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Apply Labels on Pallets, Cartons
Sinel Systems S.A.
, Barcelona, Spain; +34 93 745 21 40.
A new line of print-apply mach1ines is said to cover most of the applications for pallet or carton labeling. The line comprises a range of seven models from the simplest, called Leader, to the high-end Expert, capable of two-side pallet labeling, according to the EAN 128 standards.

Hot Melt Adhesive Balances Heat/Cold
National Starch and Chemical Co.
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstrach.com
Cool-Lok 34-252A UV-curable hot melt adhesive is designed for freezer-grade case/carton sealing. Said to provide an excellent balance of heat resistance and freezer-grade cold adhesion, adhesive reportedly adheres well even with difficult boardstock, including recycled, high-performance liners, and coated cartons. Also said to retain all the traditional benefits of outstanding thermal stability to prevent char, reduce maintenance costs, and extend equipment service life. The 100% solids adhesive meets the composition requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 “Adhesives.

Tail Labeler Enhances Turret Rewinders
CTC International
, West Caldwell, NJ; 973/228-2300; ctcint.com

An automatic tail label roll closure system is available for use with co.'s line of turret rewinders, eliminating the need to close the roll with glue. System reportedly will automatically apply a label to the trailing edge of each individual web strip to close the rolls, eliminating the need for hot melt glue. System is said to be very flexible and to have the ability to apply a wide range of label sizes. The addition of a thermal printer is optional.

In-Line Carton Press Is Modular for Flexibility
Gallus Inc.
, Philadelphia, PA; 215/677-9700; gallus.org
The KM 510 in-line flexo printing and processing machine is designed for cardboard products produced in-line from the blank reel to the finished item in one pass. Unit will process substrates from 200-600 μm thick (i.e. up to approximately 450 g/m2). Primarily designed for the production of cardboard products where there is a high degree of refinement and added value, machine is suited for short and medium length runs. The modular platform concept offers various combination possibilities. Each flexo printing unit can be fitted with UV or hot air drying, or a combination of both. Flexo printing can be supplemented with in-line varnishing or lamination. Rotary and flatbed die-cutting units permit window punching, stamping, creasing, and blind embossing.

Produce Blank Labels with Nonstop System
KTI/Keene Technology Inc.
, South Beloit, IL; 815/624-8989; keenetech.com
System that provides nonstop blank label production includes the following components: ZC Series automatic butt splicer; MT Series matrix rewinder; JR Series turret rewinder; and DC Series die-cutting station. Said to be a cost-effective, one-source system requiring minimal space.

Off-Line Slitters Aid Volume Label Production
Labelmate LLC
, Henderson, NV; 877/833-7149
Two new heavy-duty slitting stations, the Slit-100-Deluxe and the Slit-200-Deluxe, have been developed for label webs up to 6 and 9.5 in. wide, respectively. They allow narrow labels to be printed several across, then slit and rewound in one easy operation, co. reports. New to the Deluxe Models is a variable rewind tension control to provide the required tightness of the rewound roll. Slitting stations include a heavy-duty label unwinder, a slitter, and a label rewinder, plus all needed accessories for off-line slitting. Slitting at speeds to 30 ips, the proprietary blade stabilization system assures a perfect cut at any speed, says mfr.

Single Anilox Roll Prints Lines, Solids, Vignettes
Harper Corp. of America
, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-3371; harperimage.com
The Z-ONE anilox roll, featuring WaveCell engraving technology, is said to work equally well with water-based and UV inks. Co. reports in tests there has been no evidence of blade “drooling” or spitting when used with UV inks. An innovative cell pattern allows narrow web flexographers to use just one anilox roll to print line, solid, and vignette work with plate screens between 133 and 200 lpi, using a high-strength UV or water-based ink system to deliver the necessary densities, according to mfr.

Cold UV Curing System Minimizes Heat
GEW Ltd.
, Surrey, England; +44 (0)1737 824500
The VCP (Variable Curing Platform) UV curing system has been developed especially for use with printing and coating machines to 21.5 in. The cold reflector is said to minimize heat while generating the maximum UV possible. The unique cold shutter with advanced sandwich construction eliminates all heat to the web when stopping and starting, co. adds. Removable cold filter protects ultra-sensitive substrates, while the quick-release cassette system gives instant access to lamp, shutter, and reflector. Modular Power Brick control cabinet is reportedly easy to handle, can be stacked, and allows single extensions of the system at a later date.

Press Handles Short Runs and Laboratory Tests
Chesnut Engineering
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-6995; chesnuteng.com
The COMPACT Series narrow web flexo/gravure press, based on co.'s 150 press, was developed for short-run production and laboratory testing of light materials, including paper; light paperboard; films such as OPP, PVC, and polyester; flexible packaging; and aluminum foil. According to mfr., unitized design allows easy installation in limited spaces, and operation requires only one or two people. Press features a computerized drive and control system, and lightweight sleeve engravings are utilized.

Flexible Press Is Efficient for Long, Medium Runs
Matik North America
, West Hartford, CT; 860/232-2323; matik.com
The OMET Multifilm chill-drum press, available in 16-, 20-, and 24-in. widths, has been designed specifically for the flexible packaging market and offers outstanding print quality on a wide range of substrates, down to a thickness of 0.005 in. A quick size-change system makes the press efficient on long and medium runs. The Multifilm can be configured with up to 12 print decks, hot-air and/or UV drying, laminating, and a wide range of finishing modules. An automatic registration system is standard with the press.

Video Web Inspection System Offers High-Grade Parts
Tecscan Electronics Ltd.
, Blackwood, U.K.; +44 1443 821552
The Webwatcher CS1 is an entry-level web inspection system said to enable the printer/converter to print at economically viable speeds while reducing error, waste, and downtime. System helps ensure quality is maintained impression after impression, co. notes, adding that it comprises a high-performance, professional-grade camera with motorized zoom lens, camera enclosure, high-resolution monitor, and high-intensity, long-life strobe.

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