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CPP: Season Two

Show Report

After its debut last year in Las Vegas, the Converting & Package Printing Expo (CPP) moves to Chicago's McCormick Pl. October 29-November 2, where it will co-locate with Pack Expo (see p43) and Process Expo. One badge will serve as an entry to all three shows.

Occupying the Lakeside Center (formerly known as the East Building), CPP will feature approximately 120 exhibitors showcasing the latest in printing, coating, slitting, and other state-of-the-art finishing processes. Market niches addressed include prepress, tag and label, corrugated, folding cartons, finishing, flexible packaging, security in packaging materials, and substrates/materials,

“The interest by and interaction among all attendees and exhibitors at the three events is enormous — and is clearly mirrored in the educational and technical programming,” says Leo Nadolske, president of CPP Expo. See p42 for a list of exhibitors as of presstime.

For more info on CPP, contact H.A. Bruno at 201/543-5060 or visit www.cppexpo.com.

The Conference Program

Monday, October 30

  • Web Handling: Rollers Part I — Effects on the Web — 9:00-9:50 A.M.

    This is a half-day, three-part seminar; attendees are encouraged to register for all three sessions. The first session will focus on the effects of rollers on webs: What controls the path of a web through the machine; how rollers affect tension; and wrinkling and other important behaviors.

  • Selecting a Control System Integrator — 9:00-9:50 A.M.

    Automation in today's industrial environment can be a high-risk, complex undertaking. Selecting a good, competent, and reliable Control System Integrator is critical to the operational success of any automation project.

  • Web Handling: Rollers Part II — Design and Maintenance — 10:05-10:55 A.M.

    The second segment of this half-day, three-part seminar will focus on how to design and troubleshoot rollers; how to choose the best rollers for a particular application; and how to maintain rollers.

  • Tension: Setting the Best for your Product and Process — 11:10 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

    The last of this three-part seminar will introduce the topic of controlling tension by means such as load cells and dancers. Learn what is the best tension setting for your web; how to control tension with load cells, dancers, and other means; and what are the most common tension problems.

  • The Advantage Series: A Cost-Effective Silicone Release System — 1:10-2:00 P.M.

    Release liner manufacturers, laminators, and label converters continually are searching for ways to reduce laminate costs, improve reliability, and increase production speeds.

  • Adhesives and Sealants for Flexible Packaging and More Part 1: Efficiency Advancement for Wraparound Labeling — 2:15-3:05 P.M.

    This seminar will feature leading suppliers of application equipment discussing new technologies on applying labeling systems to converting and packaging applications.

  • Adhesives and Sealants for Flexible Packaging and More Part 2: Stealth Consumable — How the Packaging Industry Burns Millions in Profit Each Year — 3:20-4:10 P.M.

    Leading suppliers of application equipment will discuss new technologies on applying adhesives to converting and packaging applications.

Tuesday, October 31

  • Web Handling — Eliminate Wrinkles…Eliminate Waste — 9:00-9:50 A.M.

    A second day dedicated to web handling; the first portion of this half-day, three-part seminar will focus on the causes and remedies for the most common wrinkling problems. Learn what are the four mechanisms behind all wrinkles; what are simple equipment design tips to reduce wrinkle sensitivity; and how to choose the best anti-wrinkle or spreader roller.

  • Product Safety Practices and Risk Management — 9:00-11:00 A.M.

    Panel will explain the business and legal rational for incorporating risk assessment practices into your company's management program. Updates on machinery safety standards and ANSI Z535 standards will be presented.

  • Eye to the Wall — 9:00-9:50 A.M.

    Roll printing and converting industries have struggled for years with material handling methods. From plastic film/tube/bag extruders to web label printers, all face the problems daily.

  • The Changing Economics of Electron Beam Curing — 10:05-10:55 A.M.

    With the availability of compact and lower-cost electron beam technology, it is now technically and economically practical to explore EB curing for narrow web printing.

  • Web Handling — Optimal Winding Conditions Translate into Efficiency — 10:05-10:55 A.M.

    A second day dedicated to web handling; the second part of this three-part seminar will focus on the causes and remedies for the most common winding problems. Learn what determines roll tightness and how much is needed; how to find the right winding conditions for your product; and how to prevent the most common winding defects.

  • Web Handling's Hottest Topic: The Baggy Web — 11:10 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

    The last presentation of a three-part seminar will focus on the hottest topic related to both winding and wrinkling: baggy webs. Learn how winding can create baggy webs; and how to measure and handle baggy webs — especially in nipped roller processes.

  • Re-energizing Your Converting Equipment — 11:10 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

    Presented by: Steve Ryan, technical manager, Circonix Technologies

    This seminar will discuss the areas for potential equipment upgrades, subsequent OEE improvements, and technological advantages to performing these capital projects, as well as discuss the many benefits realized from these projects.

Wednesday, November 1

  • Steps Needed in Defect Prevention Program Part 1: Overview of Coater & Prevention Program — 9:00-9:50 A.M.

    The focus of this program is on preventing defects, process improvements, and understanding defect causes and not just reacting to defect incidents as they occur. The program should be applied to both new and existing products.

  • Shear Slitting — Refining the Process 9:00-9:50 A.M.

  • Reducing Slitter Dust and Web Deformation within Shear Slitting Operations — 10:05-10:55 A.M.

    This presentation will provide insight into the effects of shear angles, knife blade bevels (angles), excessive knife overlap set up, knife dimensional run-out, blade surface finish, and blade regrinding importance. Class attendees should leave this session with a better understanding of their slitting operation and concrete measures to check for and employ immediately after returning to the factory.

  • Steps Needed in Defect Prevention Program Part 2: Product & Process Requirements — 10:05-10:55 A.M.

    The first steps in the Defect Prevention Program are focused on developing the product and process requirements; determining the capability of existing equipment; and identifying defects losses, their quantitative level, and where they occur in the process.

  • Steps Needed in Defect Prevention Program Part 3: Product & Process Requirements — 11:10 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

    The last steps in the Defect Prevention Program are focused on identifying and obtaining needed new technology; developing and implementing operational procedures; and troubleshooting and identifying defect causes.

  • Differential Winding Products & Practices & Web Spreading Devices — 11:10 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

    This presentation will look specifically at the principles behind differential winding and some of the differential shaft options available on the market. The presentation also will cover best practices used to insure optimum results in differential winding and review some successful applications.

Show Hours

Sunday, October 29 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Monday, October 30 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Tuesday, October 31 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Wednesday, November 1 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Thursday, November 2 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M.

Exhibitor List

A.co.m./Advanced Converting Machinery; #9701; www.comexi.com
AccuWeb; #9511; www.accuweb.com
Adhesive & Sealant Council; #9551; www.ascouncil.org
Adheso-Graphics; #9437; www.adheso-graphics.com
Advance Systems; #9625; www.advancesystems.com
Appleton Mfg. #9430; www.amdpsi.com
Applied Materials; #9914; www.appliedmaterials.com
Arjobex America; #9841; www.polyart.com
Ashe Converting Equipment; #9711; www.ashe.co.uk
Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators/AIMCAL; #9530; www.aimcal.org
AzTech Machinery; #9723; www.aztechmachinery.com
Balemaster; #9444; www.balemaster.com
Black Clawson Converting Machinery; #9505; www.bc-egan.com
Blower Application Co.; #9917; www.bloapco.com
BMB/Bachofen & Meier; #9516; www.bmbag.ch
C&M Baling Systems; #9414; www.baling.com
Camtech; #9944; www.elitecameron.com
Catalytic Products Intl.; #9550; www.cpilink.com
CavCom; #9904; www.cavcominc.com
Celplast Metallized Products; #9523; http://cmp.celplast.com
Charter Films; #9717; www.charterfilms.com
Circonix Technologies; #9428; www.circonix.com
COIM USA,; #9939; www.coimgroup.com
ColdKeepers; #9440; www.koldtogo.com
Color Resolutions Intl.; #9433; www.colorresolutions.com
Comexi North America; #9701; www.comexi.com
Compass Systems & Sales; #9415; www.compasssystemsandsales.com
Conquip; #9410; www.conquip.com
Contech; #9417; www.contech-usa.com
Converter Accessory Corp. #9908; www.converteraccessory.com
CorTechnologies; #9909; www.corecutting.com
CSiA; #9948; www.controlsys.org
CTM Systems; #9407; www.ctmsystemsinc.com
Dalmec; #9738; www.dalmecusa.com
Davis Standard; #9505; www.bc-egan.com
Deacro Industries; #9911; www.deacro.com
Dover Flexo Electronics; #9842; www.dfe.com
Drytec Trocknungs — und Befeuchtungstechnik; #9516; www.drytec.net
Dunmore Corp.; #9420; www.dunmore.com
Eberle S.A.; #9756; www.eberle-sa.com
Egan; #9505; www.bc-egan.com
Elite Cameron; #9944; www.elitecameron.com
Energy Sciences; #9945; www.ebeam.com
Extrusion Dies Industries; #9520; www.extrusiondies.com
Faustel; #9744; www.faustel.com
Finzer Roller; #9541; www.finzerroller.com
FlexArt; #9905; www.flexartcoatings.com
Flexo Mechanical Services; #9907
FMS USA; #9924; www.fms-technology.com
Galileo Vacuum Systems; #9423; www.galileovacuum.com
General Vacuum Equipment; #9626; www.bobst.com
Global Technologies; #9627; www.globaltechllc.com
J.M. Heaford; #9741; www.jmheaford.co.uk
Honle UV America; #9441; www.honleuv.com
Husson; #9930; www.husson.com
ICP/Innovative Consumer Pkg; #9543; www.icp-int.net
Karlville Development; #9501; www.karlville.com
Kelva; #9516; www.kelva.com
Kongskilde Industries; #9508; www.kongskilde.com
Kroenert Corp.; #9516; www.kroenert.com
L&E America/TANN Corp.; #9533; www.l-eamerica.com
Lamart Corp.; #9527; www.lamartcorp.com
Lever Mfg. Corp.; #9542; www.levercorp.com
M. Torres Disenos Industriales SA; #9538; www.mtorres.es
Majer; #9445; www.majer.de
Mario Cotta America; #9435; www.mariocotta-usa.com
Martin Controls; #9950; www.martincsi.com
May Coating; #9644; www.remmele.com
MEGTEC Systems; #9528; www.megtec.com
Moisture Register Products; #9442; www.moistureregisterproducts.com
Montalvo Corp.; #9412; www.montalvo.com
MPP; #9926; www.mpp.net
NDC Infrared Engineering; #9403; www.ndcinfrared.com
New Era Converting Machinery; #9920; www.neweraconverting.com
Nordmeccanica; #9707; www.nordmeccanica.com
Nordson Corp.; #9927; www.nordson.com
NRD; #9929; www.nrdinc.com
OEC Graphics; #9720; www.oecgraphics.com
Pack Industrie; #9733; www.packindustrie.com
Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER; #9447; www.pffc-online.com
PBI — Dansensor America; #9525; www.pbi-dansensor.us
Pillar Technologies; #9514; www.pillartech.com
PlastiSoft Corp.; #9544; www.plastisoft.com
Poligon Industrial De Girona; #9701; www.comexi.com
Polymag Tek; #9921; www.polymagtek.com
Polymount Intl.; #9720; www.polymount-int.com
Polytype America Corp.; #9628; www.polytype.com
Precision Air Convey; #9729; www.airconvey.com
Preco; #9436; www.precolaser.com
Process Sensors Corp.; #9933; www.processsensors.com
Profama North America; #9535; www.profama.com
Proslit; #9701; www.comexi.com
Proton Products; #9938; www.protonproducts.com
Racine Flame Spray; #9923; www.racineflame.com
Remmele Engineering; #9644; www.remmeleautomation.com
Rotadyne; #9906; www.rotadyne.com
Royal Adhesives & Sealants; #9554; www.royaladhesives.com
Sage Automation; #9742; www.sagerobot.com
Schlumpf; #9941; www.schlumpf-inc.com
Sigma Technologies Intl., #9422; www.sigmalabs.com
SKC; #9425; www.skcfilms.com
Softal — 3DT LLC; #9726; www.softal.de
Spack System; #9647; www.spack-system.com
Specialty Tapes; #9902; www.specialtytapes.net
Stratis Roll Pallets; #9401; www.pallets.com
Sung An Machinery Co.; #9935; www.sungan.net
SVT Specialty Bag Machinery; #9703; www.plastic-bag-machinery.com
Tekmatex; #9624; www.tekmatex.com
Termika US; #9843; www.imball.it
Terphane; #9623; www.terphane.com
Thai Film Industries Co.; #9641; www.thaifilmind.com
Uteco North America; #9411; www.uteco.com
V. Himark (USA); #9404; www.vhimarkusa.com
Vast Films; #9427; www.vastfilm.com
Vetaphone; #9516; www.vetaphone.com
W.H. Leary Co.; #9408; www.whleary.com
Webex; #9438; www.webexinc.com
Zenith Cutter; #9942; www.zenithcutter.com

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