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Pouch Machine Used for R&D
GN Packaging Equipment
, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/670-0383; gnpak.com
The R&D GN54P pouch machine is designed to allow co. to test film structures for customers and film suppliers. Also allows co. to test new, unproven mechanical systems and will enable it to have a functional machine always available for demonstration purposes.

Doctor Blade Inking Systems Improve
Interflex LLC
, Green Bay, WI; 920/434-5148
The Pinnacle 700 Series enclosed flexographic reverse-angle doctor blade inking system is said to be a major improvement over existing fountain rolls, open pans, and conventional doctor/applicator systems. Features are said to include deep-cavity design and wide tip-to-tip blade distance to eliminate foaming, ghosting, and starvation; independent surface seal loading and wear compensation; tool-less blade clamping and quick-release chamber removal; auto-air/mechanical constant doctor blade loading; and peak automated wash-up system to clean all hoses, pumps, anilox rolls, and chambers efficiently. Each chamber is custom engineered to suit specific requirements from narrow webs to wide webs of 100+ in., solvent-based, water-based, or UV.

Thermal System for Silicone Applications
Air Preheater Co.
, Rocky River, OH; 440/331-2330; airpreheatercompany.com
Cor-Pak thermal oxidizer, designed for silicone applications, features shell and tube primary heat recovery and offers up to 99% VOC removal. Mfr. says optimum tube spacing prohibits buildup and allows cleaning access. Includes control and remote monitoring via PLC. Custom engineered for up to 55,000 scfm.

Micro Clutch Offers Speed and Long Life
Ogura Industrial Corp.
, Somerset, NJ; 732/271-7361
High-speed MIC Series micro clutch is said to have a life span and speed capabilities up to three times greater than bushing-style clutches. Mfr. explains that the higher speed-up to 1,500 rpm, rather than the usual 400-600 rpm — is due to the incorporation of miniature ball bearings into the rotor and gear side of the clutch.

Lifting System Has Adjustable Pads
Anver Corp.
, Hudson, MA; 800/654-3500
The VT Series mini-tube vacuum lifters are equipped with up/down controls on the handle and a 360-deg swivel mechanism on top, which is said to allow unrestricted rotation and make lifters easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Featuring four fully adjustable lifting pads for handling multiple boxes, compact lifters are said to provide a 100% duty cycle for fast pickup. Designed to compensate for different box sizes, lifters have spring-loaded, pivoting pads that are horizontally adjustable by thumb-screw within aluminum cross beams.

Ink Jet Dryer Is Fast and Versatile
, Clearwater, FL; 727/585-1515; driir.com
The SlimLine IR ink jet dryer is available in lengths from 14-150 in. Designed to give users the dwell time required to dry when they are running at speeds of 200-500 fpm. Co. reports dryer has many applications in operations utilizing high-speed ink jet print systems, including direct mail and package marking.

Trim Winders Are Easy to Handle
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ransomes Euro Pk., U.K.; +44 1 473 710 912; ashe.co.uk
Designed for universal handling, trim winders offer an adjustable traverse rate and adjustable tension. Backplate is a casting with provisions for control gear and bearing housing, said to result in a smaller, lighter unit for ease of mounting onto other equipment at any orientation as long as the infeed web is parallel with the base. Maximum speed of trim winders is 600 mpm.

System Offers Low Energy Consumption
Huntington Environmental Systems
, Arlington Hts., IL; 847/545-8800
Fluid bed control and solvent recovery system is said to provide cost-effective technology for high-volume, low-concentration flows of VOCs. System reportedly can achieve flow volume reduction ratios of 1000:1 up to 10,000:1, allowing for several economical final treatment options. System ranges in size from 200 cfm to more than 100,000 cfm, with final treatment being either condensation for solvent recovery or thermal oxidation for VOC destruction.

Technology Offers Accurate and Clean Slit Widths
Dienes Corp.
, Spencer, MA; 508/885-6301; dienescorp.com
Micro-Slitting Quill Set technology is said to provide clean, accurate web slit widths from 0.020-0.200 in. (0.05-5 mm). According to co., with precision manufacturing, knife thickness is held to 40 millions of an in., and eight or more slits can be cut simultaneously.

Jogger-Aerator Is a Time-Saver
Woodward Machine Mfg. Inc.
, East Rutherford, NJ; 201/933-6800
WJA-2000-FL No Pit Jogger-Aerator is said to jog, align, aerate, and turn over sheets of paper, paperboard, corrugated, or slip sheets up to 28 × 40 in. in minutes. Design allows for jogging and aerating lightweight stock and hydraulically distributes the weight of the load throughout the machine safely, co. notes. Configured for floor placement and ground level loading, aerator requires no installation.

System Design Maximizes Life of Catalyst
, Tyngsborough, MA; 978/649-3285
Catalytic oxidizers are designed for flexo, gravure, and heatset web offset printing as well as coating and laminating operations. Mfr. reports highest destruction efficiencies at lowest operating costs. Standard features include AC frequency driven blower; stainless steel primary heat exchanger; fully proportional cold side bypass; and choice of catalysts. Offers fault indication system and single-switch operation. Reactor design is said to maximize catalyst life. Co. offers optional logical control for multiple sources.

Display Process Tension from Multiple Points
Dover Flexo Electronics Inc.
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
MPI MultiPlexer Indicator is a multipoint web tension display device for use on multistation web presses and converting and winding machines. Two meters on the front panel allow up to 32 amplified tension transducer (load cell) inputs (0-10 V) to be monitored, one or two at a time, with the push of a selector button. Numbers on the readout selector correspond to the transducer-outfitted idler roll positions in machine's web path.

Extend Run Time with IBC
Windmöller & Hölscher
, Lengerich, Germany; +49 (0) 5481 14-0; wuh-lengerich.de
Insulated Multi-Level Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) system is said to allow run time between cleaning cycles to be extended compared to previous IBC concepts. Co. reports benefits include reduced downtime and extended uptime as well as less start-up waste.

Engraving Process Raises Quality with Same Ink
Apex North America
, Framingham, MA; 866/273-9872
Ultracell and Ultracell Plus anilox engraving processes reportedly provide finer line screens, without upgrading ink quality, for better overall printing. A “nonwetting” substance added to the ceramic is said to enhance ink release, help control ink metering, and maximize resistance to aggressive cleaners. Processes employ a “melting” process when engraving the ceramic said to reduce porosity and result in a damage-resistant surface that is easy to keep clean.

Catalyst Is Resistant to High-Temperature Aging
Johnson Matthey
, West Deptford, NJ; 609/384-7171
JM S1070 low-light off catalyst for oxidation of VOCs is platinum on alumina spheres. Said to provide excellent conversions at low precious metal loadings; work well with hydrocarbons and oxygenates; demonstrate excellent stability in high-temperature aging trials; and offer increased resistance to sulfur poisoning.

Predryers Are Efficient
C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.
, Cleveland, OH; 216/267-8020; calitzler.com
Thermodry predryers use IR and convection technologies that co. says provide effective and efficient heat transfer, while increasing productivity and quality at reduced costs.

Airshafts and Chucks Are Made to Order
Converter Accessory Corp.
, Wind Gap, PA; 610/863-6008; 800/433-2413; converteraccessory.com
Cor-Lok airshafts and chucks feature an engineered tubing (bladder) design contoured to match the geometry of the co.'s unique, spiraled body. Co. reports economical tubing allows increased gripping power, a longer tubing life, and easy replacement. Also offers additional air valve options said to match virtually any plant requirement. Available in standard sizes or custom engineered for specific needs.

Punched Blades Provide Precision
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
Doctor blades are manufactured from the finest steel with tight tolerances to deliver the exact size punched blade to specific dimensions, co. reports. Choose from steel straight edge, lamella tip, bevel tip, coated blades, or double-radius edge.

Oxidizer Features Flameless Design
Adwest Technologies
, Wellsville, NY; 716/593-1405; adwestusa.com
Retox twin-bed RTO regenerative oxidizers reportedly are designed to provide up to 99% VOC/odor control with 95% primary heat recovery and to operate fuel-free at 3% L.E.L. loadings. Modular designs are available from 1,000-70,000 cfm flow rates. According to mfr., each system is shop assembled and skid mounted and features a flameless combustion design run by automatic PLC controls.

Dies Help Lower Production Costs
, Orange, TX; 409/886-5820; cloeren.com
A 5.8-m cast film die is used to produce LLDPE laminating film for food packaging applications. Custom-designed die's width reportedly improves the efficiency of making mass quantities of laminating film. The Epoch manifold, along with patented two-stage, pressure-compensating preland, is said to provide unparalleled individual layer uniformity, while ensuring absolutely uniform flow distribution across the full die width. AutoGauge automatic lip adjustment system enables customer to achieve on-spec product to very tight thickness tolerances quickly and efficiently, according to mfr.

Recycle Energy to Reduce Costs
Anguil Environmental Systems
, Milwaukee, WI; 414/365-6400; anguil.com
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is fabricated for trouble-free operation, mfr. reports. Flexible system is said to offer high destruction efficiency and provide up to 95% thermal energy recovery. Features automatic safety shutdowns. Options include installation of catalyst in reactor chamber to convert RTO to a regenerative catalytic oxidizer for more cost savings.

Airshaft Strong and Stiff
Nim-Cor Inc.
, Nashua, NH; 888/4-Nim-Cor; nimcor.com
Carbon fiber airshaft, made from lightweight composite materials, is said to provide the strength and stiffness of steel. Ideal for converting, printing, and narrow web applications, it can be custom designed for specific application needs. Co. says lightweight design makes shaft easier to handle and lift and is corrosion resistant to virtually every chemical.

Slitters Designed for High-Volume Use
, Franklin, MA; 508/520-2947
The JM Series 120×72-in. slitter/rewinder for high-volume converters is equipped with the latest technology for roll handling with shaftless unwind and rewind, computerized load cell tension control, and computerized speed control. Construction includes 20-in.-dia drums, dual bowed rolls, roll ejection, and lowering table.

Guide System Is Fast and Accurate
Dücker Automation
, Matthews, NC; 704/321-2310
Bridge Guide system provides tension across the entire face of the web, helping to eliminate “S” wrap while maintaining web alignment. Features a series of optical process cameras that provide automatic web alignment by repositioning the complete vacuum chamber from side to side instantly. Single-face web is shifted laterally while maintaining full tension. Speed and accuracy of the system are said to virtually eliminate edge trim.

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