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Harsh Use OK for Load Cells

MAGPOWR, Oklahoma City, OK; 405/755-1600; www.magpowr.com

Model CL and GTS load cells now have the designation of IP67 rating for harsh environments. The IP67 rating is said to ensure the design is suitable for dusty environments, withstanding water washdown and immersion to 1 m. Visit Booth 421.

Inspect While at Full Speed

Unilux, Saddle Brook, NJ; 800/522-0801; www.unilux.com

The Tracker handheld stroboscopic industrial inspection light helps users find defects during printing, converting, slitting, and rewinding paper, film, and foil at full production speeds. Allows personnel to get a close look at moving parts and can be synched to a still or video camera for greater detail. Portable light source can run for an entire shift on a single charge with battery kit. Visit Booth 2529.

Recover and Use Heat

MEGTEC Systems, De Pere, WI; 800/862-6943; www.megtec.com

Process heat recovery system uses the heated air from process dryers, ovens, and air pollution control systems to reduce operations costs by capturing waste heat. Extracts waste heat energy and uses it to heat areas of a plant or process. Designed for efficient installation and overall cost-effectiveness, system will work with existing or new product lines. Visit Booth 2634.

Inspect for High Quality

Ashe Converting Equipment, Ipswich, UK; +44 1473 710912; www.ashe.co.uk

The Emerald 100 off-line inspection rewinder is said to allow companies to enter into the pharmaceutical/automotive and other quality-critical sectors for a low cost. Available in widths of 330, 410, 510, and 800 mm, the system offers 100% inspection, incorporates state-of-the-art camera line scan technology, and is said to be easy to use and maintain. Visit Booth 1715.

Print Variable Data Easily

Bell-Mark Corp., Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202; www.bell-mark.com

The EasyPrint Duo thermal transfer printer offers intermittent and continuous operation in one machine. Provides variable data printing and coding directly onto substrates. Can be configured with an optional touchscreen interface for simple intuitive operation. Features an easy-to-change, clutchless ribbon cassette. Visit Booth 1515.

Ink Filter Resists Corrosion

Max Daetwyler Corp., Huntersville, NC; 800/627-1011; www.daetwyler.com

Company is now an authorized dealer of the InkSpec Magnetic Filter System, an in-line corrosion-resistant ink filter designed to remove contaminating particles. Said to be easy to install at the pump outlet or the chamber head inlet or outlet, simple to maintain, and easy to use. Visit Booth 2442.

Ship Rolls Safely

Badger Plug Co., Greenville, WI; 920/757-7300; www.badgerplug.com

The Roll Handler system secures and protects single or multiple rolls safely with a single shipping package. Specially configured end walls interlock with lumber rails to create what is said to be a highly durable shipping package designed to meet the challenges of long-distance transit. Rolls are secured and suspended end to end using company's sleeve plugs. Pre-cut slots on rail ends accept standard steel or plastic banding that prevents rails from being jostled loose during transit. Visit Booth 1851.

Gravure Press for Board

Bobst Group North America, Roseland, NJ; 973/226-8000; www.bobstgroup.com

The Lemanic Delta gravure press uses the in-line process to enable rolls of board to be printed in multiple processes. Board can be converted with a sheeter for further high-added-value applications such as hot foil stamping or a rotary die-cutter for longer or regular repeat run lengths of standard carton sizes. Said to offer minimal color variations and excellent repeatability. Runs metallic, solvent-, and water-based inks, UV coatings, and varnishes. Visit Booth 3052.

Guide to Web Alignment

Fife Corp., Oklahoma City, OK; 800/639-3433; www.fife.com

Company offers three Tech-Tip online training modules designed to provide a better understanding of techniques to maintain web alignment. Modules, which include visual demonstrations of the fundamental rules of web guide selection, cover web guide movement, guide accuracy, and common types of guides. Visit Booth 421.

Eliminate Backside Treatment

Enercon Industries, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; www.enerconind.com

New Plasma3 atmospheric plasma system has the ability to modify surfaces unresponsive to traditional treatment methods while completely eliminating backside treatment, company says. Produces uniform plasma treatment said to add long-lasting and enhanced wettability, printability, and adhesion properties to the surface. Suited for a wide range of materials. Visit Booth 1445.

Pallets are Long-Lasting

Stratis Plastic Pallets, Indianapolis, IN; 317/328-8000; www.pallets.com

Heavy-duty pallets are said to provide 10+ years of service in typical plant conditions. Called clean, safe, and lightweight, pallets are suited for printing operations and come in more than 100 styles and sizes. Visit Booth 2438.

Slit Quickly and Accurately

Tidland Corp., Camas, WA; 800/426-1000; www.tidland.com

New slitting system incorporates the latest technology to increase the speed, accuracy, and reliability of current systems. Reportedly, fewer moving parts reduce the complexity and frequency of maintenance. Visit Booth 421.

Generator Does Many Jobs

MKS, Ion Industrial, Windsor Locks, CT; 888/310-3334; www.ion.com/industrial

The 7305 high-power electrostatic charging generator is specially designed for the demands of converting operations. Applications include electrostatically tacking the leading edge of the film web to the core in winding roll changeover without the use of adhesive tape; temporary bonding two webs together for lamination; compressing plastic bags; pinning heat-shrink wrapping prior to oven; interlayer adhesion by bi-polar charging of the web prior to roll winding for telescoping control; and more. Provides operating versatility in three output versions: negative, positive, or dual-polarity. Visit Booth 2828.

Inspect with One System

The Provident Group, Concord, NH; 603/230-9680; www.providentgrp.com

The portable Troika FlexoCAM and AniCAM inspect prepress and anilox rolls in one easy-to-use system, company reports. System works on cylinders or on flat media. AniCAM measures anilox cell volume, line count, and cell depth. FlexoCAM measures dot size on film or masks, printing plates, and printed copy. A 3D picture of the flexo dot is generated for checking dot shape and relief. Visit Booth 2840.

Viscometer has New Features

Brookfield Engineering, Middleboro, MA; 800/628-8139; www.brookfieldengineering.com

The DV-I Prime Viscometer features a new timed option and print buttons and new keypad layout. Now includes an RS-232 PC interface for use with optional Wingather Software, which allows user to collect, analyze, and record test data within the application or export data files to Excel. Includes temperature offset capability to ±1 deg C for temperature adjustment. Visit Booth 801.

Light Boxes Aid Inspection

New Era Converting Machinery, Paterson, NJ; 201/670-4848; www.neweraconverting.com

Fluorescent light boxes are arranged to back-light the web through both sides in a cleanroom environment. Equipment is designed to be integrated with an array of LED lights to allow for front-side inspection in conjunction with the back lighting from the light boxes. Visit Booth 117.

Share Captured Images

Double E Co., West Bridgewater, MA; 508/588-8099; www.doubleeusa.com

The Re video inspection system features a CMOS sensor with resolution of 3 million pixels and 24-bit color depth. Stores up to 80 images (eight/job, ten different jobs) and offers easy network connectivity and e-mail capability to share captured images. Up to 20x motorized zoom. Visit Booth 1707.

Convert Waste Into Bricks

Precision AirConvey, Newark, DE; 302/999-8000; www.airconvey.com

The WastePAC Densifier automatically converts plastic film, foil, polycoated paper, and other waste material into rigid bricks from 4 in. to more than 8 ft long. Compresses both clean and post-consumer material with a 40:1 compaction ratio while running 24/7 with minimal operator involvement, company says. Visit Booth 1237.

Laser Imaging for High Output

Anderson & Vreeland, Bryan, OH; 866/282-7697; www.andersonvreeland.com

FlexoLasers are designed to achieve high quality output through the use of superior Fiber Laser technology with multi-beam optics. Maintenance-free design means low service costs and reliable/continuous production for years of service, company says. Reportedly, dot gain is substantially reduced for all tonal values and highlights can be printed to extremely low levels, even at high resolution. Visit Booth 242.

Sensor Not Affected by Turbulence

Norcross Corp., Newton, MA; 617/969-7020; www.viscosity.com

The MXBO viscosity sensor is for use with water- and solvent-based adhesives, coatings, and inks. Tank-mounted sensor uses “piston time-of-fall” method for measuring viscosities from 0.1-100,000 CPS. Sensor is said to be unaffected by level or turbulence for high or low mix conditions, is easy to clean, and works under atmospheric pressure. Visit Booth 1521.

Illuminate Defects Early

Doyle Systems. Barberton, OH; 800/445-3856; www.doylesystems.com

The LandSco Light detects surface defects before print job becomes waste. Carefully controls the illumination of the surface to be inspected by producing a very wide and shallow beam of light. Contaminants on the surface are highlighted on the side facing the light and cast a deep shadow on the opposite side. Visit Booth 702.

Detect Flammable Gas

Control Instruments Corp., Fairfield, NJ; 973/575-9114; www.controlinstruments.com

Updated catalytic sensor is said to set a new standard for safe, reliable, and accurate flammable gas detection in all kinds of environments. Offers fast response time, high linearity, and long-life design. Advanced proprietary design gives superior tolerance against effects of a wide range of poisons and inhibitors, company says. Visit Booth 2860.

Sheeter Designed for Speed

Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; www.maxsonautomatic.com

The MDK rotary sheeter has a twin synchronous knife design. Cross-cutting revolvers feature a low-inertia design for high speeds on short cutoffs yet permit knife loading to 1,000 lbs/3300 ft2. Speeds to 1,300 fpm can be achieved. Company says blade adjustment clamps allow fine-tuning of the cross-cut blades and knife changes in less than 2 min. Visit Booth 3027.

Software for Inspection System

Erhardt+Leimer, Duncan, SC; 864/486-3011; www.erhardt-leimer.com

A Linux operating system is used in the ELSIS surface inspection system for both the camera-mounted PC and the operator PC. Preprocessing is performed on data sent by the CCD line before the actual analysis takes place. During edge trim monitoring, software enables the inspection system to trace the web position. Special algorithms make it possible to detect very low contrast edges. Visit Booth 931.

Test OTR in Many Applications

PBI-Dansensor America, Glen Rock, NJ; 201/251-6490; www.pbi-dansensor.us

Lyssy OPT-5000 oxygen transmission rate permeability tester is said to be sensitive and versatile. Features automated temperature control and single- or dual-side relative humidity control and accommodates a broad range of lab and production applications easily, company says. OTR measures in units of ml/m2/24 hrs. Also available is the Lyssy L 80-5000 to test for water vapor permeability. Visit Booth 2512.


Bimec Duplex Slitter Rewinder STM63

Dual-Spindle Slitter Rewinder, at high speed, suitable for slitting and rewinding plastic films, paper and laminates. Batch roll on shaftless unwind stand placed on the rear of machine. Automatic and programmable tension controls both in unwinding and rewinding. Touchscreen operator panel for data setting and visualization.
Ph: +39-0331-307491; Fax: +39-0331-307051

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; www.bimec.itPFFC-ASAP 600

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