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Premium products deserve premium packaging. NPA honors the year's best folding cartons and rigid boxes.

The National Paperbox Assn. (NPA) announced the winners of its 54th Annual Packaging Competition during the association's 86th Annual Meeting, held April 21-24 at the Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, CA. A total of 52 rigid box and folding carton industry firms were involved in the competition, and 137 awards were bestowed.

The rigid box and folding carton entries that received the highest scores were named Best of Show. Following is a look at these Best of Show honorees.

Smokin' Cartons
Diamond Packaging, Rochester, NY, USA, received Best of Show — Folding Carton for its Dunhill Cigars cartons, manufactured for Murray Sons & Co., Belfast, Ireland. Scoring big in the Tobacco & Tobacco Related category, this innovative family of packages was designed for an internationally known premium cigar made in the Dominican Republic.

The entire line consists of six types of cigars, packaged three per carton. Although all six cartons share similar graphics, each specified different sizes for the components within. The outer sleeve is produced on an imported Colorplan paperboard, which Diamond Packaging chose for its beautiful finish as well as its excellent folding and scoring characteristics. The glued sleeve is designed with open and sealed ends that allow the attractive outer tray to partially extrude, thereby enhancing shelf appeal and maximizing the Dunhill brand identity.

The outer tray and cigar tubes feature metallic inks and embossing but were converted from 0.014 solid bleached sulfate paperboard. The structural design of the tubes and inner cell allow them to open and close in a telescoping fashion. The inside of the cigar tubes and inner cells are printed with red food-safe ink. The end result, reports NPA, is a sophisticated package that stands out in the crowded retail environment and truly represents the quality of the product inside.

A Touch of the Orient
Taylor Box Co., Warren, RI, USA, received Best of Show — Rigid Box with its Mandarin Boston Pre-Sales Box for Signature Impression, Canton, MA. Entered in the Advertising and Promotional category, the innovations of this slipcase in three-panel folder box are very apparent at first glance, says NPA.

The box is used to hold interior house plans for penthouse condominiums and is presented to clients in meetings with architects. Magnets are embedded in the slipcase and folder board under the wrap to create a clean-looking and smooth closure. The interior is offset printed with an exterior blind deboss. Materials include Strathmore Grander Ivory over chipboard.

NPA raves, “This set-up box demands attention; the colors are sophisticated and current, evocative of the personality of the contents. The box is extremely strong and efficient while presenting a new and refreshing look.”

The 137 winners were selected from 39 classes and five judges' categories. The judging panel designated a total of 46 Gold Awards and 91 Excellence Awards. For a complete list of winners, contact NPA at paperbox.org.

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