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Laminator Offers Added Drying Efficiency
The Triplex Combi three-ply laminator now features added drying efficiency, electronics upgrades, and improved operator interface. Features an interchangeable coating head technology that allows it to run with any combination of solvent-based, water-based, or solvent-free adhesives. Designed to reduce production costs on high value, multi-ply laminated substrates.

Nordmeccanica—PFFC-ASAP 301.

Slitter/Rewinder Features Quick Changeover
The FA 300 fully automatic slitter/rewinder reportedly offers the high productivity of a fully automatic machine as well as the flexibility of a semi-automatic one. Features working widths from 1,000–2,100 mm with slitting width changeover in 10 min. Can produce rolls from 9 mm wide to logs in full width with maximum external diameter of 300 mm. Suitable for all types of self-adhesive materials, including paper and aluminum. A web path with an electronically controlled variable profile allows for good tension control from the unwind to the rewind point.
Ghezzi & Annoni—PFFC-ASAP 302.

Reduce Injuries with Core Plug Remover
Suitable for core sizes from 76–300 mm, the Plug Puller removes core plugs from paper rolls, reportedly reducing injuries that can be caused by removing the plugs by hand. Allows core plugs to be tighter, which gives the roll a better chance of arriving at the customer’s facility undamaged and perfectly round. Product is said to be easy to maneuver and control and can accommodate two plugs from both sides of the paper roll within its body.
Rolpex—PFFC-ASAP 303.

Composite Doctor Blades Outlast Steel TruPoint UltraFlex doctor blades are engineered from a thin-weave fiberglass composite material said to provide the same level of stiffness as a steel doctor blade while increasing blade life up to 4x. Reportedly reduce anilox scoring and workplace injury for substantial cost savings. Blades are designed as an alternative to steel for applications in the flexible packaging, tag and label, and offset tower coating markets.
Flexo Concepts—PFFC-ASAP 304.

Protect Rolls and Reduce Inventory
Pad Plugs are available in a variety of sizes and styles to protect small- to medium-sized rolls during shipping and storage. Product combines pad and plug into a single unit that reduces roll packaging inventory and related labor time. Available in lightweight and heavy-duty models. Said to fit securely into roll ends to suspend valuable product off the floor and out of harm’s way. Stock sizes are available to 16 sq in.
Badger Plug Co.—PFFC-ASAP 305.

Chill Rolls Have Mirror Finish
An optical mirror finish on chill rolls reportedly yields ultra-smooth and clear finishes for plastic film and sheet extrusions. Manufacturer says optical mirror finishes normally range from 0.1–0.5 RA and are considered flawless. Surface finishes are specified to meet specific applications such as a mirror pocket finish for a high-performance release surface or a matte finish to produce a textured or opaque film. Proprietary heat transfer software is used to design each chill roll to operate with exacting temperature control of ±1 deg F, company reports.
Webex—PFFC-ASAP 306.

Manipulate Rolls Easily
Vertical Center Lifts grip rolls from inside the core for safe and easy roll handling with the assistance of overhead cranes or hoists while keeping roll material safe from marks or compressions. Lifts use a serrated leaf to grip the core I.D. while the force of gravity increases the grip to provide a safe lift. Rolls cannot be released while suspended. Available in spring-activated and air-actuated models. Center Lifts handle rolls to 3,000 lb and fit standard 3- and 6-in. cores.
Nim-Cor—PFFC-ASAP 307.

Achieve Metallic Effects with Offset Plate
Foil Star cold foil technology for Speedmaster CD 74 and CD 102 presses allows the addition of metallic effects to labels and cartons. Uses a conventional offset printing plate to speed makeready. Said to work in precise register at high speeds. Suitable for text, lines, screens, and solids, especially for short runs and frequent job changes. Employs two offset printing units—the first to apply adhesive and the second, equipped with take-up and take-off units, to apply foil. Foil is nipped with the sheet between the blanket and impression cylinders, while pressure transfers only the adhesive-coated foil images to the substrate. Both printing units can be used for printing again immediately after cold foil application, company reports.
Heidelberg—PFFC-ASAP 308.

Ink Dissolver Restores Cell Volume
MDC1 ink dissolver/cleaner is for use on anilox rollers, gravure cylinders, presses, ink pans, and other press parts. Reportedly will remove camouflage and restore maximum cell volume for water-based, solvent-based, and UV inks, as well as varnishes and other coatings. The ultrasonic ink dissolver/cleaner is said to be effective at removing dried ink from cells and, with regular use, prevent premature roll replacement. It is safe for use, environmentally friendly, does not contain halogens or CFC, and is non-flammable, company says.
Max Daetwyler Corp.—PFFC-ASAP 309.

Polymers Feature Antimicrobial Technology
Multifunctional water-based emulsion polymers combined with antimicrobial properties can be integrated into products in many ways, including coatings, adhesives, saturants, or films. The technology allows converters to incorporate sustained antimicrobial action into products along with the traditional benefits of a polymer component.
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex—PFFC-ASAP 310.

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