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Video Unit Shows Images on PC
The ProScope hand-held video microscope, manufactured by Bodelin Technologies, displays video images on any USB Macintosh or PC. Software (included) allows on-screen display and production of single-frame captures, video movies, and time-lapse photography. Includes customized optics and accessories.
Praxair Surface Technologies—praxair-printing.com

Press Offers Precision Printing
The FW 1508 flexo press is based on the concept of the gearless machine and features automatic CNC positioning of printing units. Rapid sleeve-change system uses shafts assembled on a cantilever system and double guide-rail said to keep the whole block rigid and ensure maximum precision during high-speed printing. VirtualMaster and Direct direct drive systems allow central drum to be synchronized with plate and anilox cylinders.
Comexi America—comexi.com

Coatings Protect Paperboard
Water-based coatings include VaporCoat, which protects against moisture penetration; MichemCoat, designed to protect paperboard against oil and grease saturation and offer some water resistance; and Nomar, applied to paperboard or corrugated packaging to protect the finishes of expensive consumer and industrial goods from abrasion or scuffing during shipping. All are said to be repulpable, recyclable, and energy-efficient.

Trim Remover Fills Niche
The Fox Runner portable trim removal system is available in a new size. The FX1.5 is said to fill an important niche in the previously wide gap between the small FX1 and the FX2. System can handle 2-in.-wide trim at speeds to 2,000 fpm, while the larger FX2 can run at speeds to 6,000 fpm. In installations where 2,000 fpm is optimal, the FX1.5’s small size contributes to its unobtrusive installation in locations that would not accommodate a larger system and also offers more energy efficiency, the company reports.
Converter Accessory Corp.—handleyourweb.com

Mounting Tape Improves Print
R/bak SA 3000 cushion mounting tape combines company’s open-cell urethane cushion technology and specially developed acrylic adhesives in a product construction designed to handle easily while providing consistent print results and superior print quality in any printing environment. Performance properties reportedly contribute to consistent impressions over the entire press run and help eliminate problems on press, all with fewer press adjustments. Also said to enable easier printing on rough surfaces and reduce gear banding and press bounce.
Rogers Corp.—rogerscorporation.com

Reduce Roll Changeover Times
Inflation toggle valve Cor-Lok airshaft option TVCLAS is said to help reduce roll changeover times. Employs standard rotary union for pneumatic hook-up and is engineered for use in cantilevered application. Available in diameters of 2–18 in. Compatible with company’s sleeve-based core-adapting option that allows converters to run varying core sizes on the same shaft or air shaft. Converter Accessory Corp.—handleyourweb.com

Neutralize Static Efficiently
Roll Follower, equipped with a high-efficiency static neutralizing bar, is designed for permanent mounting to unwind or rewind stands for continuous control of static electricity. Photo sensors included in the system detect changes in the outside diameter of the material roll and automatically move the static bar to maintain a predetermined distance to the surface of the roll, regardless of the web speed. When the roll is finished, the static bar retracts to its resting position, away from the roll. PLC allows the operator to program the unit easily for either unwind or rewind functions.
Simco Industrial Static Control—simco.biz

Shrink Sleeve Units Run Fast
New line of finishing equipment for shrink sleeves incorporates patent-pending oscillation technology. Seammachine reportedly offers increased efficiency, productivity, and ease of operation at speeds to 1,650 fpm (500 mpm). Handles sleeve widths of 2–10 in. (50–254 mm) with 1–2 in. (25–50 mm) available as an option. The Doctor Machine Inspector series of rewinders features seam inspection options ranging from manual to automatic. Standard web widths are 10 in. (254 mm) and 16 in. (406 mm); other sizes available. Runs at speeds to 1,000 fpm (305 mpm). Products include company’s drive, controls, and tension systems.
Stanford Products—stanfordproductsllc.com

Move Heavy Rolls Easily
The Roll Mover is battery-powered for tether-free, hassle-free operation. Durable product provides extended range and mobility and features a design said to allow an individual operator to move even the heaviest rollable loads easily, without tangled air hoses snaking across the shop floor.
Appleton Mfg. Div., Productive Solutions—amdpsi.com

Slitter Offers Flexibility
The Star-Slit slitter is suitable for packaging materials including soft and hard films of PE, PP, PA, PET, BOPP, PVC, paper, and laminates. A splice table is available as an option to allow safe and accurate splicing, the company reports. Slitter is said to be easily accessible and allows good visibility of the scissor or razor blade knife section. Also offers a ball friction winding shaft; a user-friendly operator panel; and manual or motorized unwinding. Kampf Machinery Corp.—star-slit.com

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