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New Products
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Slit, Wind, and More
Rotatek, Barcelona, Spain; +34 936745250; rotatek.com
The RTK 330 slitter/rewinder allows user to add various processing units. In addition to basic functions of unwinding, inspection, and rewinding, unit can print and die-cut adhesive labels. Ink jet printing head can be adapted into slitter.

Make Bags in One Process
HCI Converting Equipment Co.
, Taichung, Taiwan; +886 4 2359 0710; hci-tw.com.tw
The FTSC-6N6040-3 three-side sealing/stand-up/zipper pouchmaking machine features a mechanism that allows it to complete bag in one process. Will produce bags in various specifications at a maximum speed of 28 mpm or 150 bags/min. Features two to three more servo motors than preceding models.

Make Extrusion Line Responsive
Maguire Products
, Aston, PA; 610/459-4300; 888/459-2412; maguire.com
The LineMaster AC (advanced control) system retrieves data on raw material consumption by the extruder at the rate of one update every 0.5 sec. High-speed responsiveness makes control applicable even in extrusion lines where there are frequent ramp-down/ramp-up cycles, company says.

Position Foil Stamp Dies Digitally
Sterling Toggle
, West Babylon, NY; 631/491-0500; sterlingtoggle.com
Digital Assistant, a front end to company’s Die Co-Ordinator, allows users to position foil stamping dies accurately on a honeycomb without needing either a printed sheet or film overlay. User can take existing artwork created through the CTP process and position dies using digitally rendered images. Foil stamping and embossing jobs can be created at the prepress stage, before the dies are made. System reportedly provides a universal bridge from artwork to foil stamping regardless of the prepress digital origination source.

Enhance Blown Film with MDO
Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering
, Gloucester, MA; 978/281-1800; bge.battenfeld.com
The MDO (machine-direction orientation) unit is designed for integration with a blown film line. Company says it offers enhancements to PE film, including downgauging with few or no trade-offs in barrier or strength; economy; and the ability to create microporous structures that can be used in "breatheable" and other specialty films. Features draw ratios of 3:1 and 4:1.

Recover High Volumes of Solvent
NexGen Enviro Systems
, Lindenhurst, NY; 631/226-2930; 800/842-1630; nexgenenviro.com
The ECO 400 Continuous is the newest Resolv-R2 Model. This solvent recovery unit is designed for organizations with large volumes of waste solvent. Recycler is built into the process system, automatically accepting waste solvent flow. Cleaned solvent is then returned to the process. Recycler can produce in excess of 550 gals every 24 hrs with no personnel impact, company reports.

Sheeter Offers Flexibility
Pinnacle Converting Equipment
, Charlotte, NC; 704/376-3855; pinnacleconverting.com
The EZ sheeter is described as compact, easy to use, cost-effective, and accurate. Available in widths from 30–200 in. and cutting cycles to 20/min, it features crosscutting provided with a traveling score or shear blade. Slitting is provided by score, razor, or shear cutting. Options are available for perforating, rewinding, and stacking.

Wind Large Rolls
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
The PAC 60 surface winder enables converters to wind 60-in.-dia rolls on 6-in. cores at speeds to 600 fpm. Said to be ideal for large roll mill operations where film is converted into a lamination or made into bags or sacks off-line. Features lay-on pressure control to prevent blocking at the core.

Broaden the Color Spectrum
Agfa Corp.
, Ridgefield Pk., NJ; 800/TRY-AGFA; agfa.com
The :Alterno color conversion tool broadens the CMYK spectrum with any additional colors. Allows the printer to standardize presses on a self-defined ink set that will extend the color gamut as needed. Will simulate any spot color and allow the combination of several jobs without multiple print runs. Said to deliver predictable results every time and allow user to choose any ink brand or screening method.

Cut-Size Sheeting Line Offered
Körber PaperLink North America
, Green Bay, WI; 920/336-5000; kplna.kpl.net
Company offers a cut-size sheeting and packaging line comprising the E.C.H. Will AlphaCut cut-size sheeter and Pemco’s ProWrap 30 ream wrapper. System is designed for small and medium-size converters needing an automated production line to handle higher volumes.PFFC-ASAP 413

Slit Large Rolls
, Simsbury, CT; 860/651-1536; senntech.com
The PW 1300 slitter/rewinder for rolls with a diameter of 400–1,270 mm includes an automatic shaft-handling system with core loading. Finished rolls are delivered to floor level by a conveyor system. Features an inspection/splice table before the slitting position.

Electronic Ordering Streamlined
Imprint Business Systems
, Essex, UK; +44 (0) 1245 231670; imprint-mis.co.uk
Company has a partnership with First B2B to integrate and streamline electronic order management with its Printmaster MIS system. System will integrate any order-in format to the company’s MIS requirements. Interface port is said to make task easy, straightforward, and timely.

Sheet Carbonless Paper
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Carbonless paper sheeters can precision-sheet press-ready piles at high speeds. Has the capacity to convert lightweight coated grades as low as 30#/3,300 sq ft to 64 in. wide with cutoffs between 15 and 65 in. long. Capable of stacking loads to 5,000 lbs, sheeter can be outfitted with as many as five shaftless rollstands and an overhead web carrier to keep incoming webs separated.

Measure WVTR Economically
, Minneapolis, MN; 763/493-6370; mocon.com
The Permatran-W Model 398 water vapor transmission rate test system is said to provide a low-cost alternative for testing of medium- to high-barrier structures. Each test cell has its own sensor, reportedly assuring greater throughput with accurate results. Precise relative humidity (RH) testing enables two films to be tested simultaneously at two different RH conditions.

Gluing Station for Corrugated
Nordson Corp.
, Duluth, GA; 800/683-2314; nordson.com
Gluing stations are said to deliver the robust, flexible bracketry needed for corrugated box manufacture. Stations, which support various glue application guns, are designed to hold corrugated blanks securely for accurate glue placement. Company says a floating glue application head accommodates changes in board thickness and helps prevent jamming, while providing better contact between corrugated boards and glue pattern plate.

Hot Foil Stamp Labels and More
Mec Saroglia
, San Mauro Torinese, Italy; +39 (0) 118210944; saroglia.it
Hot foil stamping machine features dry embossing, die-cutting, hot die-cutting, Braille printing, and optional hologram capabilities. Suited for lightweight paper labels; cosmetic packaging in small to medium runs; die-cut/thermal die-cut and kiss-cut applications; and more.

Register Guide is Modular
, Sussex, WI; 414/566-7500; quadtechworld.com
The Autotron Packaging 2600 register guidance system for gravure-printed applications now is enhanced by the PressTech Autotron 2600 register system with new MiniCam 625 miniature scanning head options, each suitable for different printing environments. Modular system is said to be accurate, flexible, and cost-effective.

Features Enhance Workflow
, Burnaby, BC, Canada; 604/451-2770; creo.com
Prinergy Powerpack 2.3 packaging workflow delivers control, integration, and automation. New automation features allow multiple outputs to be created from one input file, accelerating production and increasing efficiency, reports company. New PDF preflight allows operators to customize preflight criteria or use predefined profiles to check and correct input files automatically. Trap Trimming reduces manual editing required to prepare packaging files for production.

Colorimeter is Fast, Accurate
, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/394-5700; spartanics.com
The IC (Imaging Colorimeter) portable color vision system reportedly provides fast, accurate color measurements in printing, packaging, proofing, and ink formulation applications. Designed for complex changes in multiple areas of interest compared to a reference image. Includes a laptop computer and software interface. System will provide Delta E, Delta Lab, RGB, and CMY color measurement values.

Folder/Gluer has Many Features
Brandtjen & Kluge
, St. Croix Falls, WI; 715/483-3265; 800/826-7320; kluge.biz
The OmniFold automatic folder/gluer offers a multiple sheet detector, vacuum manifold position adjustment, dual vacuum wheels, and more in feeder area. Converting area features segmented table, 33-in. top belt drives, tab blast nozzles and control, flipper gate, and more.

Manage Digital Proofing
, Iowa City, IA; 319/337-8599; meta-comm.com
Approval Manager software is designed to provide approval workflow management for leading digital proofing technologies. Provides a user-friendly, web-based interface (Mac OS X and Windows) for setting up and planning proofing stages and for managing proofing rounds, reviewers, and schedules. Supports Adobe Acrobat, KPG RealTimeProof, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Test Curing for Consistency
UV Process Supply
, Chicago, IL; 773/248-0099; 800/621-1296; uvprocess.com
The Con-Trol-Cure TFC-9000 thin-film calorimeter allows testing of inks, coatings, and adhesives to ensure they are curing to expectations and consistently, batch to batch. Displays four key measured test results: time to reach peak temperature; peak temperature in BTUs; slope of the temperature rise; and total energy emitted by curing reaction in BTUs. Works as stand-alone system or connected to a computer through a serial port.

Extruders Meet FDA Specs
, Somerville, NJ; 908/685-2333; leistritz-extrusion.com
GMP twin-screw extruder series is designed for medical device and pharmaceutical applications. Precisely designed/machined hardware and controls meet FDA validation requirements. Screws, barrels, and other parts that contact processed materials are manufactured from metallurgies that are not reactive, additive, or absorptive with the product.

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