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Add Variable Data Capability
PTS/Printing Technology Services, Clearwater, FL; 727/446-3014;
The Jetflex inkjet system reportedly enhances existing print operations, increasing press profitability by integrating variable data printing for virtually any application. Features include configurable print width from 0.5–18 in. and more; print resolutions to 600 x 600 dpi; and print speeds to 750 fpm. Operates in-line with press or off-line with an unwind/rewind or feeder/conveyor.

Full Color with UV Inkjet Press
Jetrion, Ypsilanti, MI; 734/641-3062;
The 4000 Series digital UV inkjet press delivers full-color labels in production volumes, reportedly with quality comparable to flexography. Suited for short- and medium-length narrow web runs, as well as variable-data imaging, presses run off-line and use company’s new UV4000 set of CMYK inks. Offered in widths of 4, 6, and 8 in., presses eliminate need to varnish or laminate since UV-cured ink will not scratch off.

Films Shimmer and Shift
3M, St. Paul, MN; 800/257-0646;
Radiant Light Films combine precise layers of polymeric materials with different reflective qualities and add prismatic impact for appearance, brand differentiation, and shelf appeal. Colors are said to shimmer and shift with changes in viewing angle, light source, and the environment. Film may be embossed, die-cut, shear slit, precision cut, surface treated, dyed, coated or laminated with adhesive, printed, and extruded into plastics.

Doctor Blades Last Longer
Allison Systems Corp., Riverside, NJ; 877/461-9111;
Superhoned Gold doctor blades are said to provide extended blade life and to eliminate metal buildup problems. Suited for gravure, flexo, and pad-print marking. Many variations of hardened-and non-hardened edge shapes can be customized for various job requirements.

Flexo Presses Offer Variety
MPS Systems, Didam, The Netherlands; +31 316 29 12 60;
The EF (Effective Flexo) line of presses for labels and flexible packaging uses digital servo technology to provide high print quality, company says. Integrated converting technology includes hot and cold foil stamping in each print unit, laminating in each print unit, a positioning rail to integrate at any location, and more.

Reduce Slitter Injuries
Tidland Corp., Camas, WA; 800/426-1000;
Blade guard is said to be an affordable way to reduce injuries for slitter operators. Attaches easily to company’s Performance Series Knifeholder. Additional material at the front of the knifeholder deflects the motion of an operator’s hand away from the web and provides critical reaction time.

Enhanced Digital Color Offered
HP Indigo, Palo Alto, CA; 858/655-4262;
The ws4500 digital press, based on company’s ws4050 technology, offers a fully automated workflow and enhanced color capabilities said to outperform flexography. Reported benefits include measurable reduction in operator intervention for web handling; reliable 24/7 operation able to produce up to 500 different short-run jobs/month; and seamless integration with coating and finishing solutions.

Find Best Label Facestock
Appleton, Appleton, WI; 920/734-9841;
Label facestock selection tool makes it easier for converters to match direct thermal paper performance with label requirements. Includes 21 label applications, calculates primary and secondary recommendations, and cross-references each application with specific ribbonless thermal facestock attributes.

Expand Spot Color Rendering
Enovation Graphic Systems, a Fujifilm co., Valhalla, NY; 866/617-8473;
The FinalProof GxT digital halftone proofer features an eight-color library of donor material that includes green, orange, red, and reflex blue in addition to traditional CMYK. Silver metallic and opaque white donors are said to make this the optimal proofing system for specialty packaging and brand design markets.

Inspect for All Kinds of Defects
Trucolor Vision Systems, LaGrange, GA; 706/845-6970;
The API 100 system inspects 100% of printed paper, film, foil, or paperboard for all types of print defects. Allows comprehensive and fast defect analysis and waste reduction by detecting occasional, continuous, and repeated defects instantly and automatically.

Two Digital Coaters Offered
PAT Technology Systems, Montreal, QC, Canada; 888/655-8455;
Digital UV coating system is capable of variable data coating and variable data printing. Line comprises a sheet-fed digital coater designated Varstar and a web-fed, semi-rotary converter/digital coater called Rotoworx. Will perform flood and spot coating, textures, and variable gloss levels with a single fluid, as well as special effects without the need for plates.

Inspect, Edit, Print, and More
Arpeco, Southbury, CT; 860/355-2010;
The Platform 20/20 web processing system combines the benefits of fault editing, bi-directional inspection, and re-inspection with unidirectional slitting, counting, lead/tail creation, and inkjet printing, all in a single pass. Designed for the pharmaceutical and security-sensitive industries, product is said to offer the highest level of quality control and to provide cost-effective throughput since machine is stopped and product reversed only when faults are present.

High-Tech Web Finishing
Rotoflex USA, Schaumburg, IL; 800/387-3825;
The Vericut 2 offers next-generation web finishing. Designed with advanced motion control technology, model features Advanced eDrive web transport; high die-cutting accuracy; versatility for a variety of substrates; and modular design. Available capabilities include spot coating, cold foil, hot foil stamping, embossing, rotary sheeting, and stacking.

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