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Self-Calibrate Knifeholder Setup

The all-electronic e-Knifeholder is now in production. Self-calibration features reportedly eliminate guesswork in knifeholder setup to increase blade life, slitting accuracy, and efficiency. A video describing the benefits of automatic calibration can be accessed online.

Tidland Corp. | 800-426-1000 | www.tidland.com

Slit with Speed, Accuracy

Sibtec slitters with twin-axis servo controls are capable of slitting at high speeds, which reduces cycle times. Measures the diameter of the blade and adjusts automatically after grinding, reportedly ensuring a clean cut through the material and core. Blade is positioned to an accuracy of ±3 microns.

ALS Ltd. | +44 (0) 1933 225 755 | www.als.ltd.com

Slitting One-Stop

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New Slitter a Hit in Turkey

IZMIR, TURKEY | An ER610 slitter/rewinder from Titan is addressing issues of productivity, quality, and the environment at Nural Plastik Ltd., a Turkish converter supplying the domestic market for flexible packaging materials and plastic bags. The newly designed, twin-shaft unit was launched at last fall's K show in Düsseldorf, Germany, where Nural saw it and became the first to purchase one.

Called the “eco-logical rewinder,” the ER610's design is said to help reduce carbon emissions with several features, including reduced power consumption, the elimination of hydraulics for oil-free, hygienic operation, less steel in a more compact design, and more.

It is designed to process web widths of 53 and 65 in. at a maximum running speed of 1,476 fpm. The minimum slit width is 1.97 in. with a maximum rewind diameter of 24 in. Available slitting systems include shear, rotary razor (burst), and razor slitting in air or groove.

Serkan Altundag, assistant general manager at Nural, says, “We are very happy to have our first Titan slitter/rewinder, which will make a big contribution to the productivity and quality of materials we supply….”

Titan | www.bobstgroup.com

Produce Coreless Products

The CJLS slitter/rewinder utilizes a mechanically expanded rewind shaft for fully automatic production of coreless products. Standard shafts in sizes between 1.75 and 3.5 in. and rewind diameters to 18 in. are available. For surface winding, the model uses a special rewind shaft that works in conjunction with specially engineered mechanical chucking devices to expand and contract the shafts automatically. For sensitive surfaces that may be damaged by surface winding, a specialty center winder is available.

Jennerjahn Machine | 765-998-2733 | www.jennerjahn.com

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