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Plasma Treating Part of Vacuum Coaters
Valmet General
, Charlotte NC;704/587-2207; valmetconverting.com
Co. is incorporating its plasma treater system into its range of vacuum web coaters. System is a magnetically enhanced medium frequency device that co. has been fitting into existing metallizers in the field as well as its own. Said to provide significant improvement in both oxygen and water barriers, system also reportedly allows some previously unmetallizable films to be metallized.

Built-In Electronics Power Sensor
Macro Sensors
, Pennsauken, NJ; 856/662-8000; macrosensors.com
The GHSDR 750 Series of rugged, spring-loaded LVDTs for dimensional or position measurement uses built-electronics for a DC input/output operation. Electronics and coil windings are hermetically sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68. Through-bore design allows for air purging of sensor's bearings to remove any potential contaminants.

Small-Diameter Shafts Are Versatile
Convertech Inc.
, Wharton, NJ; 973/328-1850; convertech.com
Small-diameter shafts incorporate advanced technological capabilities, co. says, and accommodate virtually any size web. Suited for small-diameter printing presses, tape and label slitters, and coating and laminating machines. Shafts run in diameters from 7/16-2 in.

Meter Includes IR Thermometer
Extech Instruments Corp.
, Waltham, MA; 781/890-7440; extech.com
The 400 Series MultiMeter includes built-in, noncontact IR thermometer with laser. Has low current capability; audible and visual input alerts; and true RMS functions, co. says. Features easy-to-read 1-in. digits on backlit display.

Drive Series Is “Intelligent”
Danfoss Drives
, Loves Pk., IL; 815/639-8600; danfoss.com
The Eta Solution Series K geared motor is a combination of spur-geared, flat-geared, bevel-geared, and worm-geared motors with an integrated frequency converter mounted directly to the motor. Drives are said to be “intelligent,” dust-tight, and hose-proof. Series requires no shielded motor cables and is compliant to all EMC standards.

Flame Plasma Treating Is Reliable
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
Flame plasma surface treating system is described as reliable at high speeds. System can process a wide range of materials and features burner options. Co. says sophisticated electronic control system ensures all aspects of the treating process are precisely controlled, design is rugged, and system is easy to integrate into existing lines.

Slitter Boasts Innovations
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K.; +44 1473 710912; ashe.co.uk
The Jade 3-m-wide, individual-arm, center surface slitter is designed to operate at speeds to 1,000 mpm. Incorporates Profibus communication to local drives and individual on-board AC digital drive with built-in PLC control for each arm. Other innovations include dual arms that can run with one motor, reducing the tension range for thin-gauge products.

Treaters Yield High-Dyne, Long-Lasting Treatment
Sigma Technologies Intl. Inc.
, Tucson, AZ; 520/575-8013; sigma-technologies.com
Atmospheric plasma treaters are said to offer uniform treatment; high-dyne, long-lasting treatment; no backside treatment in polymer film applications; and no pinholes when treating porous materials. Treating is available for a wide range of substrate surfaces, including polymer films, woven and nonwoven fabrics, metallized films, natural and synthetic fibers, paper, and more. Mfr. adds substrates treated with atmospheric plasma are less affected by long-term exposure to temperature and humidity.

Low-Profile Load Cell Is Cooler, Lasts Longer
Cleveland Motion Controls
, Cleveland, OH; 216/524-8800; cmccontrols.com
The Cleveland-Kidder Slim Cell is said to provide improved effectiveness for low-profile load cell applications that utilize either rotating shafts or dead shaft rollers. With a new low-friction bearing design that uses a specially formulated synthetic lubricant, cell reportedly offers longer life, increased reliability, and improved web tension by operating as much as 50% cooler at speeds of 3,000 rpm.

Handle Waste at the Source
, Syracuse, NY; 315/432-8600; hoffmanair.com
Waste-handling systems entrain waste at its source, chopping it if necessary so it can be pneumatically conveyed, and collecting it at one point. Waste is captured directly at the machine through suitable suction hoods or through a floor sweep point. With a PLC, user can extract sequentially from several points.

Video Monitor also Controls Registration
Nireco America Corp.
, Sparta, NJ; 887/729-6657; nirecoam.com
The PSI 100 video monitor/preregister controller offers high-resolution video monitoring and new set-up register control for CI flexo presses. Registration function automatically detects register marks and controls to ten colors. When not operating as a register system, it operates in a video monitoring mode that features 10:1 zoom, auto setup, and traverse.

Clean Anilox Rollers Gently, Thoroughly
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
The Renzmann high-pressure washing machine type HA is a closed, automatic spray jet unit said to provide thorough, gentle cleaning of anilox rollers, anilox sleeves, and gravure cylinders. Made of stainless steel for long life, machine has safety features and a special nozzle with a pressure of 100 bar for optimal cleaning results.

Force Gauge Has Advanced Features
Dillon, Quantrol Div.
, Fairmont, MN; 507/238-8253; 800/368-2031; dillon-force.com
Co. offers a new line of force and torque gauges, including the first with Advanced Loadcell Cartridge (ALC) technology said to eliminate calibration and simplify setup. The line includes four models, each designed to provide a broad range of test and compression measurement functions with features that reportedly increase the throughput and accuracy in every testing application.

Rare Earth Magnet Patented
T.D. Wright
, St. Paul, MN; 651/227-1302; 800/896-1302; tdwright.com
Co. announces a patent for the modular magnetic cylinder, which encompasses the use of neodimium-iron-boron rare earth magnets. The positioning of the magnets is said to eliminate dead spots, and cylinder reportedly performs well for die-cutting, embossing, and printing.

Thermal Transfer Rollers Are Lightweight
Roll Concept
, Roche la Molière, France; +33 477 900 439; etic-group.com
Thermal transfer rollers are available as either cooling or heating rollers (maximum temperature 120 deg C/248 deg F). Alveotube profiles are made of aluminum with thin skins, said to enable an excellent thermal transfer. Rollers are reported to be 50% lighter than conventional solutions.

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