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Rewinder Is Versatile
Elsner Engineering Works
, Hanover, PA; 717/637-5991; elsnereng.com
Model V-5-30 automatic rewinder will produce core or coreless consumer-size rolls of a range of materials including 12# tissue paper, nonwovens, waxed paper, mounted foil, etc. Utilizes servo drive technology to eliminate gear trains and for precise monitoring of cut length, production speed, and other operational parameters, mfr. reports. Flexibility is provided by a cut length that is infinitely adjustable from 3 ft (1.0 m) to an infinite length that will fit in the maximum 3.5 in. (89 mm) finished roll diameter. Handles web widths 12-30 in. (305-762 mm).

New “Popping” Patterns in Stock
ITW Holographics
, Chalfont, PA; 215/997-8006; itwholographics.com
Co. is stocking Pillars of Light and Dotz patterns in 28×40-in. sheets of 75# text C1S in its SIP (stock inventory program). These patterns are said to “pop” with light when incorporated into a product package, label, POP display, or any promotional media. Other patterns in SIP program include metallized silver and holographic paper and board in 28×40-in. sheets and rolls 30.5 in. and 60 in. wide. SIP serves customers that need holographic product in a smaller quantity and do not meet the minimum requirements for a custom manufacturing iSCAN hologram run of approximately 6,000 sheets.

Measure and Control Processes On-Line
Eurotherm Gauging Systems
, Billerica, MA; 978/663-2300; eurothermgauging.com
System 21 brings together co.'s CIMline, LFE's Profitmaster, and Kineron systems to provide what is said to be a powerful, user-friendly arsenal of on-line product measurement and control capabilities. System is based on a network-distributed architecture with Windows NT and Wonderware user-customizable process control software. Said to provide access to more than 1,000 standard links to devices such as temperature controllers, drives, and PLCs.

Static Elimination Bars Driven by Air
Cole Static Control
, Akron, OH; 330/896-7373; 800/915-3535; colestaticcontrol.com
Model 1526 pulsed DC controller and ionizing bars are used for long-range ionizing and dust control where air may be necessary to reach static-prone areas. Manufactured in lengths to 144 in., bar may be controlled to emit 50% of both positive and negative ions, or adjusted so only one polarity comes from the bar. Ion pulse rate also is variable. With an effective range of 6 in. — 10 ft, unit can be mounted over manufacturing equipment or over benchtops.

Hand Proofers for Flexo and Gravure
, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-3371; 866/588-8686; harperscientific.com
Echocel Junior is a flexographic hand proofing system incorporating laser-engraved ceramic technology, a steel doctor blade, and EPDM rubber roll. The EchoKote Junior is designed for gravure or direct application of materials from the laser-engraved ceramic roll. Coating thickness is to 13 microns or 8.7 lb/3k sq ft at 100% solids.

Crossfolder Eliminates Complex Vacuum Systems
Paper Converting Machine Co.
, Green Bay, WI; 920/494-5601; pcmc.com
The Calypso I, II, IV Crossfolder features a breakthrough hypocycloidal development that eliminates the need for complex vacuum systems, the mfr. reports. Available in 1-, 2-, and 4-wide formats, unit offers a range of cut-off lengths with no change parts required. Said to offer variable length adjustment and crisp, positive transverse fold. Unique belt transfer system provides for efficient product handling, according to the mfr. Collator is standard for II and IV.

Tension Transducer Option Available
Dover Flexo Electronics Inc.
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
A new option for co.'s shaft-end tension transducer pairs is an integrated interface/amplifier that outputs a 0-10-v DC signal proportional to tension. Transducers with the built-in amplifier module option are powered by 24VDC. Amplifier module provides easy-to-adjust zero and calibration pots, co. reports.

Stand-Up Pouch Machine Is Modular
CMD Packaging Systems
, Green Bay, WI; 920/662-2100; cmd-corp.com
The 3200 Series modular stand-up pouch machine converts three-side-seal pouches (single- or multiple-lane), stand-up pouches, and side-gusseted pouches in a variety of sizes and lane configurations. Also converts single-sheet constructed pouches in sizes to 24 × 32 in. Press-to-close zipper or slider zipper attachments are available. Converters buy only modules they need and simply add more as needs change.

Attachment Enhances Densitometer
Tobias Assoc. Inc.
, Ivyland, PA; 215/322-1500; 800/877-3367; densitometer.com
Spectrophotometer attachment is a new enhancement to the SDT scanning densitometer. This hand-held device provides color information such as L* a* b* of spot colors in the work area of the press sheet. Densitometer provides the traditional quality control measurements necessary for proper ink and color control, including solid ink density and dot gain, by measuring a color bar. Seek-and-find operation allows color bars as small as 1/16 in. high to be measured.

Slitter/Rewinder Offered in Two Versions
Bimec S.r.L.
, Milan, Italy; +39 (0) 331-307491; bimec.it
Dual-spindle slitter/rewinder, suited for plastic films, paper, and laminates, will unwind and rewind on the same side. Features automatic and programmable tension controls; easy accessibility to setting operations; and quick system for finished roll unloading. Available in both shafted and shaftless unwind versions.

Trap Insects with Maximum Surface
, Stone Mountain, GA; 770/939-2835; insect-o-cutor.com
The Guardian portable glueboard fly traps are available in four different lamp lengths: 18, 24, 36, and 48 in. Traps feature stainless steel construction, maximum trapping surfaces, and energy savings via electronic components. FDA/USDA-accepted.

Ink Jet Ink Is UV-Curable
Xaar plc
, Cambridge, England; +44 (0) 1223 423663; xaar.co.uk
Crystal UFX UV-curable ink jet ink is designed for use on nonporous substrates. Developed for co.'s XJ500 family of high-performance printheads, ink reportedly offers excellent adhesion properties and high scuff resistance, making it suitable for output onto materials such as PVC, PC, and PP.

Center Lift Eases Roll Handling
Arrowhive Equipment Ltd.
, Oxon, U.K.; +44 (0)1491 682044
The Schlumpf RH range of mechanical roll center lifts is said to provide an economical and safe method for the vertical lifting of rolls. Also said to minimize the risk of product damage, speed up production, and help free operator for other duties. Comes with grippers that are fail-safe in the expanded position but easily retracted for loading and unloading, co. reports.

Sensor Measures Slot Die Coater Gaps
, Ayer, MA; 978/772-6033; capacitec.thomasregister.com
Co. reports new system to measure slot die coater gaps precisely is greatly improved over traditional gap measurement methods. Said to achieve coater gap uniformity better than 10 micro-inches (0.25 microns) across the full length of the coater die. Noncontact capacitive gap measurement solutions include sensor wands, special wand holders, and signal conditioning electronics and software.

Metallized Paper Protect Rolled Products
Great Northern Corp., Rollguard Products
, Appleton, WI; 800/925-2626; rollguard.com
Narrow Fiber Cradles (NFC) are designed to protect rolled and cylindrical products 4-11 in. in diameter during shipping, handling, and warehousing. Co. says triple-hinge design is engineered to deliver maximum protection. Cradles reportedly increase support of center rolls by 38% or more/roll, depending on core extensions, compared with standard single-hinge cradles. Suited for nonwovens and bag and sheeting roll stock such as agriculture film.

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