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Mixer Now Offered in the US
Nordmeccanica N.A, Piacenza, Italy; +39 0523 596411; nordmeccanica.com
The World Mixer, said to be a revolution in meter mixing technology for two-component, solvent-free adhesives, is now available in the US. Unit is based on gear pump technology, making it easy for operators to set up mixing ratios via computer screen, co. reports. Temperature control is a three-zone configuration, and the solution applied to heat adhesive in the reservoir reportedly resolves problems generated by traditional systems. Equipped with removable reservoirs for easy cleaning and allows fast setup when changing adhesive.

Laminating Ink Offers Excellent Printability
Sun Chemical, Northlake, IL; 708/562-0550; sunchemicalink.com
UltraPET solvent-based laminating ink reportedly offers excellent printability and high bond strength for use on treated PET films in gravure printing for food packaging. Designed for maximum performance on PET, product's reduction in retained solvents reportedly makes it ideal for use in applications such as juice pouches or meat and cheese packaging. Offers high performance on faster gravure presses because of its ability to dry quickly, co. reports.

Air Ring Boosts Blown Film Output
Brampton Engineering, Brampton, ON, Canada; 905/793-3000; be-ca.com
Eliminator air ring is said to eliminate nagging problems associated with producing blown film. Air ring was developed to meet customer concerns regarding output rates, gauge consistency, and optical quality. Ring is easy to adjust and operate, co. reports.

Holographic Materials Increase Marketing Power
Unifoil Corp., Passaic Park, NJ; 973/365-2000; unifoil.com
UniLustre holographic papers and boards are a multi-dimensional marketing medium said to create dramatic esthetics with the appearance of illumination and movement. “Double rainbow” feature is said to be especially effective when printed items or packages are arranged side by side on a retail shelf or in a floor display. Ideal for applications including shopping bags, envelopes, coupons, and labels.

Washdown Clutch/Brake Keeps Contaminants Out
Warner Electric, South Beloit, IL; 815/389-3771; warnerelectric.com
Enclosed UniModule Clutch/Brake Washdown Series (EUM-W) is completely sealed and corrosion-resistant and said to be ideal for food and beverage, chemical, and other applications that involve high-pressure sprayers or caustic materials. Provides design flexibility with five available frame sizes (NEMA 50-215), three voltages (6, 24, and 90 V), and a static torque capacity of 16-95 lb ft. Series is pre-assembled, pre-aligned, and pre-burnished at the factory for rated torque.

Unwind Handles Large Parent Rolls
CMD Corp., Appleton, WI; 920/730-6888;cmd-corp.com
Center-driven unwinds are designed to handle large parent rolls to reduce changeover and increase production efficiency. Unwinder reportedly offers AC vector control; controlled tension unwinding from roll start to roll finish; air loaded dancer or accumulator systems; standard converting speeds to 400 fpm (122 mpm); standard web widths to 80 in.; and standard parent roll diameter to 51 in. Also features ergonomic shaftless design; centershafts or core chunks in either 3 or 6 in.; and operator pendant controls. Edge guiding is available for applications requiring precise web placement to downstream equipment. Models are available with hydraulic floor loading and centering.

Sheeter Designed for Laminate Treater Lines
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Dual-knife rotary sheeter is intended for operations that sheet in-line with treaters producing high-pressure laminate products. Design is said to provide the cleanest cutting action available, eliminating slivered cut edges. Cutter will increase knife clash while running, according to mfr., allowing the operator to maintain a clean cut during the production run. Sheet-length accuracy reportedly is maintained within ±0.015 in. on lengths to 240 in. (6,100 mm) at speeds to 300 fpm (90 mpm).

Air Ring Is Automated
Davis-Standard; Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
The WesJet air ring now is automated to offer segmented air volume control. Segmented air streams are regulated through a gateway actuator to affect film thickness. This concept eliminates unwanted heating of the die lips, which causes long-term process problems with die lip buildup, according to co. Can be used on stationary or oscillating dies and is available on new lines or as a retrofit.

Unwind Stand Is Shaftless
Ashe Converting Equipment, Ipswich, U.K.; +44 1473 710 912; ashe.co.uk
Shaftless unwind stands can be designed to any web width and are said to accommodate diameters to 2 m (80 in.) and roll weights in excess of 4,000 kg (8,000 lb). Manufactured with linear slides and bearings throughout for precision movement. Automatic tension control is provided via load cell and ultrasonic diameter sensors. Arms are arranged so the stand will handle down to a minimum width of 400 mm (16 in.). Guider movement is by a precision linear ball screw, driven by a pulse width modulated DC servo motor.

One-Position Winder Has Turntable Unwind
Independent Machine Co., Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-0060; independentusa.com
New variation of co.'s standard Model 101 single-position traverse winder for spooling vulcanized fiber is designed with a stainless steel turntable with lay-on roll and product nip to unwind material under controlled, adjustable tension. Said to accommodate a wide range of widths, weights, and materials. Table-mounted winder is equipped with cantilevered air shaft; tension isolation nip; resettable footage counter; and dial-adjustable traverse assembly with stroke length (4-16 in.); pitch (0.250-1.250 in.); and end dwell (0-360 deg).

Roll-Handling System Has Multiple Features
Dücker Automation; Matthews, NC; 704/321-2310; duecker.com
Roll-handling system for high-speed corrugators is said to feature a roll preparation station; mobile platforms; turn-tables; rewinder with taping device; high-speed transfer car with clamping device for the roll; lateral movement for paper roll positioning; and automatic loading of rolls into the rollstand.

Packaging System Saves Money
T.H.E.M. Intl., Greensboro, NC; 336/855-7880
Perfect Pack end flanges can reduce the impact on packaging budgets and warehouse costs, mfr. reports. By using only two end flanges, two 2×4s, two core plugs, and two PET bands, a more stable and reusable packaging system is obtained, co. notes. No pallets, toe boards, H channels, or cleats are necessary.

Anilox Roll Provides Better Ink Release
Harper Corp. of America, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-3371; harperimage.com
Platinum anilox laser technology is said to form smoother cell cavities, providing easier cleaning, better ink release, higher ink densities, and smoother laydowns. Cell walls reortedly also reduce the risk of scoring and excessive doctor blade wear, and minimal post laser polishing is required, meaning less surface irregularities. Offered in volumes said to be substantially higher than traditional anilox volumes.

Tension Controllers Are Accurate, Repeatable
Danarota Technic, a div. of The Montalvo Corp., Bjert, Denmark; +45 75 57 27 11;montalvo.com
The X-3000ce analog tension controller is said to provide accurate and repeatable control on all web processing, unwinding, or rewinding applications that employ a torque device. Unit can utilize load cell input signals and a Progressive PID regulator. Can be configured for intermediate control positions. The S-3100ce digital tension controller is said to be ideal for unwind, intermediate, and rewind tension applications. Employs a diamatic control algorithm to ensure uniform response, regardless of roll diameter.

Material Tracking System Meets High Standards
Circonix Process Management & Control Systems; Mahwah, NJ; 201/327-7410; circonix.com
Power Plant MTS material tracking system reportedly comprises leading-edge hardware and software to provide complete traceability of materials and equipment used to manufacture a given product. Said to meet the highest standards for product quality and to satisfy quality requirements of regulatory agencies. Consists of bar code scanners that communicate with server via Ethernet.

Plates Provide Quality Printing
MacDermid Graphic Arts, Atlanta, GA; 404/696-4565; 800/348-7201; macdermid.com
Encore uncapped photopolymer plates are designed for high quality printing on flexible packaging, folding cartons, preprint linerboard, multiwall bags, and labels. Plates are compatible with UV, alcohol, water, and glycol-based printing inks. Benefits are said to include rapid dry times, shorter detack times; excellent solids, low dot gain; outstanding performance; and compatibility with point light imaging systems. Available in thicknesses of 0.045-0.112 in. and sizes to 52×80 in.

Hydraulic Thermoforming Presses Are Flexible
Gralex Inc., Lewis Center, OH; 740/548-0558; gralex.com
Hydraulic thermoforming presses reportedly can form an infinite variety of solid, three-dimensional packages at speeds to 195 packages/min, three-up, depending upon size and machine model. Applications include frozen food, fast food/carryout, bakery, retail, food service, protective, commercial/industrial, medical, meat/seafood, and agricultural packaging. Feature blank-fed operation for low capital costs; maximum flexibility with adjustable dwell; and stroke and temperature controls. Said to provide adjustable forming force for optimum quality. Several models available depending on required production rates.

Radiometer Is Stable in High Temperatures
Gigahetz-Optik, Newburyport, MA; 978/462-1818
Handheld X9 2 UV curing radiometer is able to maintain stability in high-temperature and intense UV-curing environments. RCH-style detector consists of a low-profile RADIN radiation integrator coupled to a quartz light guide that pipes the UV signal to a photosensor/filter assembly. Provides a cosine-corrected spatial response, and along with the flexible light guide, provides signal attenuation and thermal isolation. Design is said to reduce aging and saturation and allow the RCH detector to operate in temperatures to 100 deg C (peaks to 200 deg C).

Unwinder Designed for Gravure Coaters
Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/507-9000; macroeng.com
Automatic turret unwinder is designed for high-speed gravure coating applications. Two-directional (over and under) unwind features automatic transfer with brush splicing. Unit is shaftless to handle 10-in. steel cores. Features 60-in. roll dia, speeds to 1,500 fpm (450 mpm), and variable-speed DC motors with load cell.

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