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Sheet-Fed Press Loaded with Upgrades
Komori America Corp.
, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/806-9000;
The Lithrone S40 sheet-fed press includes technology from Lithrone presses plus a number of enhancements, including advanced automated makeready features; automatic plate changers; ramping to 7,000 sph before sheets start to feed; skeleton-type transfer cylinders with venturi air pans said to reduce marking and maintain perfect sheet control through the press; and more. Top printing speed is 16,000 sph. Will print on substrates from onionskin to 40-pt board for packaging and POP display applications.

Industrial Pumps Provide High Performance
Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps
, Wanner Engineering, Minneapolis, MN; 612/332-5681;
The D-15 Series of industrial pumps is horizontally oriented, either direct-coupled or belt-driven. The pump is easy to mount, self-priming, and can run dry without damage, co. says. Features classic co. design with five hydraulically balanced diaphragms for pulse-free, positive displacement delivery.

Shafted Rollstand Avoids Waste
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162;
Shafted rollstand outfitted with edge guidance can minimize trim waste, according to co. The edge guidance system compensates automatically to assure proper placement of the web through the cutter and into the stacker, eliminating the need to take an edge trim when slitting telescoped rolls. System handles rolls to 60 in. dia, is available in widths to 65 in., and has a 5,000-lb capacity.

Rewinder Helps Reduce Scrap
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Suffolk, England; +44 1473 710912;
Co. says new developments in its Emerald Series of reversible rewinders reduce high-value scrap levels. The compact machine can be configured with a range of enhancing options and can accommodate a web width and rewind diameters to 24 in., with core sizes from ½-12 in. Options include a trimming section, inspection paths, splice table, trim removal system, trim winders, and oscillating rewinds.

No Adhesives with Electrostatic Charging System
, Harleysville, PA; 215/513-0850;
Autostat Model 3000 charging system utilizes the latest technology for the temporary electrostatic bonding of materials, eliminating the need for adhesives or mechanical holddown. System features edge pinning of web to ensure constant direction, spot pinning of overwrapping material prior to heat sealing, and the removal of air pockets during laminating.

Ink Jet Proofer Predicts Final Job Accurately
Creo Inc.
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700;
Veris digital contract proofing system delivers high-resolution contone proofs that co. says set a new standard for ink jet technology. According to mfr., system produces a controlled stream of precisely formed and placed dots at 1500 × 1500 dpi for high quality, repeatable proofs that are accurate predictors of the final printed job. Proofing system offers automated loading/unloading and is compatible with several software and workflow media, including Brisque and Prinergy workflows, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Slit Small Rolls In-Line Quickly
Windmöller & Hölscher
, Lengerich, Germany; +49 (0) 5481 14-3669;
The Corematic automatic roll-handling system is designed to increase printing press productivity when handling small slit rolls intended for use with automatic packaging systems. Can be used in-line on flexo and gravure presses and will allow the web to be slit and wound in a single pass. Running at maximum speed, very short web lengths (e.g., to 1,000 m) can be wound at cycle times of less than 3 min. System is designed to handle up to four slit rolls of diameters between 200 and 600 mm, with a maximum roll width of 300 mm.

Proofing Software Reduces Set-Up Times
GMG Weihing GmbH
, Tuebingen, Germany; +49 (0) 70 71 9 38 74-0;
ColorProof software provides solutions for all aspects of digital proofing, mfr. says. Fully automates labor-intensive repetitive processes, reportedly reducing set-up times drastically. Software has a scatter-proof function to collect files for output; runs on standard PCs (Windows); and consists of three components: Color Engine; Profile Editor; and software RIP. Easy-to-use manual helps new users become familiar with software and ensures reliable color workflow without any surprises, co. adds.

Tension Transmitter Small But Capable
Thermo BLH
, Canton, MA; 781/821-2000;
The PS-2010T transmitter offers web tension measurement for applications requiring a small, full-function indicator/controller. Standard units include dynamic digital filtering, eight setpoints, and precision 120 updates/sec. Units can be DIN rail-mounted inside any existing cabinet, and setup and calibration are said to be quick.

X-Ray Sensor Alternative to Nucleonic Gauges
NDC Infrared Engineering
, Irwindale, CA; 626/960-3300;
Model 312 X-ray transmission sensor is described as a substitute for nucleonic transmission gauges when an alternative to radioactive isotopes is required. Targeted for a variety of plastics extrusion applications and more, reportedly sensors can provide better measurement performance than the best-designed beta gauges and can be installed, operated, and serviced safely with minimal licensing and regulation requirements. High-voltage power supply that can be regulated precisely for output is said to result in improved sensor stability and allow energy output to be optimized for best possible performance on a given application. Designed for use in processes where spatial resolution is less critical, such as nonwovens and sheet applications.

Surface Treater Eliminates Electrode Warping
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/250-3142;
Ultra-wide-web surface treater employs an electrode design said virtually to eliminate electrode warping from thermal expansion. Co. adds that electrode warping can be an ongoing condition that permanently affects the quality of surface treatment.

Remote Options Added for Workflow Modules
DALiM Software GmbH
, Kehl, Germany; +49 7851 919655;
Web-based applications TwiST Weblink and TwiST Dialogue are available as optional modules for co.'s SwiNG preconfigured and customizable automated suite of workflow modules. Co. reports this extends the flexibility of remote management benefits to all customers.

Static Neutralizer Is Enhanced with Data Capabilities
Ion Systems Industrial
, Windsor Locks. CT; 860/292-6847;
Co. reports it has continued to engineer data capture capabilities into its Virtual AC Intelligent static neutralizers. Newest enhancements allow users to output analog data to the devices of their choice, providing a convenient means for capturing the neutralizer's ion output and neutralizing current flowing to the charged material, as well as for system diagnostics. Virtual AC control module provides a real-time visual display. Neutralizers also are available with RS-485 interface that lets users monitor and control from a single terminal up to 31 individual Virtual AC static neutralizers connected together in an integrated system. Data can be used to analyze production run records, maintenance logs, and other performance data for each neutralizer.

Corrugated System Cold Adhesive Dispensing
Nordson Corp.
, Duluth, MN; 770/497-3425;
The WM 100CS corrugated system offers cold adhesive application and control for in-line seam sealing. The random-length pattern control adjusts pattern length automatically to help provide consistent adhesive placement. System directs precise adhesive placement and consistent glue volume through speed range, co. says, and is adaptable to most flexo folder/gluer machines. Easily converts from inside to outside glue lap capability. Glue patterns can be verified using optional WM 500 cold adhesive detection system.

IMC Boat Line Expands
Advanced Ceramics Corp.
, Strongsville, OH; 216/592-3900; 800/822-4322;
Metallist line of IMC boats includes the Metallist-Classic, the Metallist-StabilizerPlus, and the yet-to-be-launched Metallist-VaporPro. Metallist-StabilizerPlus Boats offer aluminum puddle and evaporation stability, says co., adding operators will notice a more even wetout of aluminum throughout boat cavity. New boats also are said to reach initial stability much faster than before.

Doctor Blades Are Long-Wearing
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200;
Nonmetallic doctor blades for the flexo, specialty, and gravure industries are a safe steel alternative, co. says. Made of specially formulated materials, blades reportdly resist wear, prevent ink buildup, and allow safe handling. Available with straight, bevel, and lamella tips.

Shaft Releases Automatically
Convertech Inc.
, Wharton, NJ; 973/328-1850;
Trapper leaf shaft incorporates advanced technological capabilities said to hold the leading edge of materials firmly for easy startup. Automatic release permits easy removal of finished rolls. Shaft has one fixed leaf that assists roll in running concentrically and is available with lift-out or flanged mountings.

Noncontact Tension Control Is PC-Compatible
Converter Accessory Corp.
, Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413;
The RIC-2 ultrasound, noncontact, automatic, open loop tension control is effective in maintaining consistent tension from an unwind station or providing an adjustable taper tension for a rewind, co. says. With optional calibration software, can be calibrated on a PC in exceptionally fine increments. Requires little operation attention and few manual adjustments.

Circulating Water Bath Operates in Broad Range
Brookfield Engineering
, Middleboro, MA; 800/628-8139;
The TC-601 compact refrigerated circulating water bath is for use with co.'s viscometers/rheometers and accessories. Features a small footprint (8 × 16 in.) and comes equipped with heating and cooling capability. Has a broad operating range from -20 to +200 deg C. Supplied with a manual or programmable controller and operates in stand-alone mode.

IR/Air Oven for Solvent-Based Coatings
Radiant Energy Systems
, Hawthorne, NJ; 973/423-5220;
Conveyorized IR/air oven dries and cures solvent-based coatings on nonwovens, textiles, paper, film, and foil. R.E.S. Class A oven dries and coats materials with IR heat while introducing air to “scrub” the evaporating solvents off. The air-borne solvents then are extracted and recovered for re-use by a solvent recovery system that's said to ensure the air exhausted from the system is environmentally safe.

Opacity Monitor Has New Features
Land Instruments
, Newtown, PA; 215/504-8000; 800/523-8989;
Model 4500mkII+ flue gas dust opacity monitor retains the features and performance capability of its parent model but features improved ergonomics, a fully integrated touch panel, and stainless steel junction box. Other improvements include an improved retro-reflector and higher corrosion resistance.

Bale Large Quantities Without Shredding
American Baler
, Bellevue, OH; 800/843-7512;
The custom-engineered T-Rex baler features an extra-large (80×70-in.) hopper that accepts large quantities of bulky materials readily without preprocessing or shredding incoming waste. The 12-in.-dia hydraulic cylinder delivers more than 339,000 lb of compression force to compact old corrugated container (OCC) scrap into evenly compacted bales that can weigh up to 3,000 lb. Can bale to 30 tons/hr of OCC.

Adjust Tool Head Stroke Length Automatically
Amacoil Inc.
, Aston, PA; 610/485-8300; 800/252-2645;
A linear drive assembly requires no programming and has mechanically triggered controls that adjust the tool head stroke length and reversal automatically to meet application requirements. Designed for use in converting operations where it is necessary to increase or decrease the tool head stroke length gradually without stopping or slowing down the system.

Temperature Sensor Suited for Critical Applications
Raytek GmbH
, Germany; +49 3(0) 47 80 08-0;
The MID (Miniature Digital) noncontact IR automated on-line temperature sensor features what is said to be the industry's smallest temperature sensor head and communication options for remote control and data collection. With a measurement range of -40 to 1,200 deg C, the MID reportedly is ideal for critical temperature monitoring within equipment or along the production line in a wide variety of process applications.

Shaftless Driven Technology Offers Costs Benefits
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
, Hoffman Estates, IL; 847/645-4073;
The SYNAX200 delivers shaftless driven technology, replacing mechanical drive elements with high-precision digital drives for what is said to be greater flexibility and efficiency. Co. says user-friendly software tools for fast commissioning, diagnosis, and PLC programming simplify the implementation and maintenance of the automation system. Co. adds synchronized, highly precise digital singular drivers reduce production and assembly costs in printing, folding, winding, and embossing units and in draw rollers and cross cutters.

Automatic Web Inspection
, Hertfordshire, England; +44 (0) 1442 241700;
The QC-EasyMax MC system provides 100% automatic web inspection. Able to be integrated and used in-line, system is supplied with a combination lighting unit that can supply diffuse reflection, transmission, and specular lighting, or a combination.

Cure UV Completely with Advanced System
Prime UV
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100;
Prime FLEXfilm advanced UV curing system offers the complete cure of heavy-coverage UV inks, co. says. Reportedly, the Smart 2100 Control Platform provides consistent cure, deep penetration of UV light waves, and cool processing of the film substrate. The system is compact and can be retrofitted on CI web presses running flexible films.

Proofer Yields High Quality Package Proofs
Kodak Polychrome Graphics
, Norwalk, CT; 203/845-7115;
First Check desktop color proofer is said to have a user-friendly design with capabilities attractive to independent and in-house packaging designers. In addition to printing CMYK process colors on a variety of substrates, co. says system also can print spot orange, green, and black; opaque white; gold and silver foils; gold and silver metallics; and a finish coat. Proofing media include four papers, a transfer film, and a shrink-wrap film, with standard media size 13 × 19 in. Proofer prints via a thermal-dry proofing technology and is capable of printing at a “true” 600×600-dpi resolution, says mfr.

Safety Module Additions Available
Banner Engineering Corp.
, Minneapolis, MN; 888/373-6767;
Two new safety module families are available. ES-UA/VA-5A features four immediate output-switching channels for connection to control-reliable power interrupt circuits, as well as an auxiliary non-safety, normally closed output for status monitoring. ES-TN-14H5/6 has four immediate and four delayed adjustable output switching channels. Both families feature auto or monitored manual reset and input monitoring.

Tension Indication from Multiple Points
Dover Flexo Electronics
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150;
MAC MultiAmplifier Card and IMUX Tension Multiplexer combined are said to allow multi-point tension monitoring at lower cost than using multiple single-channel indicators for same task. The MAC circuit card amplifies signals from up to eight sets of tension transducers, while the IMUX accessory provides multi-channel tension signal display.

Web Management System Enhanced
, Mahwah, NJ; 201/327-7410;
CxView-WMS hardware/software package is designed as a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot web systems. Technology has been enhanced to perform numerous web management and process visualization tasks. User-configurable product line is written in Visual Basic language. Features a 15-in., touch-sensitive, color TFT screen; tension, speed, and motor loads; complete drive and motor controls; color-coded fields for data entry and display; graphical indication of dryer air flows; and more.

Gearless Eight-Color Press Boasts Quality
, Agawam, MA; 413/786-8692;
Co. introduces the FP eight-color gearless press with direct-drive technology. The press features a fully automatic washup and is said to feature rapid changeover and a dedicated sleeve concept.

Calibrated Patch Is Proof Indicator
Bestcolor USA
, West Chester, OH; 513/942-7111;
The Best Light Proof Indicator is a calibrated patch that may be attached to proofs to ensure viewing is being done in proper light. Mfr. says use of the indicator facilitates proper communication between print buyers and print suppliers.

Slitting System Offers Accurate Positioning
, Hampshire, England; +44 (0)1264 860186;
Co. offers Mario Cotta's latest slitting machine that cuts paperboard with a weight of 200 to 600 g/sq m at speeds to 1,000 mpm. Positioning is accurate to ±0.15 mm. Slitter is fully automatic and uses PLC and PC. The software can be directly updated through a phone line.

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