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UV Monitor Tracks Curing Lamps During Production
UV Process Supply Inc.
, Chicago, IL; 773/248-0099; 800/621-1296
The LM-9000 UV lamp monitor PC-based system monitors from 1-12 UV curing lamps through fiber optic probes mounted at each UV source. System constantly tracks the performance of lamps during actual production. If lamp performance fails to meet predetermined standards during a production run, system is designed to alert machine operator automatically. An output signal from an event can provide a warning to the operator or shut down the production line. Fully programmable for selective wavelength monitoring, the LM-9000 has a spectral sensitivity range of 200-450nm, with optional upgrade for monitoring visible light.

Peel/Release/Friction Tester Meets Industry Specs
Imass Inc.
, Accord, MA; 781/982-8096
The TL-2200 peel/release/friction tester covers testing speeds from 6-1,500 in./min. Speed capabilities make it especially useful in release property measurements, co. says. The unit is said to satisfy applicable test specifications from TLMI, PSTC, ASTM, AFERA, FINAT, and TAPPI. Reported features include direct readout in any units — English, metric, or SI; automatic balance, calibration, and ranging from 10 g-10 kg (25 lb); servo/screwdriven, 18-in. stroke platen for smooth test motion without cogging; variable peel angles from 22.5-180 deg; and more.

Increase Versatility with Curing Unit
IST America Corp.
, Bolingbrook, IL; 630/771-0590
The MBS Minicure UV unit offers rotary label printers the ability to move UV curing units as needed to accommodate the various processes used in combination printing, co. says. Unit can be used on printing presses incorporating a chill roll assembly, as well as on presses featuring a straight web path. A special version accommodates surface printing on tubes and boxes. The units include quick-change, slide-in fixtures with quick-release supply connections said to minimize press stand-by times during changeover.

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