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Proofing System Combines Best of Two Companies
DuPont Color Proofing, Wilmington, DE; 302/992-4738; dupont.com
Co. has teamed with CreoScitex to introduce the 8-p. version of the digital halftone proofing system, designed to run on the CreoScitex Trendsetter Spectrum and Proofsetter Spectrum. Co. reports it has integrated key elements into the CreoScitex workflow, including highly accurate print prediction; proofing on both sides of the actual printing stock; and the ability to proof almost any spot color. System was in beta testing in late 2000. Early production and commercialization phases are expected to be completed soon.

Workflow System Generates Accurate Color Proofs
Screen (USA), Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/870-7400
P2QM workflow solution makes color management an easier operation, co. reports, noting that system uses special color bars to ease profile generation and color scanning, thus generating more accurate offset proofs. System offers automated ink control using standard color patches for precise density measurement. Co. created the 85-patch color bar for use in ICC (International Color Consortium) profile generation: When paired with its Trueflow system, the ICC color files can be included directly in the prepress workflow. Trueflow's standard features include automatic job processing, direct interpretation and RIPing of PDF 1.3, preflight checking, automatic trapping, imposition, and RIPed PDF files output.

Fast and Easy Package Design
EngView Systems, Montreal, Que., Canada; 514/343-0290
EV Package Designer is a specialized CAD/CAM system for folding carton and corrugated packaging designers. Co. reports it integrates seamlessly with the powerful design features of its Parametric Designer and Package Diemaker. Features include a powerful CAD, which allows users to modify standards quickly or create designs from scratch; and 3-D presenter that produces on-screen a fully rendered 3-D view of the package design, which can be folded interactively. Other product highlights: layout templates, optimum sheet-size selection, Internet VMRL capability, more than 300 ready-to-use designs, multi-language support, movie-based help system, tabbed toolbars, and more.

Front-End Solution Aids Productivity
NexPress Solutions LLC, Rochester, NY; 716/726-1824; fax: 716/253-5525
NexStation is said to enable easy and efficient management of 100% variable-data jobs as well as applications that require complex imposition and mixed paper types. Mfr. reports that system, which serves as the front end for the NexPress 2100 digital production color press, is designed for maximum productivity, automating the management of individual print jobs or entire groups of job types and applications. Features a full PDF/PJTF (portable job ticket format) implementation and a PPML-based variable-date input. System has an open-architecture format, is based on the Adobe[R] Extreme[TM] and PJTF technology, and is said to open the workflow radically, because it doesn't have to convert files to proprietary-image formats before rasterizing.

Stand-Alone Trapping Tool Aids Workflow Tasks
CreoScitex, a div. of Creo Products Inc., Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700; creo.com
Supertrap stand-alone trapping tool is for use with all co.'s workflow products, including Brisque, PS/M, and iMPAct workflow systems. This Adobe Acrobat plug-in allows Brisque, PS/M, and iMPAct users to perform sophisticated, vector-based trapping tasks interactively, while retaining the open standard of native PDF files. Co. says that this cost-effective, independent application is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh and offers the same vector-based PDF trapping functionality as Prinergy. An advanced version of the system is available that includes specialized trapping functions for the packaging market.

Software Provides Digital Workflow
Barco Graphics Inc., Vandalia, OH; 937/454-1721; fax: 937/454-1522
PLATO (Smart Digital Plate Design Software) is described as a powerful tool for the creation of print-ready layouts. Software is said to replace traditional step-and-repeat cameras and manual stripping techniques with a smart, structured, fully digital workflow. Target customers include converters that want to bring plate layout in-house as well as packaging trade shops that supply the final plates or film as part of their core competencies. Co. notes that software runs on the same inexpensive Windows platforms as PACKEDGE (for packaging prepress) and ArtiosCAD (for structural design). Open-architecture design enables integration into virtually any workflow, including those based in PostScript or other desktop data format standards.

Software Ensures Plate and Press Match
GRIPdigital Inc., Western Springs, IL; 708/784-0560; fax: 708/784-0561
Centurfax Imagelink software offers plate technology that permits viewing tone-image data at 100x magnification for enhanced control, measurement, and comparison. Said to enable user measurement and control at the micron level, including output lines/inch; screen angle and ruling; inspection of artifacts; and remote troubleshooting for any specified film, plate, proof, or press halftones. Available for Macintosh and PC computers, software accepts up to 32 stored images from a CCDot device, reportedly enabling pressroom personnel to evaluate plate and press performance at any time.

Upgrade to Bar Code Printer Unveiled
SATO America Inc., Sunnyvale, CA; ph: 408/745-1300; fax: 408/745-1309
M-8490Se industrial bar code printer replaces discontinued Model M-8490S and utilizes the same print mechanism as the previously introduced M-8485Se. Updated M-8490Se is said to have a more advanced 32-bit RISC CPU, faster clock speeds, more on-board memory, and more optional memory. Co. reports modular interface system allows for bi-directional interface card to be installed easily. There are five interfaces from which to choose: RS-232, Parallel, Universal Serial Bus (USB), Ethernet, and Twinax/Coax.

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