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Guide Webs Easily
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
The ekrPro Com 60 web guiding device is said to provide superior performance, maximum versatility, and optimal network connectivity. Also reported easy to use, unit is compact in size and is designed for simple integration and use over a wide range of printing and converting operations. Available in stand-alone or panel-mount units.

Sheeters Are Rebranded
Apollo Sheeters, a Bobst co.
, Biggleswade, UK; +44 1767 310100; bobstgroup.com/sheeters

Sheeters (formerly Valmet) are said to offer the very latest in drive and control technology combined with a reputation for first class engineering. Company reports it provides high-accuracy sheeting equipment across a broad range of paper, board, laminates, and films.

Hybrid Press Is Modular
, Barcelona, Spain; +34 936 74 52 50; rotatek.com
The Combi hybrid rotary press for labels and packaging can integrate different printing systems such as offset, flexo, silk screen, hot stamping, and cold foil stamping. Modular construction allows a variety of converting and finishing processes, all in-line.

Die-Cut, Inline in Single Step
, Lecco, Italy; +39 0341 367513; omet.it
The Twin-Cut offers in-line die-cutting with variable size for labels and folding cartons, without changing the magnetic cylinder. The rotation of the die-cutting cylinder is performed at a constant speed during the cutting phase and in acceleration in the rest phase on both cylinders alternatively. Comes with automatic register control system, standard controlled-tension waste-removal system, and central adjustment control from the control panel.

Treaters Tune to Load Conditions
Sherman Treaters
, Oxon, UK; +44 (0) 1844 213686; shermantreaters.co.uk
The I.S.I.S. (Intelligent Switchmode with Integrated Software) range of corona power supplies features self-matching circuitry that automatically tunes to load conditions, using an output frequency operating in the range of 10-60 kHz with no external intervention required. Fast over-current detection circuitry prevents output stage damage, as short circuit (dielectric pinhole) is detected within one output cycle.

Reference Color Continually
Futec Europe Ltd.
, Herts, UK; +44 (0) 1442 241700; futec.co.uk
The Kaleido Eye color navigation system provides color reference information around the whole print pattern, in-line, and continually throughout the job. Said to save production time and minimize waste. Can be used with narrow, medium, and wide web presses, including web-fed offset, flexo, and gravure.

Modify Plastics for Adhesion
Ciba Specialty Chemicals
, Basel, Switzerland; + 41 61 636 4444; cibasc.com
Prime IT surface-modification technology is said to ensure maximum adhesion of UV-curable inks, coatings, and adhesives on all plastic substrates. Applications include labels, flexible packaging, smart cards, and more. Also can be used with other printing technologies, including water-based inks.

Offset Press Is Speedy
Heidelberg USA
, Kennesaw, GA; 700/419-6500; us.heidelberg.com
The Speedmaster XL 105 offset press attains speeds of 18,000 sheets/hr. Said to be ideal for long runs due to its high degree of automation, large print format of 74 × 105 cm, and simple operation. System for contact-free sheet transport and innovations in coating application offer increased production of 30% and more, company adds.

Flexo, Gravure Press Is Precise
, Lyss, Switzerland; + (0) 32 387 16 16; rotocolor.ch
The Rotova gravure and flexo press for narrow web printing also can be used for laminating and coating work. Said to offer extreme precision and the latest drive technology to allow higher printing speeds with no quality compromises. Hot-air drying system reportedly ensures problem-free drying, even of water-based inks.

Products Can't Be Duplicated
Beijing Founder Electronics
, Beijing, China; + 86 (10) 6298 1440; founder.com
SuperLine software is said to produce customer designs virtually impossible to duplicate. They may be used to protect from counterfeiting any product that is printed. Designs created with software clearly indicate when an illegal copy is scanned or photocopied. Copies cannot be made, even when using the same software.

Automatic Impression Settings
Windmoeller & Hoelscher
, Lincoln, RI; 401/333-2770; whcorp.com
The Easy-Set impression system offers fully automatic and precise adjustment of the anilox and plate impression settings. Reportedly assures precise print impression settings on all decks reliably, quickly, and without operator skill. System is available as an option on company's Astraflex, Novoflex, and Primaflex flexographic presses and can be retrofitted to existing models of these presses.

Proofing for Flexo Applications
, Tuebingen, Germany; + 49 (0) 7071-93874-0
The FlexoProof 04 features the DotProof module to accommodate specific tone reproduction and dot gain produced under any printing conditions. The original halftone-screened, 1-bit data from the imagesetter or CTP RIP remains unchanged, providing a highly accurate workflow, company says, adding product is integrated into automated workflows easily.

Mount Thin Plates with Ease
tesa AG
, Hamburg, Germany; + 49 40 4909-4448; tesatape.com
Softprint plate-mounting tapes are said to combine high adhesive properties with straightforward handling. Company adds they provide fast and secure adhesion on thin plates, as well as easy repositioning. A new adhesive with specifically developed polymers prevents the warping of thin, delicate plates on their removal.

Software Optimizes 3D System
, Jerusalem, Israel; + 972-2-651-8999; humaneyes.com
With Koenig & Bauer (KBA), company announces Litho3D Karat software to optimize core 3D technology for efficiency. Reportedly offers an affordable, simple photographic method that enables creation of natural, continuous, realistic 3D images; uses existing equipment so no capital investment or workflow alteration is necessary; goes from RIP to print in 15 min and allows switch between paper and plastic seamlessly and quickly.

Cutter Offers Fixed Cylinders
Kempsmith Machine Co.
, Milwaukee, WI; 414/256-8160; kempsmith-dl.com
Variable repeat length rotary cutter uses a fixed set of cylinders and flexible steel tooling. Allows cutting and scoring of different repeat lengths without changing the cutting cylinders.

Rotary Embossers Are Versatile
Eastern Engraving
, Stirling, NJ; 908/647-3300; 800/414-3133; easternengraving.com
The Mark Series of rotary embossers includes the Mark III for embossing print-to-register labels, cartons, and wraps; the Mark 3F (pictured) for poly-film embossing; and the Mark 5 for use in-line with roll formers for the production of decorative metal. Machines are built to generate from 3-150 tons of applied pressure.

Emboss with New Technique
Hinderer + Muelich, a member of the Kurz Group
, Göppingen, Germany; + 49 716197822-0; hinderer-muelich.de
Stamping tools allow paper to be decorated with blind embossed features across the entire surface. A carton may be decorated with patterns exactly and only where desired. Technique is said to open up many new design options and to deliver eye-catching results.

Wide Embosser Uses IR Heat
New Era Converting Machinery
, Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848; neweraconverting.com
Material in this 150-in. face embosser comes up from the bottom, being preheated by radiant IR heaters (visible through the hole in the side frame). It then passes through the embossing nip to be processed, after which the web travels to the right to be cooled over the two rolls on the right-hand side. Company reports unit is among the widest used in the film industry.

Embossers, Lab Are Offered
BF Perkins
, Richmond, VA; bfperkins.com
Company offers embossers for the plastic films, paper, nonwovens, and magnetic tape industries. Included are a four-position turret embosser with a 110-in. face (shown) and a holographic film-embossing line with a 65-in. face. Company also offers a lab to develop and test new equipment applications and parameters prior to manufacturing.

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