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IR Panel Heater is Quick
The V-Series Fast Response Medium Wavelength Infrared Panel Heater is recommended for industrial process heating applications requiring high watt density, tight process control, or fast heatup and cooldown. Said to rival the density and response time of short wavelength T3 lamps in a more rugged package, with the added benefit of a medium wavelength output that is absorbed readily by most products.
Solar Products| 973-248-9370 | solarproducts.com | PFFC-ASAP 325

Rewinds and Unwinds Offer Options
Rewinds/unwinds can be simple, single positions; single-spindle units; or turret-type systems complete with automated splicing and transfer capabilities in shaft-type or shaftless designs. Can be designed to work with existing equipment or part of a new line. Unwinds can be center braked, center driven, or surface driven. Company says precise tension control is achieved with a tension roll or dancer roll system.
Retroflex | 920-532-4850 | retroflex.com | PFFC-ASAP 326

Sheeter Handles Two Rolls
The MDH sheeter has a dual-position rollstand able to handle two rolls. Each position can lift a roll to 84 in. dia and to 7,000 lbs at speeds to 3,000 fpm. Dual-knife technology allows for heavy cutting loads of material to 0.040 in. thick and requiring no squareness adjustment. Available in trim widths to 65 in.
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. | 401-596-0162 | maxsonautomatic.com | PFFC-ASAP 327

Produce Coreless Rolls
Newly designed rewind shaft allows existing owners of company’s high-speed, wide web rewinders to produce coreless receipt rolls. Company says shaft produces a quality finished roll that is wound tight, holds its shape during shipment, and does not have a negative impact on machine cycle time.
Jennerjahn Machine | 756-998-2733 | jennerjahn.com | PFFC-ASAP 328

Automate Extrusion Processes
A motorized dual deckle with a spring-loaded external segment is said to enable extrusion coating processors to automate width changes, increase the precision of deckle settings, reduce or eliminate manual adjustment, and cut downtime between job changes. Incorporates motorized drives with built-in edge bead control. Visit stand 2/G06 at the K Show.
Extrusion Dies Industries | 715-726-1201 | extrusiondies.com | PFFC-ASAP 329

Air Chuck Adapters Insert Easily
Self-centering, pneumatic air chuck adapters are called an economical alternative solution when core shafts do not match a roll’s core size. Company says adapters are inserted easily and removed without damaging cores, and air valves are changed easily without disturbing other chuck components.
Nim-Cor | 888-464-6267 | nimcor.com | PFFC-ASAP 330

Folder/Gluer Adds Braille
AccuBraille is a module for embossing Braille characters with a folder/gluer rather than using a platen press. Quality of dots is said to be excellent, and the introduction of the blanks into the machine is smooth since the Braille embossing is applied after the feeder and can be applied very close to cut or folded edges.
Bobst Group | 973-226-8000 | bobstgroupo.com | PFFC-ASAP 331

Winders Produce Even Rolls
Senntech MPW Series winders feature an automatic turret winder with semi-automatic splicing of mill rolls. Designed for a large variety of materials, they start in winding position without fold or glue, and web is supported gently during startup. Said to provide highly even-finished rolls. Features a shaftless unwinding system equipped with an electronically controlled, four-quadrant AC motor.
Matik North America | 860-232-2323 | matik.com | PFFC-ASAP 332

Lift, Transport, Position Easily
The Dandy Lift with a battery-powered lift mechanism is said to be clean, quiet, user-friendly, and convenient for transporting, lifting, and positioning loads. Lifts and lowers with the touch of a button and is available in five models with capacities from 220–500 lbs, table sizes of 20 x 31.5 in. and 24 x 36 in., and raised heights to 51 in.
Southworth Products Corp. | 207-878-0700 | southworthproducts.com | PFFC-ASAP 333

Barrier Film Advances
Polyester films were developed using a proprietary metallizing process said to provide superior barrier properties at costs similar to standard packaging-grade metallized PET. ULTRA BARRIER-MET offers OTR less than 0.015 cc/100 in.2/day and WVTR of less than 0.02 g/100 in.2/day. ULTRA BARRIER-MET 3.5 offers OTR of less than 0.008 cc/100 in.2/day and WVTR of less than 0.017 g/100 in.2/day. Recommended for high-barrier and foil replacement applications to provide sustainable (more environmentally friendly) functional barrier properties.
Vacumet Corp. | 973-628-0400 | vacumet.com | PFFC-ASAP 334

Check Dyne Level Quickly
Dyne test starter kit ensures users are operating in the correct dyne level range needed to optimize performance. Said to be efficient and cost-effective, kit includes 1 oz each of the 41 dyne solutions, ranging from level 30 to level 70 and 200 cotton tip swabs. Results appear in 2 sec.
Jemmco | 262-512-9559 | jemmco.com | PFFC-ASAP 335

Detect Invisible Targets
The Stealth-UV luminescence sensor will detect a wide variety of invisible targets. Designed to sense the presence of invisible fluorescent materials contained in, or added to, many products. Targets include clear tamper-proof seals, clear labels, and invisible registration marks. Sensor is immune to ambient light, including direct sunlight and strobes.
Tri-Tronics Co. | 800-237-0946 | ttco.com | PFFC-ASAP 336

Winder Cuts Waste
Model 210 heavy-duty surface winder is said to offer state-of-the-art performance, slit width changeover times, slit separation, tension control, drive control, and roll handling. Incorporates standard and optional features designed to lower converting costs by reducing waste and increasing production. Suited for all paper and board grades, tissue and nonwovens, coated and uncoated.
Catbridge Machinery | 973-808-0029 | catbridgemachinery.com | PFFC-ASAP 337

Sense Tension With Accuracy
The C203 Series live shaft tension sensor features a dual flexion beam that eliminates angular deflection under load and high-accuracy-foil type strain gauges in a full bridge configuration in each sensor. This is said to ensure the best performance in any application. Built-in mechanical hard-stop provides 10x overload protection so frequent calibration is not required.
FMS USA | 847-392-7872 | fms-technology.com | PFFC-ASAP 338

Measure Coat Weights With Accuracy
The Spot-On X-ray gauging solution is said to provide accurate differential coat weight measurement regardless of substrate being used. System completely accounts for base substrate effects to assure that only the coat weight is measured. Tighter control over the entire web translates into significant material savings and scrap reduction, company says.
NDC Infrared Engineering | 626-960-3300 | ndcinfrared.com | PFFC-ASAP 339

Extruder Saves Energy
Single-screw extruder for the production of premium-quality A-PET sheet is suited for processors operating single-strand extrusion lines with an output between 800 and 1,000 kg/hr that also wish to process PS or PP. Offers the combination of a single screw with a modified planetary section for what is said to be highly effective melt degassing. Company says maintenance and energy costs are lower than those for a single-screw extruder with a conventional predrying unit. Visit stand 16 D22 at K Show.
Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik | +49 40 765 00 686 | bex.battenfeld.com | PFFC-ASAP 340

Slitter has Integral Roll Lift
The Diamond slitter/rewinder has a shaftless unwind with integral roll lift and is designed to operate at speeds to 500 mpm. Accommodates unwind diameter rolls of 1,000 mm and rewind diameters of 600 mm. Slitting capabilities include wrap and tangential; standard widths are 1,100, 1,300, and 1,650 mm. Visit stand 3/B54 at the K Show.
Ashe Converting Equipment | 802-254-0200 | ashe.co.uk | PFFC-ASAP 341

Spooler is Suited For Diapers
Jumbo spooler includes a wider unwind and a double-decker, two-station spooling module with a very small footprint. Said to be highly efficient for spooling absorbent layer materials for the diaper industry, unit is fed with large pancake rolls that have been pre-slit and wound onto a common core in the previous process. Runs at 600 mpm and produces finished spools to 1,200 mm dia x 1,000 mm wide.
Double R Controls | +44 (0) 1706 366881 | drc.co.uk | PFFC-ASAP 342

Get Wrinkle-Free Rolls
The polyWind winding stand is said to produce rolls that are wrinkle-free with straight buildup and the correct hardness. Each winding stand can be combined with a range of splice arms and transfer units for optimal functionality for specific applications. Offers fully automatic roll change at preset diameter and maximum production speed. Laser glue line position indication and ultrasonic diameter measurement make splice preparation simple and save time, says company.
Polytype Converting | 908-852-9780 | polytype.com | PFFC-ASAP 343

Condition Rollers Safely
The Fastprint dampening roller desensitizer and conditioner is said to improve start and restart times, prolong the life of rollers, and eliminate the need for hazardous metering and chrome roller cleaners in the pressroom. Contains zero VOCs and zero SARA Title 313 or HAP chemicals and has no negative effects on acidic fountain solutions, says company.
Amerikal Products Corp., Genesis Div. | 847-244-3600 | genesischemistry.com | PFFC-ASAP 344

Sensor Film Aids QC
Pressurex tactile pressure-indicating sensor film allows for rapid and easy determination of compression magnitude and distribution between any two mating or contacting surfaces. Aids in quality control for applications such as validation and calibration of sealing die pressure during drug packaging and helps fulfill GMP compliance by revealing weak spots, channels, and wrinkles at the sealing surface.
Sensor Products | 973-884-1755 | sensorprod.com | PFFC-ASAP 345

Measure Cell Volume, Plates
MicroScan software for the advanced Model 3DQC anilox and gravure cell volume measurement/plate inspection 3D microscope is said to provide superior micron volume accuracy and user-friendliness. Advancements include auto-focus positioning, auto- adjusting pixel saturation, and a one-button help screen. For printing plate inspection, inspections can include surface roughness, dot formation integrity, size, and relief.
MicroDynamics | 770-874-1636 | 3dmicroscope.com | PFFC-ASAP 346

Extruder has Many Features
The Euro Blue II 75-mm extruder includes a double reduction gearbox with helical carburized gears; an integral high-capacity thrust bearing; cast iron feed section; four-zone DS1000 bi-metallic barrel assembly with heat clamp arrangement; and DSBM-T high-performance barrier mixing feedscrew. Visit stand 16/A43 at the K Show.
Davis-Standard | 315-598-7121 | bc-egan.com | PFFC-ASAP 347

Pull Shafts Manually
The Manual SP-3000 cantilevered shaft puller design offers what is called an ergonomic, cost-efficient method of removing a shaft from a roll and reloading it with new cores. Operator maneuvers the unit about the floor manually, and the turning radius is a little over 1 m. Maximum cantilevered shaft weight is 330 lbs.
Goldenrod Corp. | 800-465-3763 | goldrod.com | PFFC-ASAP 348

Rewind, Inspect Materials
The RV-STK roll doctor machine is said to have the latest technology to rewind and revise materials, printed or not, to avoid losses on work in process and increase productivity. Panel reviewing station is positioned in the middle of machine for inspection, and machine has provision to mount a video camera inspection system or stroboscope. Optional equipment is available.
Profama | 412-358-8500 | profama.com | PFFC-ASAP 349

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