Gravure winners go for gold

Gravure printing continues to say "quality." Just check out the winners of the Gravure Assn. of America's Golden Cylinders.

The Gravure Assn. of America, Rochester, NY, received over 100 entries for the 1996 Golden Cylinder competition. The association honored 16 companies who continue to elevate the art of gravure. Awards were given out May 23 at the GAA's annual convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Following are highlights of special interest to converters. For more information contact the GAA at 716/436-2150.

Packaging Film

Engraver C.N.W. Inc., Cincinnati, OH, was honored for the Tsumura Exotic Garden. The entry was reverse-printed on film with process and line colors. A special magenta helped reproduce the design's bright colors. The gravure-printed shrink-wrap label applied to a generic aerosol can enabled the customer to reduce lead time, inventory, and overall costs. Printer: American Fuji Seal; inks: Hi-Tech Color Labs; substrate: Bonset America.

Tied for honors in this category was printer Lawson Mardon Packaging, Flexible Div., Weston, Ont., Canada, for Brown-Forman Tropical Freezes. The first preblended frozen cocktails on the market needed "shelf presence," and gravure was the answer. The product was reverse-printed in eight colors. Engraver: Southern Graphic Systems; presses: Rotopak and Cerutti; inks: Kromacorp.

Product Design Concept

Breathsavers "Icebreakers" gum wrappers from Graphic Packaging Corp., Franklin, OH, were printed in five colors. The wrappers use the spectral reflectivity of the substrate (a proprietary metallized holographic material) for enhanced appearance. Engraver: C.N.W.; press: Rotomec; inks: Sun Chemical.

Also taking home a Golden Cylinder for Product Design Concept was printer Lawson Mardon Packaging, Flexible Div., Weston, Ont., Canada, for Yoplait Safari. Jungle animals were chosen to appeal to children. The package was printed in four colors without electrostatic assist on the foil-laminate lidding stock. Engraver: Southern Graphic Systems; press: Schiavi; inks: IPI (Interprovincial Inks).

Packaging Paperboard

Shorewood Packaging Corp., Newport News, VA, was the winning printer for the Maxfli golf ball lid, tray, and sleeve family. Printing, embossing, coating, and die-cutting were performed in-line. The package was redesigned to reflect an updated corporate image. Four different black inks combined with a soft backdrop to produce a duotone look, and matte and gloss contrast adds appeal. Engraver: Southern Graphic Systems; press: Magnat Machinery Inc.; inks: Sun Chemical; substrate: Container Corp. of America.

Packaging Paper

Looking good to the judges were the Absolutely Divine 12-oz. cookie bags, printed by Graphic Packaging Canada Corp., Winnipeg, Canada. The final laminated structure promotes a three-dimensional image for a fresh-baked look. Engraver: Southern Graphic Systems (Canada); press: Rotomec; inks: Zeneca (Canada); substrates: James River and Hercules.

Supplier Innovation - Press

The importance of doctor blades to the gravure industry is underscored by this award. Max Daetwyler Corp., Huntersville, NC, was honored for the Constant Contact Area Doctor Blade, a product that has actually evolved over the past 26 years. In the 1970s the company developed a blade with a consistent tip thickness that provides a constant contact area, which remains unchanged throughout the life of the blade. The result is a press run in which tonal values do not change.

Supplier Innovation - Cylinder Manufacturing

Ohio Electronic Engravers Inc., Dayton, OH, was honored for its patented VISTA Cell Sensing System, which allows the user to achieve dynamic control of the entire engraving process. The system automatically sets up test blocks; controls gray-scale linearity; corrects cell variations while engraving; and identifies catastrophic failures while engraving.

Other winners included:

* Hallmark Cards Inc. for photo gold ornaments wrapping paper: Cited for excellent execution throughout the production process and the consistent reproduction of a photo-quality image;

* Constant Services Inc. for marbled toilet seats: Judges noted printer's ability to reformulate ink hues to accommodate a high-temperature lamination finishing process;

* M.S. Chambers & Son for duck border wallcovering: Honored for the use of several separation media to achieve a smooth application on a rough, uneven substrate such as wallpaper; and

* five awards in the publications area.

Supplier Information:

Gravure Assn. of America; ph: 716/436-2150; fax: 716/436-7689.

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