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Coat Two Sides at Once
Retroflex, Wrightstown, WI; 877/532-5600;
Two-sided coater is designed to apply an overall coat of temperature-controlled fluid to two sides of the web simultaneously. Enclosed reverse-angle doctor blade systems are used for precise fluid application to the gravure or anilox roll.

Trolley Coater Very Flexible
Sung An Machinery Co., Ansan City, South Korea; +82-31-491-9741;
The MRC-313 is a trolley-based, multi-roll coater with the potential to be operated in 13 different modes with three different trolleys. Trolleys include 2/3/5 roll coating arrangements with a variety of coating supply systems and doctor features, including enclosed chamber design, pressurized chamber doctor, and conventional doctor blade system.

Press has Automated Features
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Heidelberg, Germany; +49 62 21-9200;
The Speedmaster XL 105 is a 29.5x41.3-in. press with offset coating unit that reaches speeds to 18,000 sph. Hycolor inking and dampening system features new inking unit geometry and automated settings. Preset Plus delivery allows air to pass through and is said to eliminate turbulence to help stabilize sheet travel. DryStar 3000 generation dryers reportedly provide optimum efficiency.

EB-Cure Laminating Adhesives
Northwest Coatings, Oak Creek, WI; 414/762-3330;
Company offers EB-curable laminating adhesives that are FDA-compliant for food packaging applications. Adhesives are said to provide good bonding to a variety of substrates, including PET, BOPP, LDPE, metallized films, aluminum foil, and paper. These are one-part adhesives that require no mixing or adjustment; full bond strength is achieved immediately upon curing, which allows in-line processing.

Dispense Hot Melt Quickly
Valco Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH; 513/874-6550; valcocincinnati.com
Precision hot melt dispensing systems for coating and laminating applications include models ranging from small slot die-heads for release tape applications to customized turnkey projects to 2 m wide. Systems reportedly offer fast, easy setup with minimum adjustment from job to job.

Adhesive Gives Control
National Adhesives, Bridgewater, NJ; 908/685-5000;
First in a series under the Ultimate Control brand is 32-541A resin UC. High-performance resin adhesive product is said to provide accurate, consistent, and optimal adhesive application control for lamination application and retrofit equipment. Reportedly provides a balance of tack, open time, and set speed; reduces moisture transfer into the sheet; and offers superior hold-out properties.

Coating is Flame-Retardant
ADM Tronics, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Santel Flame Guard coating technology product is designed to provide the highest adhesion levels to a range of both porous and non-porous substrates. Flame-retardant product is water-based and coats a variety of surfaces, including PVC (vinyl) as well as other films, paper, and board. Dried surface is said to become very durable.

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