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Custom Weld Shaft Collars
A line of AISI 1018 steel shaft collars can be welded easily to allow users to custom-build various mechanical and structural components. Weldable shaft collars are offered in one- and two-piece styles, and resulting weld and joints are said to be of high quality.

  • Stafford Mfg. Corp. | 800-695-5551 | | PFFC-ASAP 400

  • Sense Objects On Web
    The RPS-40-5 ultrasonic sensor with a detection range fixed at 0.5-5 in. is useful for sensing objects on moving webs of materials. Detect point is independent of size, material, and reflectivity, and sensor is said to be ideal for detecting clear objects.

  • Migatron Corp. | 888-644-2876 | | PFFC-ASAP 401

  • Modules Add To Blade Life
    Cut & Place modules are for the transfer and placement of pre-cut patches onto a continuously moving web. High-speed technology features vibration-free design said to prolong cutting blade or die service life significantly. Precalibrated cutting pressure speeds and simplifies the setting of tooling. Technology is independent of converting line speed, reportedly reducing waste.

  • Schober USA | 513-489-7393 | | PFFC-ASAP 402

  • Cutting, Printing Partnership
    Partnership offers Finecut laser cutting systems with the 4000 Series UV inkjet systems from EFI Jetrion. System is said to avoid time delay and costs of tool-cased cutting technology. Cutting system provides high registration precision and versatile handling of a wide range of substrates without burnthroughs, pinholes, or other defects. Handles kiss cuts, through cuts, engraving, serial numbering, scoring, scroll slitting, and perforating.

  • Spartanics | 847-394-5700 | | PFFC-ASAP 403

  • Sense Colors at Long Range
    The ColorMax-1000 Super Range color sensor features a 150-mm operating range and a 25-mm illuminated spot. Long-range sensing capability allows the sensor to be mounted away from moving machinery parts, protecting it from potential mechanical damage. Large illuminated spot generates a large data sample said to provide more information about the color that sensor is analyzing and to provide higher accuracy and speed.

  • EMX Industries | 216-518-9888 | | PFFC-ASAP 404

  • Measure Nip Width Instantly
    The P-Nip handheld measurement device allows operators of rollers, laminators, coaters, and printers with rolls less than 39 in. long to get instant spot readings of nip width. Allows the capture of nip readings at multiple discrete locations across the roller sets’ face length (cross direction) as determined by the user.

  • Sensor Products | 973-884-1755 | | PFFC-ASAP 405

  • Protect Roll Edges
    FlexRoll is said to be a cost-effective, lightweight solution for keeping the edges of rolled products clean and free from abrasions, rips, wrinkles, and smudges. Evenly spaced notches enable triangular fingers to bend quickly and easily around the edges of rolled and contoured products, acting as a barrier against damage in shipping, storage, and handling.

  • Laminations | 800-925-2626 | | PFFC-ASAP 406

  • Get Spool Components
    Company offers customized spool components, including spool cores, anchor spool plugs, and spool ends. Can be ordered as individual components or as pre-assembled spools. Unassembled spools can be shipped and stored cost-effectively, then assembled just-in-time on-site.

  • Badger Plug Co. | 920-757-7300 | | PFFC-ASAP 408

  • Laser Nozzles Optimize Cutting
    LRO CO2 high-accuracy replacement laser nozzles are compatible with mechanical or sensor heads and feature ±10 μm orifice size accuracy to optimize cutting performance. Can be supplied in orifice sizes of 1.2, 1.5, and 2.0 mm and are available with straight and tapered tips from 0.375-0.96 in. long and thread sizes from 1/4-5/8 in.

  • Laser Research Optics | 888-239-5545 | | PFFC-ASAP 407

  • Score, Perforate Precisely
    LaserSharp scoring controls score depth while protecting barrier. Said to improve esthetic appearance with precise score lines in registration with print. LaserSharp perforating offers precise, breathable features that enable controlled vapor and gas exchange with controlled micro-hole size and location.

  • LasX Industries | 651-407-0011 | | PFFC-ASAP 409

  • Smooth Folding and High Quality
    The Mistral 110 A-2 CS folder/gluer features the Accufeed modular “crash-lock” unit positioned between the prefolding and folding units. Machine is said to provide smooth folding, high finished quality, and increased productivity, regardless of the type of box. Company adds that design is ergonomic.

  • Bobst Group | 973-226-8000 | | PFFC-ASAP 410

  • Tacking System Stops Marking
    The ETAC charging system eliminates condensate streaking often found on heat-offset presses. System “tacks” the web to the first chill roll and eliminates the “float” or air gap between the printed web and the surface of the chill roll. Increased contact between the web and chill rolls also eliminates web drift or weave after web comes out of the dryer and helps ink set by cooling the web quickly, permitting faster printing speeds.

  • MKS, Ion Industrial | 888-310-3334 | | PFFC-ASAP 411

  • Software Aids Programming
    RSLogix 5000 version 16 programming software includes more than 30 product enhancements to help users simplify programming and configuration and ease maintenance and troubleshooting of control and information systems. Key enhancements include user-defined add-on instructions, integrated drives configuration, kinematics robot control, and Logix alarm instructions.

  • Rockwell Automation | 800-223-5354 | | PFFC-ASAP 412

  • Die-Cutter Payback Is Quick
    Web-fed rotary die-cutter is said to offer high-speed output; an economical price; rapid payback; rugged construction; and scrap reduction. Cuts a wide range of materials and is available in standard production models. Features Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC and Panel View touch screen for easy operator interface.

  • CORfine | 937-277-2929 | | PFFC-ASAP 413

  • Topcoat Protects
    Santel Pro-Tex 3 is an aqueous protective topcoat said to provide high product resistance for a wide range of packaging applications and excellent adhesion to PVC surfaces. Produces a smooth, durable surface, high flexibility, and a low gloss level said to be well suited for preserving surface esthetics.

  • ADM Tronics | 201-767-6040 | | PFFC-ASAP 414

  • Apply Adhesive with Modules
    SureBead reduced cavity guns and modules reportedly provide greater flexibility, reduce downtime, and improve performance in adhesive application. Modules allow operators to change the amount of adhesive applied by simply replacing a nozzle. Said to produce high quality patterns with virtually clog-free operation, even when using difficult-to-machine, low- and medium-viscosity adhesives.

  • Nordson Corp. | 800-683-2314 | | PFFC-ASAP 415

  • Die-Cut with Accuracy
    Patented optically registered three-axis presses (X-Y-Ø) feature microprocessor control systems that match the die-cutter’s needs for close-tolerance register. Presses offer accuracy from ±0.0002 in. to ±0.003 in., depending on system and type of registration. Designed to accommodate sheet, strip, or rollstock in many widths and thicknesses.

  • Preco | 715-247-3285 | | PFFC-ASAP 416

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