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Web Guide for Dynamic Control
FMS USA, Arlington Hts., IL; 847/392-7872;
Upgraded BKS010 Series ultra-compact web guide is said to offer better dynamic control for narrow web applications. Standard package includes an ultrasonic or optical edge sensor; built-in position controls; a quick bolt-down frame design; and CE conformity. Can be used with two of company’s edge sensors for center guiding.

Gauging System is a “Smart” One
NDC Infrared Engineering, Irwindale, CA; 626/960-3300;
TDI (Total Distributed Intelligence) for on-line thickness measurement and control systems reportedly offers high speed and accuracy. Dedicated processing engine turns a product measurement sensor into an iSensor (intelligent sensor) that performs all measurement tasks independently.

Mount/Proof with New System
ADI Trade Group, Sylvania, GA; 912/564-2400;
The ADI/PDM AKU-Check mounter/proofer features a new computerized stretch compensation system comprising an encoder, keypad, and digital display. Enables product to utilize company’s two fixed and permanently parallel cylinders—said to reduce the distortion on printed proof—for all mounting jobs.

New Software Compatibility
Dalim Software, Kehl, Germany; +49 7851 919655;
Company reports compatibility for the Intel-processor-based Apple Macintosh systems throughout its software production automation product line. Existing software will continue to work with the Rosetta utility built into Mac OS X. New versions will be able to take advantage of the full processing power and input/output of the Intel Core Duo processors.

New Pigments Added
Engelhard Corp., a sub. of BASF, Iselin, NJ; 732/205-5000;
Company has expanded its lines of Rightfit organic pigments and Synergy color pigments to include Rightfit Yellow 1220, Synergy Scarlet 6012, and Synergy Yellow 6261. Pigments are said to offer increased strength and reduced formulation costs for plastics, packaging, and more.

Get Two Functions in One
North American Mfg. Co., Cleveland, OH; 216/271-6000; namfg.com
Integrated web guide and splice table design combines two functions into one and reduces in-machine web path and redundant idler rolls. Available for web widths to 28 in., the HDNC-style guide design locates an operator display in the guide frame, within easy reach for an operator. Web clamps can be activated pneumatically or manually.

Wash Benefits the Environment
Genesis, Waukegan, IL; 847/244-3600;
In partnership with Oxy-Dry, company developed Ecoclean blanket and roller wash manufactured using >90% renewable resources. Contains 34 g/L of VOCs and is said to be equally effective on cold set, heat set, and energy-curable inks.

Line Sensor Does Many Things
Baumer Electric, Southington, CT; 800/937-9336;
The ParCon line sensor is available in a switching or analog version with lateral or frontal optics. With a 24-mm-wide, homogeneous measuring field formed by parallel beams, web edges can be positioned precisely with the analog version; object widths can be determined regardless of position; and the top edge of stacks can be measured.

Curing System is Flexible
Research Inc., Eden Prairie, MN; 952/941-3300;
Model 1000 UV OnLine System can be integrated on wet offset or flexo presses, as well as other applications in which UV curing is required. Available in widths from 12–66 in. Features a dedicated microprocessor controller in each power supply, said to assure safety, provide diagnostics and failure alerts, and offer unlimited flexibility for control.

Access Web Guides on Network
Fife Corp., Oklahoma City, OK; 800/639-3433;
Company has embedded Ethernet IP into its D-Max Series web guide systems. System is recognized immediately on an existing network as soon as it is connected, without the need for a separate communication card. ActiveX screens mimic the easy-to-use operator interface, providing access to the advanced system features and reportedly ensuring standardization throughout the plant with no additional programming.

Materials Benefit Doctor Blades
Sandvik Materials Technology, Sandviken, Sweden; +46 26 26 30 00;
Strip steel for doctor blades reportedly is delivered with smooth, burr-free edges. Company says control and balancing of the steel’s metallurgy results in strip steel with consistent properties; specially developed hardening and slitting processes result in an almost stress-free material; and process control in manufacturing ensures a high degree of straightness, flatness, high strength, and wear resistance.

Control Web Guides Easily
Double E Co., West Bridgewater, MA; 508/588-8099;
The Re RK31 interface controller is separated from the MWG61 driver, reportedly allowing many improvements to conventional web guiding systems. One controller directs up to ten guides. Compact, removable controller features a clear, user-friendly LCD display, simple operation, and step-by-step pop-up instructions in multiple languages.

Protect Rolls During Shipping
Badger Plug Co., Greenville, WI; 920/757-7300;
Pad plugs are offered in a wide variety of sizes and styles to protect small- to medium-sized rolls during shipping and storage. Combining both pad and plug into a single unit that reduces packaging inventory and related labor time, plugs are available in lightweight and heavy-duty models.

High Currents with Charging Bar
MKS, Ion Industrial, Windsor Locks, CT; 888/310-3334;
The 7430 charging bar is designed for the demands of converting operations, including surface pinning, temporary bonding, product stacking, flexible packaging, interlayer adhesion, and more. Long-lasting tungsten electrodes in a unique spacing configuration are said to achieve charging currents 20% higher than industry-standard bars. Electrode resistors help prevent formation of high-voltage arcs.

Grind and Polish Knives
Dienes Werke für Maschinenteile, Overath, Germany; +49 2206 605214;
Machines are for grinding and polishing all types of circular knives, particularly for regrinding the top and bottom knives of slitters and sheeters. Machines are designed for circular knives to 300 mm dia. High-precision machines are equipped with a slewable workpiece and tool spindle head, both frequency controlled.

Print Corrugated Digitally
Inca Digital Printers, Cambridge, UK; +44 1223 577800;
The FastJet digital high-speed printer, developed jointly with Sun Chemical Digital, is capable of supporting high-volume production runs for corrugated packaging. Delivers four-color process printing on sheet-fed substrates to 67 in. long and 47 in. wide. Throughput potential is to 60,000 sq ft/hr. Single-pass printer has 480 printheads fixed in stationary arrays nearly 41 in. wide.

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