statistical analysis quickly and easily without having to first write a program.

Die Allows High-Speed Curtain Coating
Extrusion Dies Inc. (EDI)
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
The 48-in. (1,220-mm) Ultracoat slot coating die enables mfrs. that apply hot melt adhesives or water- and solvent-based coatings to achieve the increased speed of curtain coating while retaining many of the advantages of standard proximity coating. Pre-metered system applies fluids to the web at a constant rate and permits precise control over coat weight and cross-web distribution. Enclosed unit prevents airborne contamination from volatile emissions, says co.

Tension Controllers Offer New Features for Accuracy
The Montalvo Corp.
., Gorham, ME; 207/856-2501; 800/226-8710; montalvo.com
The D-3100ce dancer controller, the DTI-3100ce dancer controller with tension indicator, and the X-3100ce web tension controller represent co.'s new family of analog controllers with digital parameter handling. The line was developed to provide accurate, repeatable tension control on all types of web processing machinery, co. adds. New features include transferable memory card, RS-232 interface to computer or PLC, and “on-board” DeviceNet and Profibus DP fieldbus connections.

Flexo Press Comes Well Equipped
Uteco SpA
, Verona, Italy; + 39 (0) 45 617 4555; uteco.com
The Emerald flexo press is 52 in. wide and features co.'s gearless technology. It's configured as an eight-color CI plus two in-line also on a CI drum. Comes equipped with the latest generation of UV lamps from Giardina; Evergreen plate sleeves by Rossini; and ceramic anilox sleeve by Praxair.

Fight Wrinkles in Light-Tension Applications
Converter Accessory Corp. (CAC)
, Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413; handleyourweb.com
Multi-lead Scroll Roll is an anti-wrinkle technology for web runs of foil, nonwovens, paper, and heavier-gauge (10 mil and up) plastics. Straight (not bowed) system may be submerged in liquids and is designed to deliver uniform spreading across the full web width, mfr. reports. Suited for light-tension/high-speed (1,000 fpm and more) production applications that do not require a more aggressive anti-wrinkle system. Available in a variety of materials with groove configurations engineered to match specific applications.

Holographic Film Is Directly Embossable
Toray Plastics (America) Inc.
, North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511; torayusa.com
LumBrite U6E is described as durable, cost-effective holographic film. It is directly embossable, simplifies and speeds the converting process, enables excellent registration, and reduces waste, co. says. Recommended for film-to-board laminated packaging applications, including cosmetics, personal care, and sporting goods, as well as product security applications.

Reduce Injuries When Moving Rolls
Easy Lift Equipment
, Newark, DE; 800/233-1800; easyliftequipment.com
Roll-Haulers are said to eliminate injuries associated with the manual handling of roll materials and pushing carts by providing a self-powered means to grip, lift, transport, and rotate materials from pallets to converting machines. Clamping jaws can handle rolls to 1,200 lb. Said to increase safety by eliminating the need for multiple hoisting systems at each converting machine. Models are available for griping drums or rectangular containers. Scales can be added for weighing rolls and dispensing from drums by weight.

Sheeter Cuts Many Materials
Körber PaperLink North America
, Windsor, CT; 860/687-9911; kplna.kpl.net
The SHM 1450 dual rotary sheeter, made by Pemco, is available in dual rotary, high speed, and compact models. Flexible, multipurpose sheeter is designed to provide high quality and efficient sheeting of a range of materials, including paper, board, films, foils, and plastics. Equipped with E.C.H. Will's dual rotary cross cutting technology, it features a maximum web width of 57 in. (1,450 mm) and is capable of a range of cut-off lengths.

Modular System Cleans Webs
KSM International Ltd.
, Glasgow, Scotland; + 44 (0) 1360 660088; ksmsuperclean.com
The R2R (reel-to-reel) web cleaning system is a contamination removal system approved for use within the converting, packaging, food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Cleaning module operates at a width of 200-1,000 mm, uses a modular construction, and has a side pull adhesive access for easy assembly into moving web production lines.

Measure Moisture Accurately
Moisture Register Products, div. of Aqua Measure Instr.
, LaVerne, CA; 909/392-5833; moistureregisterproducts.com
The Smart II NIR microprocessor moisture measuring system for paper, paperboard, and laminates provides an output for monitoring and control. Traversing option allows for moisture scanning and profile across the paper web. Using Radio Frequency Sensors, complete moisture measurement penetration through paperboard is obtained, says co. AM-III portable meter reportedly offers fast measurement on paper rolls.

UV Lamp Reflector Assemblies Are Versatile
, Union, NJ; 908/686-0050; hanoviauv.com
UV lamp reflector assemblies are constructed of lightweight extruded aluminum housing and allow operation to 400 W/in. Available in arc lengths from 4-77 in., units are air-cooled from either end or center and can be used with ceramic or metal end clamps. Adaptable for use with dichroic optics.

Cut Cores Quickly, Economically
Appleton Manufacturing Div.
, Neenah, WI; 920/751-1555; appletonmfg.com
An enhanced multiple-diameter, high-speed core cutting system is said to make diameter changes quick and to make even short runs profitable. Co. reports it builds equipment for safety and productivity.

Recycle Many Materials into Quality Reclaim
Erema North America
, Ipswich, MA; 978/356-3771; erema.net
Coax recycling system combines a single-shaft shredder with a single-screw extruder into one system said to be ideal for many materials that normally would require size reduction prior to entering an extruder. Co. says system is designed to impose a minimal heat history and material degradation and is aimed at producing high quality reclaim material for profitable production.

Remote Proofing Maintains Color Integrity
Bestcolor USA
, West Chester, OH; 513/942-7111; bestcolor.com
RemoteProof software enables color files to be collected and transmitted to remote locations with color integrity maintained throughout the process, co. reports. System is said to make remote proofing practical and reliable.

Synthetic Papers are Durable and White
Avery Dennison Corp.
, Painesville, OH; 440/358-6000; 800/944-8511; averydennison.com
Six-mil Polylith synthetic papers are said to combine the durability of plastic with the printability of paper. These calendered, matte-finished PP products are calcium carbonated-filled for extra whiteness and increased opacity. Polylith papers can be used with conventional flexographic, letterpress, and thermal transfer print processes. FDA-acceptable for direct food contact and 100% recyclable, product is part of co.'s Rapid-Roll non-adhesive product line.

Clean Anilox Rolls Easier, Faster
Dynaloy Inc.
, Indianapolis, IN; 317/788-5694; 800/669-5709; dynaloy.com
The DynaFlex Coating SB and DynaFlex Cleaner 1 SB now are part of co.'s coating and cleaning system for anilox rolls used in flexo printing. Products are said to help printers using solvent-based inks reduce downtime related to cleaning and make cleaning easier. Coating is compatible with all inks and will work with all cleaning technologies, co. says.

Eliminate Static in Corrugated Operations
Takk Industries
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/353-4306
Model 90 static eliminator bars are for companies involved in corrugated packaging, especially in high-speed operations performed in dusty or abusive environments. Now available with single-scan, wide-scan, dual-scan, and air blower options. Said to help increase production speed and provide ultra-high positive and negative ion output for maximum performance. Available in effective lengths to 120 ft to accommodate large machinery.

Plasma Treating for Extrusion Coating
Enercon Industries
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
The Plasma3 atmospheric plasma surface treater now is suited for extrusion coating applications, co. reports. Said to be suited for applications requiring stringent surface specifications, improved hydrophilicity and hydropobicity functionality, and precise surface coating performance.

Partnership Produces New Spooling System
Martin Automatic
, Rockford, IL; 815/654-4800; martinauto.com
Spooling system design developed in partnership with KT Industries is capable of providing multiple spool profiles including KT's patented Step-Pac spooling technology. Incorporates a simple mechanism for the web-traverse and incorporates co.'s Inertia Compensated tension control system.

Gravure Press Reduces Makeready Time
Valmet Rotomec SpA
, + 39 (0) 142 4071; valmetconverting.com
The new-generation Rotomec 4000-4ES gravure printing press is said to minimize makeready time on a trolley-type press. Washing of the printing cylinders and cartridges is performed off-line, close to the press, and is simplified by the stainless steel trolleys that can be enclosed completely inside the washing machine for cleaning. The washing machine is designed for the simultaneous washing of inking parts and printing cylinder; no parts have to be removed from the trolley. Trolley changeover is completed in only 2 min, co. reports.

Control Static with Improved Power Supply, Control Module
Ion Industrial
, Windsor Locks, CT; 860/292-6847; ion.com/industrial
Co. offers improved high-voltage power supply and control module for its patented Virtual AC Intelligent Static Neutralizer. Using a daisy-chain configuration, users now can connect up to 400 in. total of neutralizing bars to a single power supply. Improved Model 8011 solid-state, high-voltage power supply weighs only 1.5 lb and can be mounted directly on the bar or remotely with a short cable. System provides real-time information about neutralizer efficiency, ion current flowing to the charged material, and system diagnostics. Improved 8004 control module now includes an automatic malfunction shut-off feature.

High-Tack Splicing Tape Grabs Attention
Specialty Tapes
, Franksville, WI; 262/835-0748; 800/545-8273; specialtytapes.net
Grab-It splicing tape is suited for splicing low-energy films, including PP. Said to eliminate missed or failed splices and to offer a quick-grabbing adhesion to many hard-to-stick materials.

PE Resin is the Result of New Technology
Cognis Corp.
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/482-3906
GAX 14-200 thermoplastic PU resin, based on a proprietary new urethane technology, is said to offer compatibility with nitrocellulose and be soluble in alcohol solvents. Reportedly offers excellent cohesion, flexibility, and adhesion to various polyolefin films and metallized foils. Can be used as a surface printing ink vehicle.

Control Web Tension with Digital Package
Andantex USA
, Wanamassa, NJ; 800/713-6170; andantex.com
User-friendly web tension control system for printing, label, paper, and converting equipment features the DGT 2000 digital controller by Merobel with advanced regulation capabilities. Package includes a full range of sensors along with Merobel particle brakes and clutches. Said to be easy to use with direct connection to Windows-based PC software for all parameter and program entry as well as diagnostics and troubleshooting.

PP Coex Grades Suited For Hot Fill Products
New England Extrusion/NEX
, Turners Falls, MA; 800/537-3180; nexfilms.com
Grades C2109A and C2219 are PP coextrusions with HDPE backbones designed to seal to PP cupstock. Both films meet FDA guidelines for retort packaging and for hot-fill products. C2109A offers normal peel strength values; C2219 is formulated for very high peel values.

Inverters Now Up to Fourth Generation
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
, Alpharetta, GA; 800/964-4114; usa.siemens.com
Fourth-generation Micromaster inverters are AC drives and accessories that match broad performance ranges with attractive price points, available as Profibus or Devicenet interfaces. Universal drive series is for AC motors from 1/6-300 hp with a user-friendly parameter structure said to simplify installation and startup for basic to complex speed control applications.

Workflow Solution Enhances Efficiency
Shira Computers Ltd.
, Newton, MA; 978/392-9989; shira.com
XPRESSI network preprint production and management is for both Raster and PDF workflows. Empowers prepress and print production teams while enhancing efficiency to digital workflow. System administrators set the secure access permissions by client, workgroup, and jobs. Predefined authorization ensures jobs move quickly and accurately through the system, co. notes.

Corona Power Generator Is Upgradable
Pillar Technologies, a div. of ITW Inc.
, Hartland, WI; 262/367-3060; pillartech.com
Co. offers the ISIS (Intelligent Switchmode with Integrated Software) corona power generator. Flexible and upgradable unit features a menu-driven operator panel that uses multiple, high-speed dedicated PIC micro-controllers to control both the power unit and the treater station. Variable settings within micro-controllers are programmed, and resulting data stream is displayed via a microcomputer and graphic display. Features comprehensive diagnostic tools to aid fault-finding; real-time treater status window visible at all times; software-driven, closed loop PID power control; and more.

Dual-Knife Rotary Sheeter Raises Speeds
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
The MDK dual-knife rotary sheeter offers a twin synchronous knife design. Cross-cutting revolvers feature a low-inertia design said to permit high speed on short cutoffs yet permit knife loading to 1,000 lb/3,300 ft2. Speeds to 1,300 fpm can be achieved. Blade adjustment clamps allow fine-tuning of the cross-cut blades and let knife changes be completed in less than 2 hr. Converts rolls of paper or board to press-ready sheets 15-65 in. long to 65 in. wide.

Fine Paper Suited for All Graphic Applications
CTI Paper USA Inc.
, Sun Prairie, WI; 608/834-9900; thepapermill.com
Co. announces Virtual as newest addition to its Fine Paper Collection. Virtual is a translucent printing paper made of vegetable parchment. Offers unique colors, surface structures, and fiber formations, says co., providing a pallet suitable for all graphic applications. Available in eight weights, six smooth colors, six textured colors, four textured whites, and two traditional parchment surfaces.

Clean Webs at High Speeds
Simco Industrial Static Control
, Hatfield, PA; 215/822-6401; www.simco.biz
Model 2000 fully automatic cleaner handles web speeds to 2,000 fpm and roll widths to 126 in. Uses a separate, smaller CCR to continuously and automatically traverse the length of the larger CCR that is cleaning the web. Smaller CCR then is cleaned automatically at preset intervals by a disposable moist cloth roll.

Transfer Inks Safely with Pump and Filter
Peripheral Advanced Design Inc. (PAD)
, Boucherville, Que., Canada; 450/655-7667; inkspec.com
Centrifugal pump and magnetic filter from InkSpec is said to feature expert engineering and quality-driven manufacturing. Able to move up to 15 gal of ink/min, pump provides a safe, efficient transfer of both solvent- and water-based inks in all types of printing operations, says co. In-line, corrosion-resistant ink filter reportedly is designed to remove contaminating particles to increase print quality.

Tape Ages Well and Die-Cuts Easily
Scapa North America
, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000; scapatapesna.com
Duofoam S3632B-PE is a cross-linked PE foam tape double-coated with an acrylic PSA. Offering uniform unwind, product is said to die-cut easily and be highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Reportedly offers excellent long-term aging and environmental durability and will perform well over a wide temperature range.

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