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Sheeter is Precise
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. , Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Precision sheeter is designed to operate at speeds to 1,000 fpm and is capable of cutting material from 0.001–0.024 in. thick. Sheet length can be varied infinitely from 11–60 in. with sheet-to-sheet accuracy of ±0.015 in. Visit booth 1655.

Slitter has Shaftless Unwind
Ashe Converting Equipment, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK; +44 1473 710912; ashe.co.uk
The Onyx all-electric duplex slitter/rewinder can accommodate web widths of 1,300–1,600 mm with a maximum speed of 300 mpm. Features a full shaftless unwind, web guiding, razor/shear slitting, and duplex differential winding with full lay-on control, including back rollers. Visit booth 1274.

Measure Web Width and Edge
AccuWeb, Madison, WI; 608/223-0625; accuweb.com
WideArray monitor measures both web width and web edge position for both acquisition and process control. Web width variations to 36 in. can be accommodated without moving the edge detector. Controller can be programmed to trigger alarms when web width is out of tolerance or drifts laterally beyond set points. Visit booth 1661.

Drives are Simple and Smooth
Siemens Energy & Automation, Norcross, GA; 770/871-3868; siemens.com
Sinamics G110 drives are said to be simple to configure and to offer smooth and continuous speed control. Drives are versatile inverters for operating variable-speed, three-phase power from a standard power socket. Quiet, with a small footprint, drives can be retrofitted to existing equipment. Visit booth 3225.

Power Supply is Automatic
Enercon Industries Corp. , Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
Series 9000 Universal Compak power supply matches the load requirements of a variety of electrode types. Offers automatic 5–1 load matching range and what is said to be the widest turn-down ratio available. Will handle any type of roll or electrode combination, including bare roll, covered roll, and electrodes from blade to shoe type, or tube to segmented. Visit booth 1421.

Feed Thin Stock Accurately
Waddington Electronics, Cranston, RI; 401/781-3904; waddingtonelectronics.com
LD Series roll feeds feature a brushless, low-inertia servo motor and closed-loop brushless feedback for absolute position feedback. Company reports roll feeds handle thin stock with ±0.0005-in. accuracy at speeds to 1,000 spm, depending on size. Line includes productivity enhancements. (Not exhibiting)

One Pouchmaker, Several Options
Totani America, 920/593-8700; totani.co.jp
The FD-60VSC pouchmaking machine is designed to produce several different pouch options for dry, liquid, or retort applications, including one- or two-lane plowed, bottom stand-up pouches; four-edge-sealed, side-gusset pouches; and three-side-seal pouches. Visit booth 1075.

Imposition Software Offered
Creo, Burnaby, BC, Canada; 604/451-2770;
With Preps 5.1 imposition software, a JDF file containing imposition instructions is sent from MIS to prepress and then opened in Preps to create a job with the correct imposition scheme automatically. Features advanced SmartMarks technology that allows users to create and edit templates rapidly. Visit booth 3238.

Match Colors Automatically
Spartanics, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/394-5700; spartanics.com
Automatic image alignment colorimeter is said to guarantee exact color matches every time. Company reports handheld unit is several times faster than earlier generation technology but does not place any limit on the number of Regions of Interest a user can set to color match and inspect virtually instantaneously. (Not exhibiting)

Tape Has High Tensile Strength
Tesa Tape, Charlotte, NC; 800/426-2181; tesatape.com
Single-side, repulpable tape 4445 combines a high-strength backing and a temperature-resistant adhesive. Features include excellent tack, high tensile strength, and high shear resistance. Applications include web feeding (kites), roll catching, end tabbing, and butt splicing of heavy board. (Not exhibiting)

Control Viscosity without PC
ADI Trade Group, Sylvania, GA; 912/564-2400; arcdoyle.com
The Opti-Color viscosity control system, designated Junior VC, has several of the same functions as the advanced Model Multi VC. All viscosity controls are fully working systems and do not require additional software or need any PC function. Visit booth 4643.

Detect Defects Early
ISRA Surface Vision, Norcross, GA; 770/449-7776; lasorsystronics.com
Advanced surface inspection system provides early warning of defects such as gels, holes, contamination, streaks, and wrinkles at fast web speeds. Also provides statistical data for process management. Visit booth 3752.

IR Ink Drying System Is Improved
Research Inc. , Eden Prairie, MN; 952/941-3300; researchinc.com
The improved Model 5060 Speed-Dri ink drying system provides instantaneous IR and convection technologies to dry ink printed on target areas to 4 in. wide. With extra capability to enable increased speeds, model reportedly is designed for easy installation, low operating cost, and minimal maintenance. (Not exhibiting)

Foil Press Does Delicates, Hot, Cold
Bobst Group, Roseland, NJ; 973/226-8000; bobstgroup.com
The SPeria Foilmaster 102 is said to ensure flexibility and allow the conversion of even the most delicate work. Featuring 12 independent heating zones, the machine features the Job Saver system for positioning foiling dies. This is said to help reduce changeover times and ensure the efficient and cost-effective storage and reuse of the dies. Can be converted from a die-cutter with cold embossing to a hot foil stamping and embossing press quickly. An electronic register system reportedly ensures high precision in the positioning of holograms or preprinted patterns. Visit booth 3564.

Shrink Sleeve Equipment
Stanford Products, Salem, IL; 618/548-2600; stanfordproductsllc.com
New line of finishing equipment for shrink sleeves includes the Seammachine (pictured) and Doctor Machine Inspector. Equipment boasts speeds to 50% faster than industry average and features new patent-pending designs. Products include company’s drive, controls, and tension systems. Visit booth 1068.

Solventless Adhesive Laminator Offered
Comexi, Girona, Spain; +34 972 477 744; comexi.com
The Nexus evo laminator for use with solventless adhesives is said to be ideal for medium and long runs on plastic films, aluminum, or paper. Pneumatic compensators in the unwind/rewind allow maintenance of precise tension control at all times, company says. Maximum speed is 400 mpm; maximum web width is 1,330 mm. Visit booth 1555.

In-Line UV Printing
Griffin-Rutgers Co. , Ronkonkoma, NY; 800/237-6713; 631/981-4141; griffin-rutgers.com
TruFlex UV flexo press is suited for all types of web packaging materials. Reportedly designed to provide high quality in-line printing of all text, bar codes, and graphics in registered or random format. Also said to offer ease of use and minimal maintenance costs. (Not exhibiting)

Varieties of Pouch Machines
Ro•An Industries USA, Middle Village, NY; 718/821-1115; roan.com
The Freedom Series line of pouch equipment includes stand-up pouches; three-side seal pouches; and shaped seal and medical pouches plus reclosable zipper and slider attachment. Equipment provides user-friendly touchscreen, finger-tip controls, and is said to allow multiple pouch configurations and quick setup for short runs. Visit booth 1825.

Cold Stamp Foil in Many Markets
Kurz Transfer Products, Charlotte, NC; 800/950-3645; kurzusa.com
Cold stamping foils are suited for decorating products in the beverage, cosmetics, food, and OTC pharmaceutical markets. Also suited for in-mold and shrink labels. Company says the printing of metallic pigments or metallized papers/plastic films is possible, and cold stamping process reportedly delivers high metallic brilliance and gloss. (Not exhibiting)

Adhesives Suited for Retort
Rohm and Haas Co. , Philadelphia, PA; 215/592-3000; rohmhaas.com
Adcote 812-811B solvent-based laminating adhesive and Mor-Free 1390+C33 solventless adhesive are formulated to withstand the extreme heat exposure and aggressive contents associated with retort applications. Suited for use with a wide variety of substrates. Visit booth 1812.

PSAs are Tough
National Adhesives, National Starch and Chemical Co., Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
NACOR 38-503A water-borne acrylic/PU PSAs are designed to provide superior resistance to water and humidity. Said to deliver a good balance of adhesive properties for a variety of applications, adhesives are suited for use on clear film over-laminating industrial tapes, decals, and in prime label and graphic arts applications. Reported to be nonyellowing on prolonged exposure to UV light and to have good coatability, mechanical stability, and heat resistance. Visit booth 625.

Inks Offer Stability
INX Intl. Ink Co. , Elk Grove Village, IL; 847/290-0302; inxinternational.com
SpH inks, described as "super-stable," result from a new technology in pH stability designed to reduce the need to monitor and adjust pH levels constantly in water-based inks. Said to deliver top-line performance for corrugated packaging applications, provide labor savings, reduce downtime, boost output quality, and ease environmental concerns. Visit booth 575.

Inks Resist Ice Water
Sun Chemical, Northlake, IL; 708/236-3686; sunchemical.com
SunSharp 1190 for non-lamination surface printing can be used to print applications including bags for bread or frozen foods, some bottle wraps, and more. Line includes high-strength process and spot colors. Inks are said to have good ice-water crinkle resistance and to provide high gloss. Visit booth 2031.

Tattoo Inks are Safe
Environmental Inks and Coatings Corp. , Morganton, NC; 800/368-4657; envinks.com
Aqua Tattoo water-based inks for temporary novelty tattoos are available in the four-color CMYK process set and opaque white. Classified by a certified toxicologist as non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. Inks are formulated for the specially developed tattoo transfer stocks common today and may be handled like other water-based flexo inks. Visit booth 3052.

Three Synthetic Papers are Offered
Hop Industries Corp. , Garfield, NJ; 800/524-0757; hopindustries.com
Synthetic papers include Hop-Syn clay-filled, super-smooth, white PP film said to provide exceptional print quality and high tear resistance; Dura-Lite three-layered white BOPP film with a clay-coated surface that reportedly provides a smooth matte finish for exceptional printing, high color resolution, and high tear resistance; and Hop-Syn-XTUV for high-security tag and label applications for RFID labeling. Visit booth 3370.

Insert RFID Transponders Under Labels
Schober USA, Cincinnati, OH; 513/794-0113; schoberusa.com
A new machine places RFID tran-sponders under preprinted labels in widths from 20–200 mm at rates from 5,000–20,000 labels/hr. On-press RFID readers ensure the readability of each RFID tag before and after integration, says company, and an automatic control system keeps transponders and printed labels in register. Standard features include an automatic web guide system for base material, mechanical cross-registration for transponders, auto-advance for missing transponders, servo-driven labeling head for opaque and transparent label reels, and electronic rewinder with tension control for assembled labels. Visit booth 1406

Cold Foil Offers Security
Amagic Holographics, Irvine, CA; 215/234-8344; gocold.com
New line of KOLDfoil HXS security holographic cold foil is available in generic security patterns or custom images for product authentication and anti-counterfeiting. Label printer can apply security holograms directly onto the label, in-line, during the printing process. Can be used for wet or dry lamination cold foil printing process. No heated rotary dies are needed. (Not exhibiting)

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