New Products, Part 1

Keep RFID Tags Safe

The fusION static neutralizer is said to be well suited for protecting RFID tags from damage. Delivers powerful and balanced static control in a compact package that can be installed in places where typical ionizer designs do not fit, company says. Also reported to be easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Simco Industrial Static Control | 215-822-6401 |

Smart Labels Can Be Easy

The Easylabel RFID Wizard allows the creation of Electronic Product Code (EPC) and Dept. of Defense (DoD) smart labels easily, company reports. System will prompt user for the necessary information and then do the rest. RFID projects that do not require the EPC or DoD RFID code can use the software to program high-frequency or ultra-HF smart labels in a hexadecimal or ASCII format.

Tharo Systems | 800-878-6833 |

Replace RFID Readers

The Reader Swap-Out Program features a $250 product pricing incentive for users that replace currently installed RFID readers with company's Infinity 510. Program covers any competitive or company-manufactured fixed reader and runs through Mar. 31, 2008. Program will be executed through company's worldwide distributor and reseller network.

Sirit | 416-367-1897 |

Accelerating RFID Usage

RF-Loop Tag is a manufacturing process of UHF transponders based on a modified UHF clip module from NXP and company's high-speed manufacturing solution. Concept enables smart label/ticket converters to work directly with semiconductor industry to manufacture their own UHF inlays. System comprises a p-s mini-transponder placed on top of a die-cut aluminum antenna. Combination of these two components results in a functioning UHF transponder. Main goal is to accelerate widespread use of RFID in the industry.

Bielomatik Jagenberg | 860-640-0500 |

Transfer-Print With High Readability

Trans-Therm CX is designed for both flexo and thermal transfer printing. Offers a bright white, ultra-smooth coating for maximum image resolution and durability. Also said to deliver excellent printability and smudge-scratch resistance for high readability of bar codes, with increased strength and stiffness for high-speed converting and dispensing. Matched with company's S9010 adhesive, construction provides enhanced adhesion to corrugated.

Fasson Roll North America, div. of Avery Dennison Corp. | 800-944-8511 |

Create an Economical Label Printer

The PM-300 label transport/printing mechanism, when combined with a commercially available printhead, becomes a fast, economical roll-to-roll printer, company says. Suited for printing or overprinting labels, especially with variable data. With the appropriate ink, user can print on the back of the labels. Offered in two versions: The PM-300-LS can print a 28-cm-dia roll of labels in less than 7 min; the PM-300-HS can print the same roll in less than 5 min. Company says most inkjet systems normally used on production lines interface easily to the PM-300 through a nine-pin connector.

Labelmate | +32 2 375 69 60 |

Produce Clean Plates

Concept 305 DW (Digital Washer) is a solution for producing middle-sized (92×120-cm) digital and analog flexo plates. Equipped with cylindrical brushes that have an oscillating and rotary movement in opposing directions, unit enables the reduction of washing time and eliminates any shifting of the plate. This is said to ensure a perfect cleaning action over the whole surface.

DeGraf | +39 02 900 90 164/203 |

RFID System Is Modular

The BL ident modular RFID system has built-in I/O capability. Users may add additional I/O modules to the system. Up to eight channels of RFID, plus additional discrete or analog I/O, comprise a single node on the network. Data carriers use state-of-the-art FRAM storage technology for a virtually unlimited number of write operations.

Turck | 800-544-7769 |

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